KUNG FU BROTHERS – film COMPLET 4K en français

KUNG FU BROTHERS – film COMPLET 4K en français

Doesn’t matter as long
as they want to pay for it. A shitty bar stored for 800
years? Can be this valuable? That’s ridiculous. Hey your bag with an L and V
can buy ten others without them. That is really ridiculous. We can go to the Caribbean
for our wedding after this. And buy an island there. Do whatever we want on it. Do whatever you want. Oh I love you. You will listen to me. Sure. They taught little kids to steal. No one dared to bother them. It took me days to spot all of them. But I didn’t push too hard. You know why? They promised me they
would send the boy home. Cheater! I am not. Not you. They are cheating you! No way. He also promised to
send the boy to school. He gave me his word. Auntie Chiu’s truth is
not the same as yours. She said you have beaten
food out of their bellies. That’s exaggerating. You continue to do that
you will be in big trouble. Don’t do this mess anymore. I am a soldier. Not anymore. I serve to protect the nation… And the property of the people. We have police to do that. Mom always says that. How could she know the
bliss of beating evildoers? It’s like the submarine’s
homecoming trip after a mission. Afternoon everyone. Due to the delay of transportation the Dragon-Tongue doesn’t arrive today for the
press conference. We are very sorry about that but we promise. We will start the exhibition on time. Hope you will all enjoy it. Daddy Tom not here. This time the exhibition of the. Dragon-Tongue will only be one day. Marshal Yue is my idol. It’s really an honor to have his spear. What makes a soldier a great warrior? It’s iron will and determination. Determination makes a regular man into a fearless warrior. Warrior? What’s your weapon? Spear. What spear? Any spear. Set and go! He is my best friend Smile. I win! His grandpa is the museum director. We have a lot of secrets in the museum. Just find a place for him any place. He’s very capable. He can handle it without any problem. OK I got it. You take care. Children under one
meter traveling with… Lao-San I will be back very
soon you behave yourself. Veterans with certificates from the. Department of Civil
Affairs of the People’s… Why are you so happy today? Come show time. This is my little brother. He is 32. A good man. OK good. Mr. Director I need to
get on the boat today. Just give him an internship. I’ll think it over. Hey I got you! The ticket you sold me is fake. You got the wrong man. Quiet! You here for trouble? I want my money back. Hey listen. You got the wrong man. Piss off. You sold me fake tickets. You saw it? I did. This your business? My business. Great youngsters! Tough men! Anybody see what they looked like? Over 2 meters tall and handsome. No not that. Order order. OK you. I didn’t see a thing. Didn’t see a thing? How dare you say that? They were fighting for you! Guess what I got? Nothing I wanted. Hey I am not coming home tonight. I am on a case. Call you back later. Wow the Kick-and-Run hero. My CO said practice makes perfect. To fight for justice you
need to be ready to bleed. Wounded? With honor sir. Your score is 14 straight wins. Take today as a draw. If it weren’t for the other
comrade today you would be fucked. Nothing serious. Combat
power is still good. You’re stupid. Don’t expect to get help
from others. Help yourself. Yes-sir. Mr. Wu. Yes? You are? Sorry about this Mr. Wu. What do you want from me? Simple! We don’t want your life or
your money just the Spear. What spear? What spear? The Dragon-Tongue. Is it here yet? Let’s review the hilarious moment. Of the 48 KG Division Final of
the 2005 WBA World Championships Chinese player Magic Boy Zou Shiming defeated Hungarian Pal
Bedak in the finals. This is a new record for
Chinese boxing history. The first WBA World
Championship for China. Chinese National Anthem. Ancient Chinese believed
a weapon stand stood for the
spirit of its owner. A long spear like this was very
popular during the Song Dynasty. So boring. Marshal Yue’s spear was also
called the Dragon-Tongue. People believed a dragon
turned into this spear. You are not a kidnapper. You are not like going home alive. Even if you got the Dragon-Tongue
you will still kill me. I know it! You know I do have ethics. Why should I trust you? Mr. Wu has been missing for over 24 hours. Looks like those in the news conference. I checked their license plate. Turned out to be fake. Yes I know. I feel something is behind this. Maybe it’s about the Dragon-Tongue? Can you learn from comics? Smile cannot hear my voice
