Knife Sheath Making – Part 5 – Pencil Drawing Tutorial – Leather Designs

Knife Sheath Making – Part 5 – Pencil Drawing Tutorial – Leather Designs

Pencil drawing tutorial for pocket knife sheath designs just the right size to work within this area Within this area to come up with my
design I will draw around this template I made for my pocket knife sheath And I can make as many of those as I
want And when I come up with a design I like That’s what I’ll go with So today it’s basically To give you some ideas How to come up with designs basically
whatever you can draw on paper On paper you can transfer that to wet
leather Carve it in and then tool around it by beveling and back grounding These are patterns that have made and I transferred those to leather and carved them in Then used a Craftool bevel and background tool Actually simple and fairly big is good
because you can see it And you can tell what the design is and what it looks like If it’s too small on intricate You won’t be able to see it Like a simple four petal flower Just draw that in Sketch in a flower right here And see You can come in here with your template Mark a circle and then draw your flower A lot of times I will Use this Berol RAPIDESIGN template to draw the center Leathercraft with Bruce Cheaney grow the center in there then I can come
in here like Draw a leaf up this way Use a good quality pencil and eraser A mark right up the middle there come back this way with a leaf You can work on that until it looks
pretty good Next thing I like the show you is a Oak leaf I’ll draw the center of the oak leaf Come back up this way Red oak You can study the way oak leaves are made And that will give you and idea on how to draw acorns and oak leaves If you like the way one leaf looks better than the other you can use carbon paper to make a pattern and flip it over to make a mirror image What you can do this you can take some
carbon paper Trace the leaf that you really like Then kinda flip-flop it… So I’m going to draw A stem right there Draw a stem back the other way And this needs an acorn On my acorn cap I like to do something small like this Five cuts each way Five cuts each way Cut marks each way Drawing an acorn And then Basically you just need a Outline that you can trace the pattern onto the wet and cased leather knife sheath And use a saddlers awl that has been polished on the end to trace the pattern onto the sheath You can hold it there on your wet leather Apply pressure on your pencil drawing to transfer the design to the wet leather Transfer that to your knife sheath You might wonder how I came up with the scroll design It was something like this I would take a circle template by Berol Make a couple circles Figure eight and then put my Scroll design in there Work on the design a little bit and before long you have it It does not hurt a thing to set around and practice drawing leather designs Work up designs I don’t have my straight edge handy so I will do this free hand Like for example I want to put B C on here like a Western block letter You can do this with time and patience Then I will true it up a little bit with you may be good at drawing letters That’s a good deal But anyway you could no cut your initials Draw your initials so you can cut those in Just put some simple embellishments With your swivel knife Couple initials bevel around that and then some simple Wheat stalk type cut marks Voice of Bruce Cheaney Well I have crammed in just about all the information I possibly could I started off with a flower and leaf
pattern which is a simple design and Then went to a Red Oak and Acorn Design Acorn pattern and then a scroll Pattern then I showed you How to lay that
out and then… Hand draw some initials just to give
you some ideas of what’s possible Hey I would appreciate a thumbs up…
And if your not a subscriber I would like for You to subscribe to my YouTube Channel Thank You very much for watching this Bruce Cheaney

9 thoughts on “Knife Sheath Making – Part 5 – Pencil Drawing Tutorial – Leather Designs

  1. Really nice to see how you designed that scroll figure 8 design from scratch. I have trouble cutting out the smaller oak leaves like you drew. Practice practice, I guess. lol Thanks Mr. Cheaney. 🙂

  2. Bruce , It is plan to see how much talent you have. For those of us who can't draw well or at all how can we make designs for carving.

  3. Bruce, thanks for the video. I've been meaning to ask, what is your table made of? Is that a 6" thick piece of granite?

  4. Hi Bruce,
    Can you tell me the type of thread and a supplier for it that you used to sew the case for a pocket knife.
    Hey Thanks!!

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