*(*(* Kikki K Planner Goodies Haul and Paper Lovers Book Flip Through *)*)*

yes ladies and gentlemen this is a Kikki K haul so I’m gonna give you a little bit of a
schedule for this video so first I will just show everything so if you just want
to see what I’ve got then that’s fine and then after that I
will flip through anything that requires flipping through so I will put
timestamps in the description recently kekeke a had a discount code for 30% off
over 60 pounds I think I didn’t get a planner I’m sorry to disappoint anybody
but I decided to go a different way with a planner and there will be a video for
that so what did I get I still got quite a lot first of all in
the sale so obviously I don’t think this was then reduced by there by the 30% I got this little mini notepad thing it’s
not a sticky notes or anything it’s just a notepad it was like two pound 40 or
something in the sale and I got it because I my wedding planner is the
kekeke a pause gold which is the I’ll insert a picture but it’s the kind of
ivory one with the gold kind of foiled polka dots on it so I just thought this
would look really nice in the bit the backwards a bit in the front where we’re
just the normal notepads live when you get a new planner from Quique and I’m
hoping that it’s gonna come up cuz every single page
it’s foiled next I bought the this is from the love life collection I think
it’s got a full name fall in love with your life I think Boyd’s nicknamed love
life I think um the 3-pack of gel pens yeah haha so I’ve never had the gel pens
before I always get jealous of grace from this paper lover because she always
gets the Pens well she always gets orders of kiki the only pen I’ve got from geek’ is the
one that came with my planner because the planner I got was actually a
Christmas set so you got some glittery washi tape and a gold ballpoint pen
so I’ve only ever had the ball points but I’ve heard really really good things
about the gel pens and I love these too I don’t know if that’s gonna come up but
it’s not foiled like that notepad but it sort of made to look like it’s foiled
and this one says love your life so this one I’ll possibly be living in
my wedding planner and this one I’ll probably live in my new planner that’s
coming and then one for my best case so I know they’re bluffing but I just want
to try it out because I’ve never tried it before okay let’s have a go oh they are really nice actually yeah oh I like those and they’re really
light as well I know it sounds really weird but I like those they’re really
nice okay next is a bit of a different item
it’s not stationary or craft related this is actually and I love the box the
porcelain teacup and saucer Wow I’ve seen I really really really wanted the
glass teacup and saucer from the pours gold range and never got around to get
in it and so when I saw this and I had money to spend and I love tea cups tea
pots and things I just had to get it so how how cute is it obviously it’s not
all for the dishwasher it’s hand wash only and it’s not microwave safe because
obviously it’s got foil on it but I just think it’s so gorgeous and also it’s
bigger than I thought it was gonna be because a lot of teacups if you’re into
teacups are quite teeny tiny and I can actually imagine having a coffee in this
and you get the gray so it’s in the same style as obviously the planet because
the planet if you’ve seen it is like this pink with a grey band at the bottom
and a gold band in between the two which a little bit of story time I absolutely
love the look of the planner I think it’s gorgeous but the zip put me off the
zip is the reason I didn’t get it they do the gray version and it’s the normal
just button popper fastening and I would I kind of wish it would be near the way
around because if they’ve done the pink one in the style of the gray one I’d
have bought it but I don’t know I just don’t like the zip that’s why I’ve never
really been interested in getting a Kate Spade one a lot of people are obsessed
obsessed with because for my everyday planner
it just drives me nuts sniffing it and unzipping it all the time like I just it
wasn’t for me so that’s why I ended up going for a be sixty and from love from
puppy designs as well chime eagerly waiting for the moment so
that’s the story behind why I haven’t got a plan okay and that’s my new cup
and I absolutely love it it’s so so gorgeous so next I got the b5 so this is
b5 feature notepad full of life collection so like I said I’m gonna flip
through anything like this at the end I’m not usually a yellow person that
gives you a quick sneak peek you’re not what I Simba you lie down me sorry about
that sometimes he just comes in and lies down and this time he decided he wanted
to look at everything so yes as I was saying I’m not usually a
yellow person like at all so this yellows like for me but just
there was enough of like the other of the other colors and the pink and the
gray and stuff and also with stuff like this I think it’s really good for like
letter writing so you could be right into a friend that really likes yellow
so I’m okay with it and it’s for sorry about the glare and it’s got foiled no
paper in life is meant to be enjoyed on the front so I’ll be flipping through
that later on and then the first of two paper love his books
again foiled love this pink I love the heart sorry if it’s glaring inspiring
paper projects and crafts goodness for people love us now I have wanted to have
table of his books for ages and never been he was fulfilled it and the less is
our better range came and went in what felt like a heartbeat and I was
absolutely heartbroken because until love life came out that was the fate my
favorite cake range I’d ever seen being new to ek and I was just devastated that
I never got any of it so this is the first of two people of his books that I
got and this is from the love life one so that’s what gives you an idea of what
we’ll find inside later and the next one is from cute
I think cute 20:18 now again there’s a lot of yellow and neon in this which is
not exactly me but I think both books have
something from different ranges in if I’m correct from watching like Grace’s
videos so again there was enough there seems to be enough in it that I would
like so I went for that one everything I got a to papal of his books and a