but he likes to watch me. He’s both my coach and my. But he never gives me praise. Those thieves you’ve
beaten are stealing again. Your wife hits you? No one can help you. But you have morals! Yes yes I got it. Did your man find out about last night? Wow you are good. See you. On behalf of the people. You will be dead this time. To give you some discipline. You got the lesson? Yes sir. I will get the boy to school tomorrow. Get home go to school. The word is to destroy all evil. The word – is me. It was there yesterday. How am I supposed to
know where it is today? Watch your back. Don’t be tailed. OK. They’re not driving to
the French Consulate. Just circling around. Keep your distance. Don’t worry. We will get them. Get your ass here. It’s gotta be here. Slow down. Boss I’m listening. Want to do him? The spear is gone. Captain we lost them. Lost? I got him. The best time for sailors is standing on the deck with comrades watching home get closer. The spear is my comrade now and Daffodil is my home. Why do you always have
phone calls at night? Why do you always want to
quarrel when we are happy? You didn’t answer me. There are a lot of phone calls. Boss colleagues friends… Anybody hitting on you? Yes but I refused. Satisfied? Eh don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to me! What is this? I’m sorry. Today l… Stop him. Hey you. Don’t do it. Stop there! Stop there! Stop there! Stop there! You think you can get away? I don’t know. You hit a girl! The car hit her. You drunk? I’ve had my coffee. Then I’m gonna beat the coffee out of you. No please. Stop there. Who’s
the hit-and-run guy? It’s him. He beat me. I didn’t. Let go. Shut your filthy mouth
or I will shut it for you. Don’t try my temper. Enough your Driver’s Licenses. These two are for the Lieutenant. Love needs devotion
all your heart and soul. Only devotion will get you love. Come upstairs with me. The doctor said the girl was alright just some. The car wasn’t fast. Shoes off. I wanted to tell you there
is a job interview tomorrow but you were full of stupid questions. The canteen. Does it hurt? Go take a shower. Turn around. Let me scratch your back. Promise me. Give me your spear. I’ll take my shower back home. Salute. Comrade Wang. To your bravery today on behalf of the submarine command we grant you the Badge of Courage. Thank you sir. However you missed the chance
to destroy the driver. Carry on. Yes-sir. Police Attacker Caught Case Closed. Brother I miss you. Case closed. You can rest in peace. Mr. Gao what’s kickboxing like? Well it is the best
combination of boxing Tae-Kwon-Do and Kung Fu. Yes show them what I got. Ok so see you later. It gives you flexibility. What do you teach? And practical fighting skills. Song Dynasty Martial Arts. Song Dynasty? It focuses on real fighting. It demands killing with the first strike. No mercy for the enemy. It’s either him or you. That’s ugly. Have a try. Mr. Gao need to call an ambulance? No! Stop that camera! If he fights back that’s another strike. The morgue or the. Was the coach an evildoer? You know what to say.. Hello. It’s Wu. I’m sorry that… Captain we got the cell phone! Thank you. I apologize. Good bye. I told him that I had
a personal agenda. The French guy said the
exhibition will be on time. We will let you go on exhibition day. Why is that? You said you will let me go now. Captain the signal is gone. OK I’m on it. Need backup? Wait for my command. You got a mirror? Ouch! God! My leg! God! You hit a man drunk? It’s a narrow alley why
did you drive so fast? Hey you hit a man. I saw it. He hit a man. You saw it? Yeah! I surely did. Oh so it’s your fault no doubt. Get out of my way. Stop yelling. You’ve just hit a man. You have a driver’s license? Easy easy. Take my money and get him
to a hospital alright? This gentleman knows the rules! I am always a willing helper. Who’s driving? Boss this is not enough. He doesn’t have insurance. You’d better take him to the hospital. I just like to offer help. Somebody help! Ouch! This isn’t enough boss. You said you are here to help? It’s OK it’s OK. Freeze. Police everybody freeze! Tourist. Visiting the temple. Visiting the police temple? Not a good idea. You from Hong Kong? Yes. Relatives here? No. Yes the navy. On a submarine. In a training drill. I saved a drowning comrade. Can I have some water please? After they rescued me
they just sent me home. The doctor said my brain… My brain has… You often do this? They are gangsters! My sister was once cheated by them. Evildoers are my enemy. Never be merciful give mercy to the enemy. Hey beating up a bad guy is
also against the law. Get it? You think you can stop
