Laguna Artisans: SAM RYAN DESIGNS

Laguna Artisans: SAM RYAN DESIGNS

Sam: 00:00 Yup, that’s it. Thank you. Speaker 4: 00:52 $13.94 at the window. Sam: 00:56 Perfect. Woo hoo. Sam: 00:59 I love to peel the glue. It’s like my favorite. Sam: 01:06 Hey, guys. I’m Sam from Sam Ryan Designs and we are three
generations working together building custom furniture and interior design. We are located right outside of DC in northern
Virginia. Sam: 01:25 I grew up here in northern Virginia. My family is big. We have lots of cousins and aunts and uncles
and we all live within like five minutes, ten minutes of each other so it was fun. We were always here at my grandparent’s. I grew up around interior design and woodworking. Went to college for interior design so I asked
my grandpa to teach me how to woodwork and it’s been like a family business since then. So it’s been a lot of fun. Gramps: 01:50 I have 12 grandchildren and
Samantha is the only one that expressed any interest in learning how to do woodworking. So I said, “Well, I’ll teach ya how to do
it.” And she got in to it a little bit. She decided to start her own company so I
kinda view myself as her tutor. Teaching her how to do woodworking. Teaching her a lot of trick and stuff that
I’ve learned over 53 to 55 years of woodworking. Gramps: 02:24 There is is. See? Gramps: 02:28 Yeah. Every tool that I buy I keep all the sales
receipts in a file. When I bought my Laguna bandsaw, I bought
it a woodworking show and I talked to Corbin about it and I had read some reviews about
it. It was a good bandsaw. And still running pretty good. Sam: 02:51 So how old? 99. Gramps: 02:56 99. Sam: 02:59 And then this is when it first
came. Gramps: 03:02 19 years old. Sam: 03:04 There’s me. Sam: 03:05 I think I was 10 … around 10
years old. Gramps: 03:08 Yeah. See. There’s the bill of sale. Right there. Sam: 03:12 My grandpa has taught me everything. I grew up watching him build so I kinda got
the itch to wanna build myself. I wanted to build a headboard from Pottery
Barn. I didn’t have the money to buy it at the time
so I asked him to teach me and the rest is history from there. Susan: 03:28 I am Susan, Sam’s mom, who does
a lot of the behind the scenes work. I do the finance aspect. I help her with some planning of interior
design stuff. Some ideas. And then also I help with a lot of the stain
and the painting. She had an idea. She wanted to make something for herself. I think it was a headboard and she just loved
it. And from there she’s like, “Okay. Well I’ve made that. Now I wanna make this. And I wanna make this.” Sam: 03:58 I love coming down here and being
creative. I feel like it takes my mind off of any other
things outside of the shop and it’s a space where I can just come build, have fun, be
with my family. It’s great. Sam: 04:27 We are currently at Hardwoods in
the Rough, one of my favorite local hardwoods dealer. The people … I’m so bad. So now we are at … So we are at … The
people that work here are amazing, helpful, knowledgeable, and every time I come, they
have exactly what I need. Bam. I knocked that one out of the park. Gramps: 05:02 Whenever I worked I used ’em
but now my tools are quite the … used quite a bit now with her. So it’s kinda refreshing to see that the show
is producing a lot of nice looking product. Sam: 05:18 Hello. Speaker 5: 05:20 Hello. Sam: 05:21 Okay, guys. So here we’re at my client’s house and this
is one of my favorite pieces that I did. And as you can see this is a huge piece and
how tall it is. And it’s about 87 inches wide. And it was super fun because it was a fun
color to do. It was out of the ordinary. We did it to match the wallpaper and I feel
like it totally pulls the room completely together. Sam: 05:49 Working in my grandfather’s shop
is really special. It’s something unique and fun that we have
together. I used to go down there when I was little
and I used to see him building different things for around the house and then also my mom
would bring me down. It would be fun. And it was funny ’cause I always was nervous
but I was always really interested in what he did. It’s great that I get to still work with him
and that he’s able to still work. Sam: 06:15 Yes. Sam: 06:21 We are currently at Jackson, which
is in Reston Town Center, here in northern Virginia. This is where I worked before I started doing
woodworking. And so I helped during the holiday actually
decorate and do some of the little fine details. And that was about three years ago. I helped do the poinsettias, the garland,
and then we hung snowflakes from the lights from the ceiling and it turned out really
good. It’s a fun, festive restaurant. My family comes here all the time. A bunch actually. Susan: 06:56 I guess family just comes natural
because we just are always spend a lot of time together. It’s important. We get along. We have a good time. We can troubleshoot together. We all have each other’s back and help out
in any way we can. So, it’s just a natural progression of family
and work. Gramps: 07:16 All my kids and grandkids live
very close to me and my wife and we get together quite often and we view ourselves fortunate
to be able to see our kids and grandkids all the time. Susan: 07:30 Watching Samantha’s business
grow has just been so exciting. She has a vision in her mind and she can put
it on paper or on the computer and then she can bring it to life. Gramps: 07:41 I’ll be out and sometimes I’ve
been stalked by people and say, “Aren’t you Gramps from Sam Ryan Design?” And I said yeah. Yeah I am. And they said, “Oh, we follow her. We watch her all the time. Her stories and posts on Instagram.” So pretty proud of her. Sam: 08:02 Social media has been really great
for my business. I am on the younger side of woodworking and
of course I’m a girl. You know, everyone has their own style and
their own way to do it and not one person is right on everything. You can just play around and create. It’s great to show other women and other girls
that you can do it. If I can do it, you can do it.