notepad the gel pens a little foiled notepad and the tea cup and saucer if
you want to see the flip through of all these I’m going to do that right okay
so unfortunately the footage of me flipping through the history has rather
annoyingly either not recorded or I’ve lost it I’ve actually no one idea what’s
happened to it which is really annoying because it’s not gonna be in my original
reactions and avoid I started using this so I want to record it again so I have
only flew through completely the once so hopefully the reactions also still
kind of be okay but sorry about that so I’m starting a little bit of a way in
just because I only started using some of the pages so we need to see what’s
included in it and also I hope that the Lighting’s gonna be okay because it is
the greatest rainiest day it is absolutely freezing
I’ve just had to put the heating on in mid
timber because my hands are frozen so anyway so you got this lovely sort of
half-and-half the darker pink is a light pink with some white hearts as I said
previously this is like whoa for pink so not one of my favorites but nevermind
then you get the three colors and it kind of looks like paint smear again I’m
not too bothered about the yellow on this one cuz actually think this works
really nicely love I love love this one fall in love with your life with this
big smear of light pink and then you get this lined one the lines are made up of
little tiny dashes are thinking gray shadows double joy and you get yellow on
the right half and the gray on the left half love this one the gray was there
it’s kind of like a messy paint heart isn’t it with a splatter of the pink
there I love it and spread kindness again I don’t mind
this one often lemons lovely the darker paint life is meant to be enjoyed with
these kind of dashes at the bottom this again lined one and it’s got the darker
pink dashed lines with a heart that says joy then you’ve got this kind of drippy
paint effect again this is like whoa being in love with your life every
minute of it and you’ve got the kind of messy heart in the light pink with the
lines in the background embrace the ordinary with enchantment and you’ve got
this dark pink smear of paint I really so if there’s any background noise
rain in many cars that going faster just making so much noise is like with
splashing and water and stuff and then you get some lines on this one as well then you get this bordered one with the
yellow and the gray was kind of these messy squares seek magic absolutely love
this one this got white background with the pink paint dashes so I’m gonna call
them and really really bright one top not a massive huh do you really like
this one though I think that’s really cute a little no absolutely love that
one as well smile breathe and go slowly really
really love this one as well this is one of my favorites absolutely love that you
know it’s half and half pink and yellow and then we’re back to the beginning so
you get I think I worked out I think you’d get like it looks like you might
get six of each so those which i think is really really really good absolutely
love that on to the people of us book this is the love life one so we’ve got a
bit of a sneaky peeky about what we’re gonna be expecting in this one so you’ve
got time is now love life and I think it’s so lovely easier something like
that grace y’all know in today’s digital world there’s
something beautiful about embracing the joy and tactile nature of DIY projects
from bunting to postcards this beautiful book includes paper crafting projects
stickers labels patterned paper and more unleash your creativity today and
rediscover the beauty of paper so all these ones are like perforated so I
think some of these are like different from the notepad so you’ve got quote 1
they’re aligned then that one’s really nice because it’s lines back-to-back see
we could use that one as a letter-writing sheet do what makes you
happy so very similar but slightly different then this is an envelope and
these push out so that I’m gonna double-sided to the inside of the
envelopes decorate as well which is really really cool
got that one with the grain side just slightly different shape so I think with
that on the inside and then it’s just yeah some more kind of note paper or
scrapbook paper whatever you you don’t wanna use them for I’m gonna get some
stickers I’m hoping that foil is showing up I like your face that one’s my
favorite I wish they would just do a whole sheet with that one I’ll just
stick them everywhere around the flap and so yeah those are really pretty I
love this one as well and I’m glad there’s not too many yellow ones for me
personally so that’s good and I do like that they’re backed with
something else however I think it was this one is cut through slightly too
much to actually be able to use this one which is to be disappointing I’m doing
why heart fan so gift box base that pops out as well
if box lid nice size for an engagement ring master here’s again glad not too
many yellow just do our white paper gonna do what the punch boards that you
can get to make these DIY DIY gift box again double-sided this is a DIY paper
rosette he’s like label sticker so these are mapped these are lovely
Juicy’s obviously not the ones that said to and from unless you’ve covered them
with something else but you could using these in your planner some see that one’s a lot better on the
other side so once you finish with the stickers once you finish with the
stickers you could use this as well some heart shape stickers do young thing with
that on the back and I’m guessing this is the funny thing which I don’t know if
I’ll actually use it as bunting or whether I’ll just uses like cards these
are really sweet but the only problem I have with stuff like this is like but
it’s I’ve only got like one of the these lipos car type ones but yellow
ones and then these like large larger ones you’ve got some tags which are
gorgeous for either gifts or in your scrapbooks whatever and for your tax and then we’re going on to time is now I
think see what is quite a graph paper border this is like in pale blues and
stuff which is great if you’ve got a recipient that like below besides it
again with the numbers on some Dottie dreams I hope this is coming up in the
