Koffing Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Koffing Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another polymer clay tutorial. Today we are going to create Pokemon Koffing and also this video will be a collabration with the German YouTuber Niz Bunte Bastelwelt and she created Meowth. Meowth, meowth! Let’s get started. This is the best picture of Koffing I found. Well, I searched the Internet and Pokemon Go gave me the best visual. We start with some toilet paper. We need to create a nice round shaped ball. Just wrap around some aluminum paper and you get this nice clean ball. After that we need some purple clay and try to get a very thin layer and just wrap it around, wrap it around the ball, so it looks like that. You’re probably wondering why am I using toilet paper and aluminum paper as filling for the ball. Well, this is very simple. I want to get this ball as light as possible and made out of clay it would have been too heavy. So I can easily place it on the stand, which we will create after the Pokemon. Make a roll of purple clay and just cut a lot of tiny pieces. This will be the part where the steam comes out. The poisoning steam of Koffing. After that we will create the eyes. Just make a very thin layer of white clay, place it on the ball and.. Well, we can start creating some details 😀 the iris for example. You just need a very tiny piece of black. Well, you can also make that with a pen, after baking in the oven, but I decided to create as much as possible out of clay. For the outline I also take a very thin “worm” of black clay. This can also be made with a black thin pen. And after that we mix two colours, red and ochre, it’s ochre orange for the mouth. I think this matches the colour pretty well. Just cut away some of the purple clay and put inside the mixture of Koffing’s mouth colored red. Just another outline. Well, it’s pretty tricky. I think this was the most difficult part of this figure, to create this black outline with clay. And of course, the sharp teeth. Well, there are only two teeth so that’s not a problem. Does Koffing have an attack with biting? Now we will place the.. let’s call it pipes. The pipes for the poisoning steam. I think I needed almost 20 of these, but it depends on how much details you want to create on your figure. After that, well you notice, there is some kind of icon. right on the front part of Koffing. It’s a skull or at least I think it should be a skull. Or it’s supposed to be a skull. I’m using grey clay for that. First I took some white clay, but it didn’t really work, as it’s too dominant and the eyes should be the only part with bright white. For the stand I decided to mix two different kinds of green. Well, you can also leave that out. I will show that at the end of this video, but I like creating figures with a stand. Just take aluminum wire, and we will hide this aluminum wire heart, you will see right under the figure. Yeah, we will see that first. Most of the details and most of the figure is finished. Just adding some more tiny details. Just for the shape, just for the look. And then we are ready to go.. into the oven! Well, Koffing flies. Freshly baked Koffing!>:D Now comes a very tricky part. I use a drill. This is a hand drill. I highly recommend this tool. I will link it in the description if you’re interested. And we need some green wool. A lot of green wool! And I try to make the shape as if it looks like steam. Steam coming out of Koffing. Use some super glue. Stick it all together. And we create some more folds, with the drill and I’m gluing some more green wool into the holes. I used that technique a while ago. You may remember. It’s the random sculpt, it’s this alien, but it has a cigarette with steam coming out. Yeah, we are coming to an end. You can add as much wool as you would like. I think I created five spots of poison, that steam. OK, that’s it. Thanks for watching this tutorial. I hope you had fun watching it. Maybe you will create Koffing and you may have noticed it, I created Koffing with that green stand. But you can also remove it. Put the aluminum wire right into the green wool. For the thumbnail I used just some paper, to cover that green stand. So it depends on how do you like it. I already mentioned it, this is a collaboration with Niz Bunte Bastelwelt. She’s a German YouTuber and she does such a great job on her channel. She created Meowth. Please check out her channel and check out her tutorial as well. Meowth, meowth! Well, in German it’s Mauzi. I guess that’s it. Thanks a lot for watching. Hope to see you next time. Take care, bye! *totally real explosion sounds*

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  2. You are really good at this especially at the fortnite stuff keep on doing this! but arent u german? ur accent sounds like it XD

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  4. Anyone else wondering why he goes back and changes the description from 3 years ago to what he’s doing in the present

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