28 thoughts on “Laguna Artisans: SAM RYAN DESIGNS

  1. Awesome to hear Sam's story. It's great to see people who find what that love to do, and make a living doing it. I love seeing a shop/business where passion & happiness drives it, not just making money. Sam is an inspiration to us all!

  2. Great work. Love the shop. My woodworking business serves NOVA as well. Our shop was in chantilly and we lived in aldie but moved all of it just over the border in west virginia. Feel free to let us know if you would like to check out our shop. We do alot of antique refinishing.

  3. Love to see that her passion for woodworking started at a young age and carried through to her adult years!!! True family bond in a beautiful art form. Thank you Sam for being an inspiration too young girls (and boys) to get interested in woodworking.

  4. I’m like your gramps, I’ve been doing working for almost 40 years, eek that makes me sound old! Girls can definitely do woodworking. I’ve tried to get my daughter involved but she likes to have me make her stuff, but my granddaughter has already designed a toy box and several other projects. Oh, she is 5. Keep up the great work!

  5. So great to see you learning from your Grandpa and bonding with him like I so wish I could with my grandchildren. I'm sure he is one of the happiest guys ever. God bless. Thanks laguna for sharing.

  6. What a great family and a fantastic story. Love the enthusiasm. Do not sell yourself short, you are way more than a girl, you are bright, refreshing and truly inspiring. Keep at it and keep it up! Looking forward to lots more from you, mom, and Gramps!!!!

  7. Learned from Grandfather?! THAT is a success story!! Congratulations on your enterprise! Best of luck! Marry me?? LOL! I hope all the best for you and your family!!

  8. Sam, Don Davis from CarrickDavisDesigns here–big Instagram fan–cool to see this detailed look at you rfamily and you–you're so beautiful, and talented—Love you girl!!

  9. You go kid. (This isn’t Patti , but it is Moe her husband) I’m a woodworker, relief carver and cabinet maker. It is a most rewarding vocation.. to be able to envision what is in that wood and be able to remove what’s all around it is truly an art that has been given as a gift to you. You sure appear to be using that gift to the max. Learning from the folks that have been there, using your own talent to mix in the blend, is just the greatest thing. Be proud, be humble, “love it like your children” , you’ll go far.

  10. Great video. I wish I had family to work with in my shop. It will be fun when my children older. They already talk about building guitars with me. I will be starting one with my 9 year old daughter in a few months. She wants to build her own. I want to instill in her the belief that she can do anything she wants

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