kiwibird puppet comedy: NZ Puppets Got Talent

Come and meet the kiwibird he’ s one-of-a-kind
lives in the Catlins it’s not hard to find. He’s an absolute legend, fun loving too, with the community at heart proud kiwi through and trough He likes a girl in gumboots, she’s the apple of his eye Crazy world of puppets you’ll laugh
until you cry Oh come and meet the kiwibird, he’s one of a kind. Lives in the Catlins it’s not hard to find (sound of chickens and cock crowing) Well you may recognise me off the telly, Yes, it’s me Flockstar! From NZ Puppets Got Talent. Please stop swooning and before you ask I don’t have botox or fillers and I don’t have chicken fillets. I am all natural. Well it’s been a while since the talent show and for those who do’t know who won it was a puppet with outstanding talent A super lovely chap (piano playing and Flockstar making chicken noises) He won the show with his original sing song The puppets name was Ed Sheeran, featuring a non-puppet, super talented Pharrell Williams Ed Sheeran even came to New Zealand and since then did a gig in Dunedin I went by a stage name Flock star
but just have to admit with a voice like this How was a hula hooping, piano
playing, dart throwing, acrobatic chicken ever able to compete Can you even imagine? Can you even think about it? well, well, well. Oh crikey! I think I nearly Pukeko’d my pants! If you are out there Ed and happen to be
watching this; if you ever want a break in the Catlins and want to hang out with the serenity of nature and not be hassled Take many deep breaths (breathing noises) Then my humble chicken coupe is available to you. Constable kiwi who lives in the town will make sure no one hassles you But you would need to promise to drive more safely than you do in your music video Our roads are very different than the roads over there, you can’t drive like a reckless hoon. The only other competitor who came close were the whistling fronts from down the road they give it their best whistles but it just wasn’t enough Even a pig named Piggsy did a performance artwork but it got shredded before it could be judged There was a Pukeko named Pearl who’s sang opera while playing badminton of all things! each to their own I guess Gosh there’s so much neat, home-grown talent out there in the world of puppets Come on New Zealand, get your puppets out! (piano playing and chicken singing)

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