light because I knew the blue is really faint Grey’s lovely I’m not a massive
blue person but it’s not it’s not too much of an offensive blue it’s quite
it’s quite subtle treat box paper fan so they like the fans that’s another fan
you could also like if you were sending any mail to a pimp out in like an a4 and
envelope you could just cut might take one of these out actually give
when do I put it cards again the postcard type ones tags which do have a
bit of foil on then you get some stickers and these numbers aren’t so you
could use these four cards I guess although you don’t have any
zeros which is annoying because you couldn’t used them as a leech
nevermind that’s a nice one to have on the back then you label ones the
scariest moment is always just before you start and then I’m guessing we’re
going into the lovely or so lovely which is kind of purply which I do like as
well oh so lovely that’s what it’s called isn’t it throw some stickers paper is really lovely you do get loads
of products in here to be fair this is an envelope different kind of one again
and below this is a mini gift bag so you’ve got like the holes already
created for you to put like the string game cards cards again and more of the
smaller these are like quote hearts the large tags and this one’s actually got
washi strips and like corner stickers so I guess you could use these as photo
corners so they’re really sweet and then you got two sheets of wrapping paper and
this is the love life frame so you get the stripe on the inside and they kind
of paint – is on the outside and then they oh so lovely so you get the purple
stripes and the grey broke it up so that is that one absolutely love that and I
love that they’ve packed three ranges into this I think it’s great and it’s
also one of the reasons I decided not to go for the sticker book I mean if I had
an infinite amount of money I would have got them but I knew that it will come
the stickers in it anyway okay cute before this video gets to be like 100
years or 100 years long whoa bright yellow so yes this is very much the
definition of cubes and I wish I’d had the original footage because I was like
oh that’s cute yeah rainbows mind trying go through this quite quickly so yeah again like pink and purple that’s where
I live I don’t think I’d be able to give that so anyone cuz cute whoa that’s like
bright but the little below kept I do I give box with pencils on it oops that’s
the only problem with flipping through these something really cute print on the
inside of that thanks a bunch I love a good pun and so they’re the
cards these are the toast cards I bow a nice day but I’m just gonna like frame
that and put that somewhere the a bow is my absolute favorite
in this in this collection the tags but no are bow suite for you there’s only
one Avro sticker I mean why does he unicorn as well right these are really
cute the only color I’m bringing apart from
the yellow which you already know is just this neon orange I don’t know what
you call that it’s like radioactive it’s got Alfa’s in this one which I thought
was fab and you do get you know a few of each letter which is always be shoe
isn’t it this is the bunting again I don’t know if I’d uses of bunting I
probably use this as rogue excuse me the dogs are playing
outside the door I lost them rollerskate and they’ll help hair with the eyelashes
I love it so much but as you can see no our foe what favor
Oh cute stickers and I love these because these are like plastic is
because it says to do and don’t forget important and a lot smaller than I think
they usually are oh there is a second about a sticker I’m just so obsessed
with the other card I’ve not had any avocado for ages and label stickers
again really cute and below paper rosette I think DIY paper cactus so you
can just have a chilling cactus guy like on each shelf DIY paper flag and also
especially the cute range this would be so good if you’d like got kids you’ve
got kids cuz as far as I can tell they’re like really simple DIY paper
mushrooms so you could make them with the children if you have them I of
course will just be on my own for myself it’s a fun one and two they really do
like fun certainly and I believe this is the sweet range which I like I think
it’s sweet it’s just you know of everything he ever did
it’s not like my favor I think but I do like it
I’ll squirrel guys so cute so yeah those envelopes gift box this paper is cute
with the rolling pin and the oven pic so I do have a friend who’s very very good
at baking so that’ll be the furnace I hate has got like or the baking icons succulents and plants I might really
like this one with the kind of stationary items maybe they are cute
little cat oh look there they are their friends aren’t they it’s more
envelope paper with words I do like the reverse again they would be ink and the
paint and stuff and envelope with some bananas on a gift box with this is huh
umm DIY but one yeah these are so cute I think you you sort of make them into a
triangle and they fit on like the corner of your page and then the little guys
stick out your book I think it’s so so awesome
and they’re my treat box with all the cute little guys on it
then you’ve got your stickers you’re cool with a fan on it so much
appreciation for that and labels more stickers DOI paper bow
with some mushrooms on it cards thanks a bunch hope it’s a hoot and there’s an owl
let’s go on an adventure there’s a bear I love it
so those are actual postcards on the other side it’ll take some more paper dog origami DIY paper rosette envelope with brawly’s on some paper
with some looks rooms around the edge the stripes that kind of made my Oh
funny and then you two pieces of wrapping paper which are both from cute
which I know grace was very not happy about so I wonder if she’s over that yet
whoa yeah I don’t really like the inside okay this is really silly and then
that’s lovely so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video and the flip through and if
you made it through until the end give yourselves a pat on the back and I look
that well done and if you did like this video make sure to give me a thumbs up
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my next video I will see you later thanks for watching bye bye

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