him by cracking his skull? Oh yes sir. I should also break his legs. So he wouldn’t be able to do anything. What a man. So everybody can be happy. Any relatives? Oops. Hello police station. No thank you. Mom I can’t come home tonight tomorrow neither. I am on a business
trip for the next month maybe next year. You take care of yourself mom. No I won’t steal anymore. I don’t want to. I have some business friends here hold on They want to talk to you. Hi auntie. Yes just call me Dragon. Yes we had dinner four courses. No not robbery we are
in the food business. Liu-Tao. Here! Pack up and come out. Yes-sir. Stop it mom. Big airplane. Evil acts have consequences. I am a warrior. Protector of the people. I am not a criminal. Sister what should we do? Follow the rules. Have mercy please have mercy. Sorry my love. Let’s be
together in the next life. I lied to you. My girlfriend is called Daffodil. Daffodil? Interesting name. What if she lied to you some day? No way. Don’t hate her. When I came back from the
navy I met some butchers. They were injecting water into pork to make it heavier. I went to teach them. Get away! That was the first time
I beat any evildoers. The FDA gave me an award after that and I was hooked. I beat up evildoers this
time and got jailed. So I am one of them now. You are the just among the evil. And I am the devil among the righteous. Why are you in the city? To find someone. Who will that be? People lied to me. I hate liars. You find him and I’ll
teach him how to act. You should learn from yesterday. The tricks of those
cons were so stupid. So stupid. Why don’t I teach you some moves? So you can protect yourself. This is the renegade sheriff? Very different I will give him that. Any news from Mr. Wu? Not yet. Let them go. Thanks but no. Pretty nice canteen. Yes. Why do you follow me
Where do you want to go? I… You said you would help me. Beat cons. I found him. Please. Cheater. Wang-Tao. Sir. Congratulations first. You fulfilled the last
mission to destroy our enemy. Thank you sir. Now I command you to hand your
weapon to comrade Daffodil. Yes-sir. Don’t come home without daddy. It will be done tomorrow. Cheers. For the spear. You were right. Devotion. I’ve made a decision. I’ll listen to Daffodil
and give up fighting. No devotion cannot get love. The more you sacrifice
the you get hurt. Having fun? Yes. When should I pick you up tomorrow? After work. Kiss me. Who’s this? What? He’s my boyfriend. So who am I? Let go! You are good at this ah? Let me explain please. Hands off. Who the hell are you? Another boyfriend of hers? Who do you work for? Stop it. I’m talking to you. How long have you been together? Sucker. Hey what the hell? Why is the moon so bright tonight? Just like the submarine’s searchlight. The number you have dialed has
been forwarded to voicemail. Please leave your message
after the beep. Lao-San. Don’t hate me. You know we don’t match each other. I tried to be with you. I tried. Don’t worry. I won’t be with him either. Hope you can become who you want to be. A new day has started. A Romeo has died and a great warrior
has been resurrected. Right-Turn face. Submarine 237. Salute the navy jack. Salute! My CO said. Retirement is only for the
boat not for the sailor. With or without uniform I am
the protector of the people. Welcome to the
Dragon-Tongue exhibition. Captain Jiang. Waiting the whole night is tough. You are really something. I have a feeling they will come today. The Dragon-Tongue was the
weapon used by Marshal Yue. It was made from a special
alloy 900 years ago. It weighs 27 Kg and
has a length of 225cm. The spear edge is still
sharp after all these years. Thanks a lot. Good bye. Captain new info. The suspect this morning said they sold some guns to
the Hong Kong tourist. Shaw-Hai. Police! Freeze! Get up! What’s all this? Move. You get the wrong man. Shut up. Not me. Still remember me? You’re the cheater. Move. Get in. Who’s cheating? Him or you? Dragon-Tongue is the
king of all spears. Calm down. Call an ambulance. Excuse us. He was the cheater. Come over here quiet. Move.. move.. Come on. Perfect. Put it down. Don’t shoot. He wants to kill you. Professionals don’t kill. Xiao-Hai. Trick door. You have a trick door here? You lied to me. Yes I did. You turned me into an evildoer. No I didn’t. You are what you are. I owe you one. Now get out of my way. Move. Drop your weapon! Hands up! I am not with them. Prove it. I can testify for him. Thank you. Back everyone move back. Captain you OK? What? I’ll wait for you there! No he won’t. I can handle it. The hostages are here. Listen I need a van. Calm down don’t hurt the hostages. Let me talk to the one in charge. Why are you here? You hold on. I guess I am going to meet my
