La Sonmai – Phone Cases with Vietnam Traditional Crafts and Arts

La Sonmai – Phone Cases with Vietnam Traditional Crafts and Arts

The lacquer paint is a resin extracted from wax tree which is planted mainly in Phu Tho province, Northern Vietnam The lacquer is white since its first extracted then turning brown in the air. The colour will gradually becoming black and glossy after been stirred for 72 hours. The designs are hand carved and covered with a layer of clear lacquer. Eggshell is specially applied in Vietnamese lacquerware and it’s a step by step process to see how the miniscule pieces of shells stuck onto the lacquerware. The surface will be coated with a mixture of natural lacquer, rocky mountain powder, wood dust and alluvium. The artwork will be kept in the humid, dust-free atmosphere until it is dried and ready for polishing The beauty of lacquerware is created by applying numerous layers and grinding them back to achieve a flawlessly smooth surface. Certain parts in the painting that have to be carefully polished to preserve the colours or shapes artist wants to keep. Using the mineral pigments mixing with lacquer to create the color artist will paint directly on the ready-treated products. With the aim to preserve and promote the value of traditional Vietnamese lacquer painting, La Sonmai promises to keep developing and carrying Vietnamese traditional lacquer style. In order to achieve the perfect looks, the artist is not only use lacquer but also pure silver and gold leafs to bring out the hidden beauty of the Vietnamese soul. Each design contain its own mysterious and magically like the universe holding all the secrets in layer of resin. The polishing process will be repeated many time in water until the final result is totally smooth. The artist will polish the lacquerware with palm as the final touch to bring out a high gloss. Every detail of design are handmade, that makes each product is the only original piece. The unique feature of Vietnam’s lacquer paintings is the harmonious combination among five basic elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. In lacquer paintings, metal is found in gold and silver leaf, wood in painting boards and resin from wax trees, water in the water used to polish, fire to fry eggshells and clamshells, and earth in natural minerals, such as earth and stones which are ground and processed to create various colours. Each lacquer phone case from La Sonmai is the perfect combination between the technique and unique traditional material. Our products are completely made by hand in Vietnam. 15 days in needs to finish one product. These products are made to last. Not just a phone case, our product is a truly work of art through the flowing lines and nuanced colors.

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