Kinetic Spinning Ring Box

Kinetic Spinning Ring Box

Some rough walnut stock. Ripping to width. Resawing to thickness on the tablesaw. Flip the piece end-for-end and keep raising the blade to sneak up on the middle. Leave a tiny bit of wood connecting the two halves. Try to split it like a man… and fail. Split the pieces apart with a hammer and chisel. A clean up pass through the planer. Cross cutting to final length to create the walnut blanks. Adding a guide bushing to the plunge router. A template to seat the walnut blanks with a cutout for the router bit. Checking the depth of cut. Adding the blank. Securing the piece to the work surface. Plunge routing the edges. Hogging out the remainder. Cove bit to cut out finger recesses in the tops. Drilling holes for the magnets. Sanding down to 400 grit. A few coats of polyurethane. Gluing in the magnets. Card stock for the latch. Scribing the cut outs. Cutting out the waste. Scribing the finger recess. Cutting out the waste. Test fit. Cloth face for the hinge. Super77 adhesive. Applying the cardboard core to the fabric. Cutting out relief notches. Folding the fabric over. Extra strength at the pivot point. Gluing the hinge onto the wooden halves. Slicing relief cuts to reveal the recesses. Apply glue underneath and rub cloth flush. Testing the hinge. THHHPPPPP!!!!!! That’s a satisfying sound. Popup books contain lots of interesting mechanisms. This will serve as the basis for the twirling mechanism. Heavy card stock. Measuring the internal dimensions and scribing to the card stock. Cutting it out. Using the back of an Xacto to score the fold lines. Folding the mechanism. Test fit. Works well! Creating a somewhat decorative linkage. Scoring the folds and cutting out a slot for the ring. Gluing the linkage to opposite faces of the X fold. Trial run. Linear motion to rotational motion. A decorative shroud to hide the moving parts from view. Gluing the shroud in place. Gluing the whole mechanism in place. Glamor shots.

100 thoughts on “Kinetic Spinning Ring Box

  1. My brother is going to propose in just under a month from today and I'm going to make this for the engagement! Wish me luck!

  2. Oh! Based on the title "Kinetic Spinning Ring Box"; I thought it would be a ring box that would stay closed at rest. But when spun like a top, centrifugal force would cause the sides to open. This is still a well made special ring box. Good job.

  3. So much effort in craftsmanship, were the folds done by hand? you didn't have any shots of that – try to score the folds with cards maybe. This design came from a graduate of Emily Carr from what I remember.

  4. This is how I want to be proposed.
    Take me on an “adventure” but before it start tell me to hold on to this box and NEVER open it. (If you don’t trust the person or a large possibility of losing it have a prop and switch the real for the fake later on)
    Go on a good adventure, take them somewhere new or go to nostalgia places that you had dates or meet ups at. Blind fold them and take them up to a nice area. Maybe a porch overlooking a beautiful sunset with a romantic dinner. At the end of the dinner do a magic trick or tell them to open the box and pop the question


    That’s how you get a 80% yes

  5. Mas se for um anel cravejado de diamantes, você poderá dar embrulhado até em papel de pão que ela vai adorar.

  6. I was waiting for a spinning ring or ring box and not what turns out to be in reality just a ring that does a quarter turn rotation

  7. I thought dovetails were something like the finest in woodworking. But uuuh, this..! Absof*ck*ngl*t*ly BRILLIANT. Thanks a LOT for sharing this, so amazing, so well made, and SO inspirating. 🙂
    Best regards!
    Somewhere in Paris, getting annoyed in a party…

  8. Hey Do you think you can help me finding a website where the folding mechanism is explained in detail?
    I tried to create it a lot of times from your video now but it didn't work and I am not able to find the source of my mistake

  9. Nice.. but for our better understanding purpose.. you can use different coloured paper for demonstration. Thanks

  10. Nicely done. I am a craftsman as well. I'm impressed. If I were to get married again, I would want to make one. Unfortunately, at my age, it's not going to happen.

  11. 28 k likes and already subscribed your channel nice craft i stay here please connected my channel

  12. Is there any reason for splitting the wood in the beginning the way he did? Like why not just cut all the way through?

  13. Beautiful excellent work.

    I would feel inclined to draw inside like it was a chalkboard, something along the lines of the proposal. Maybe even embellish the circle that held the ring (like bejewel but maybe more tasteful)
    Amazing, I wish I could be an apprentice.

    I'm going to try with just hard cardboard. Not for a ring, just random trinkets.

  14. I'd really like to know how to do this. Do you have the instructions or directions to do it? I'm going to marry and my proposal will be with this kind of box.
    If you have, please send it on my email. [email protected]
    Thx a bunch

  15. Wow, this blew me away. That was so enjoyable to watch and the end product is very impressive and creative. Great work!!

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