comrades this time. He wants his spear. Where is it? You can’t get in sorry. We should avoid unnecessary casualties. Chairman Mao said so. Life is more important than this spear! I don’t know. This is complicated. Commissioner. You’re the Boss? Call me Mario. Don’t waste our time. I need an armored car now. How’s the hostages? Still alive. Mario don’t be stupid. Find out who’s in there. And do a background check. Yes-sir. Have the key? Don’t be stupid. Got a mission for you. Affirmative. Don’t do anything stupid. It’s full of national treasures
and weapons over 800 years old. We are not here for fun. What’s that? A helmet. A seven hundred year-old
helmet and you smashed it? Why can’t you learn something? Anything! Boss we are here for the spear. Forget the others. If we get stuck here we got nothing. Sorry. There are 6 hostages in
all including Captain Jiang. Dragon and Nancy antique collectors and
the Hong Kong mafia both of them. Plus four other suspects. We can accept all your terms. But you have to promise not
to break any of the relics. Ok good. And get me a doctor right now. They want a hostage exchange. Commissioner I can play a doctor. No give them a real doctor. You are a hero. Save the cop first. Let him go. His neck isn’t tough. Nancy save the cop first. You got shot too. Not as bad as him. Let’s keep it simple. Just go! Don’t lie to me. I can blow your head off right now. You can be a good man. Put it down. I’m still alright. This is a door like a safe. Can’t be opened from the outside. We can both the front and back doors and send in the SWAT team. No that will hurt the hostages. Mario you broke the rule first. Send her husband a flag. What are you doing? How many times do I have say
it? Professionals don’t kill. We kill her and they’ll
know we mean business. Now they think she’s
dead so what’s the point? You’re making things complicated. You said you would listen to me. What the fuck! Brother! On behalf of Submarine
237 destroy the evildoers. It’s not wise to kill the hostage now. She may still be alive. Cops think you are evil.
You can’t be a hero. Tear Gas. In a closed space like that they won’t hold out long. They will all be
unconscious in 90 seconds. Then blow the front door
and send in the SWAT team in. That’s the best way. Waiting here is a terrible idea. Alright alright. You know why I lied to you?
It’s all because of this spear. My boss asked me to… Calm down. Are the hostages safe? Are the hostages safe? They’re all fine. We’ll give you the armored car
but let all the hostages go. We surrender. You have 30 seconds. Open the door and put
down your weapons. What did you say? We don’t have a chance. We have hostages. Nancy we can’t win. We can’t I’ve never lost. I’ve never lost either. Me 17 fights 16 wins. Lao-San stay right there. Time’s up. Put down your weapons and come out. You’re not scared? I am a fearless warrior. She will shoot you. You are all devils among devils. I’ll make you a hero. Don’t shoot! Bye underdog. Not long after my retirement my CO went back home. On the way he fought a group of gangsters. He was badly wounded and became a martyr. Sorry sir I didn’t fulfill the mission. Good bye underdog. Nancy! Commissioner the SWAT team will
blow up the door in 30 seconds. We’re all set. Originally we wanted to
get married in the Caribbean. Don’t shoot. Victory. I don’t know if that was a suicide
or a death sentence. He died. Perfect. Can’t remember. I just remember my hands trembled. Anyway in that war
with those evil people Lao-San was the winner. Special news report. This afternoon. A hostage incident occurred
at the ancient weapon museum. Four hostages and one
police officer were wounded. The hospital has confirmed they
are all in stable condition. This was wounded badly. The police claim he is a navy veteran and is responsible for the
capture of several mafia hit men. Some insiders said the
French collector has decided to donate the Dragon-Tongue
Spear to the museum. We will keep you apprised
of this on-going event. This is the evening news hour. Now let’s come to the weather. Tonight we will have a thunder storm. And tomorrow after that… Captain your wife. Don’t worry I am not dead. Hey officer! Thank you. Boy let me buy you a drink after this. No alcohol is bad for the brain. Don’t fight anymore. Lead a good life. No I can’t. I’m addicted. The word is to destroy all evil. Yes sir. The word – is me. Maybe Daffodil was right. I can forget her. Forget her for good.

