Kitchen Trolley Designs by

Kitchen Trolley Designs by

Basically these are drawers designed for Modular
Kitchens. These set-up is designed for customers to
see and understand what different types of channels and handles that could be used for
drawers and shutters. These drawers designed with soft close channels. Whenever you push a drawers with soft close
channels, it will not bang. You have telescopic channels in this which
also is soft close. Then you have push to open channels used for
drawers. Such drawers do not need handles. Here you see since the set-up needs to look
even. You just have to push the shutter and the
drawer will open by itself. 3rd option is the basic channel with weight
capacity of 50 kgs. This is called are 3 fold too. With these channels, the drawer can completely
be removed. Initially 3� of drawer used to stay inside. Now the systems have changed. You can utilize every inch of drawer. But these are not available in soft closing. They are regular channels. Then you have tandem box. These are available with soft closing channels. The side partitions are no more in wood. They come in steel. You have different colors i.e. White, Grey and stainless steel finish. Can you repeat what is this called? Tandem Box. The height of the channel for this box is
more than regular which is made of stainless steel. These come in soft close channels. You just have to close the door. The door will close softly. I would like to show you 1 more thing. These are basket trolleys made of stainless
steel. This is quite commonly used in kitchens these
days. Initially that I showed you, that was of wooden
base. You can have wood for these too. Like how this is stainless steel basket with
cutlery drawer for spoon, knives, etc. You can keep any small cutlery inside. Here telescopic channels are used. For such trolleys, you can use regular telescopic
channels or even soft closing channels too. These used here are telescopic channels. Look at this
2nd basket that I would like to show is plain basket. You can store bid utensils like tapela, etc. Here again a telescopic channel is used. But regular telescopic. This is not soft closing. This works as like regular shutters that bangs. This can also be made with ball bearing. Then you have this that is made on corduroy. This basically is a partition where you can
place cups and saucers. The channels used here are corduroy of Hettich
brand. These are also a type of soft close channels
that could eb used for baskets too. If you place ample of vessels, I must be getting
heavier, right? Then you don�t any isses with channel. No there are no isses since the channels are
available as per weight capacity requirement. Like in this you have 30 kg, 50 kg available. Even this is soft closing which closes softly. Lastly You then have 4th basket type i..e
thali sorter. This is for thali.

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