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  1. 54min 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣mrd j’ai failli m’étouffer en riant… j croyais kil appelait vraiment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣. Je vous conseille s film❤️

  2. May PaRinSss Sweeti CeuooT LoveRsSs
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    Maullana SaaD SaHaB
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    Maullana TaRiQ JaMeeel kiIi
    AaZaMaT ko Šalaaam
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    RaB G RaB G RaB G RaB G RaB G
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  4. j ai adorer ce filme… si tous le mondes pouvait agir ainsi ce serai merveilleux sure cette planet !!! merci pour ce filme.

  5. Trop d'inspiration pour la personne qui a écrit ce filme très beau film de l'humour a l'amour a la déception arrêt de lire mon commentaire et scotche-toi pour regardé ce filme tu n'vas pas regretté

  6. La photo de goku a 17 min 15 sur la gauche dessinée ven scratch.A 1h 00 et 42 seconde hommage a bruce lee cest marquer sur le téléphone.A 1h 01.03 poster de bruce lee et stallonne.

  7. Sa nana sais une pourriture elle le fait cocu ,pauvre lao-san. Tfacon la plupart des meuf deviennent comme ça l'autre grosse voiture lui handicapé brudny pazek kurwa de jonquille,c est plutot rose noir venimeuse que tu devrait t appeller pfffiuu.Cest dur de trouver une femme correcte en 2019,chuis de 1985 jtombe que sur des michtonneuse.J ai jamais fait cocu ni lever la main sur une femme. Couple de 2019 iphone + samsung + internet voila les couples de maintenant.Terrible la fin il a eu l'intelligence de l'oublier en jetant le cadeau et elle elle regrette franchement bien fait.

  8. Je dois dire que je perçois ce que le concepteur de ce film à éventuellement essayer de faire seulement si vous voulez être compétitive dans le monde il faut être de bonne foi ce film n'a aucun sens il est mal construit et si l'idée de départ pouvez faire quelque chose ce n'est pas en le traitant ainsi c'est l'une des plus grandes merde du cinéma chinois que j'ai pu voir or le cinéma chinois à une grandeur incontestable héros Tigre et Dragon et j'en passe quand on fait un film contemporain sur les arts martiaux il faut être un petit peu plus inventif que ça ou alors rester sur les arts martiaux traditionnels à leur époque la naissance ce film est une merde incroyable et je reconnais certains acteur comme celui qui a joué dans Hitman c'est un très bon acteur je trouve que fait-il dans une merde pareille????
    Je vous demanderai maintenant d'excuser la rudesse de mes paroles mais je me dois d'être honnête envers un cinéma que j'apprécie énormément et qui je crois vaux beaucoup mieux que ça c'est n'importe quoi l'homme chinois passe pour un imbécile extraterrestre dans ce genre de film. Je suis un afro-caribéen et je ne supporte pas que certain peuple se croit supérieur à d'autres par contre il faut donner le vrai reflet de ce qu'on et sinon on passe pour un imbécile que la Chine se respecte un peu plus s'il vous plaît

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