Kids Design Tattoos for Their Parents | Kids Draw | Cut

Kids Design Tattoos for Their Parents | Kids Draw | Cut

– Daddy’s getting a tattoo. Are you bleeding yet now? – Man, I’ve been bleeding, bro. Why you gotta say that? (upbeat music) – I agreed to let Celine draw a tattoo and I’ll be getting the tattoo. Whatever she draws. My very first tattoo. – I trust this guy to draw
me a nice tattoo, right? Alright. (laughing) – Whatever you draw today and I get tattooed on me is going to be forever and
ever and ever and ever. – Like all of these, I
can’t erase any of these. – Wow. (laughing) – Are you scared? – I don’t–
– Are you nervous? – I’m nervous. – I just want something
that comes from the heart. – A hotdog. (laughing) – A hotdog, okay. – A flying dragon snake? – Oh.
– That has monster horns. – Oh man. – It has to really look
like a hotdog though ’cause that could potentially
look like something else. – I am drawing Belle. – Belle’s beautiful, right? So you’re gonna make her beautiful? – Yeah. – I see some really long toenails. – [Austin] Like you. (laughing) – If this looks really really
bad and I have to get it on me then when you’re 18 you have to get a tattoo that I draw. – You’re a good drawer though. – The Beast. – The Beast. I didn’t know a Beast was
gonna be on that paper. – You wanna put that on Daddy’s body? (crew laughing) – Yeah.
– For real? – Yeah, I don’t care if it hurts. – Well, I mean, I know but– – Is he like saying “Oh!” He’s got his mouth in like an oh face. – Can I draw a hat on it? – A little hat, sure.
– Okay. – Okay. – Oh. But daddy doesn’t want color tattoos. – It’s okay.
– What? (laughing) – Oh my god, that is so good. – [Desmond’s Mom] That is pretty good. – Yes. Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, the two funny ones.
– What movie is that from? ♫ Beauty and the Beast – Okay, do you wanna hold it up? It’s pretty good.
– Mhmm. – [Austin’s Dad] Where would
you wanna put this tattoo? (laughing) – How about butt cheek? – What? No. (laughing) Arm. – Arm? – So everyone would
see it, my masterpiece. (upbeat music) – Yes! – My mom’s gonna get her first tattoo. – Mhmm. – It’s not so bad. – Yes it is. – I’m ready. – Ooh, here comes the pain. (laughing) – Don’t move. – Don’t cry. – Does it hurt, Daddy?
– Oh man. – Well, how to describe it. – Feels like really strong scratches. – You look like it hurts a lot. – [Mom] Oh yeah? – [Austin] Daddy, when is it gonna bleed? – [Austin’s Dad] What do you mean, man? It doesn’t have to bleed. – I hope you bleed.
– What? (laughing) That’s messed up, man. (upbeat music) – I thought they used a real needle. – It is real needles but they’re small and they’re kinda bunched together. – I thought like needle as in needles for sewing.
– Oh. Oh, like a sewing needle. – You look cute when your nose is sweaty. – Oh, thank you. (laughing) – How many times did you
stab my mom with the needle? – [Tattoo Artist] It’s about
500 every five seconds. – [Desmond] Wow. – [Desmond’s Mom] Oh yeah, okay. So you can see it coming in and out. Did you see that? – Oh. – He has a needle stabbed in his arm. (imitating loud slashing) – Wow. – [Desmond’s Mom] That’s
’cause he’s coloring in now. – I’m so glad you didn’t
put color in it, Celine. Don’t move. – What do you think about those colors? – Good.
– Good? – Yeah.
– Cool, alright. Good. – [Austin’s Dad] My first color tattoo. – The fire! – Huh! Almost done! (roaring) – [Tattoo Artist] All done. (hooting) All done. – Done done done. – Watcha think, baby?
– Good. (laughing) – It’s a masterpiece.
– It is a masterpiece. (cheering)
(laughing) – It looks pretty good. (grunting) – Scary, I thought it was gonna bleed. – [Desmond’s Mom] It didn’t
really, not too much. – [Desmond] It is bloody. Eww eww, that’s a lot. – You are lookin’ at my creation that I made on my mom. – N–
– Yes. – No. (laughing) – Yes. – You got me there for a second. – Thank you so much for watching our video before you go, please subscribe to our channel and check out a link in the bio where you can buy your very own merch.

100 thoughts on “Kids Design Tattoos for Their Parents | Kids Draw | Cut

  1. Mom : It Has To Really Look Like A Hot Dog Though, Cause… That Could Potentially Look Like Something Else…
    Me : oH hO hO hO–

  2. Dad: You want to put that on daddy’s body?
    Kid: Yah
    Dad: for real?
    Kid: yah I don't care if if hurts!!!

    I'm dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. My favorite parts

    Mom: I want something that comes from the heart

    Kid: Like a hot dog 🌭 😃

    Dad: where do you want it

    Kid: * puts drawing on face*

    Kid: Daddy when is it going to bleed?

    Dad: WDYM man??! It doesn’t have to bleed

    Kid: I hope it bleeds

    Dad: WHAT!!!?!??!?

  4. I don't know parents, if you possibly regret for those tattoos…..
    Temporary tattoos would have been a good idea though…..

  5. I’ll be your vsco girl,
    So let’s get rid of plastic straws,
    Save all the turtles,
    I’ll let you borrow my,
    Chapstick and scrunchies,
    We’ll live inside a trampoline,
    Say and I oop,
    And we will be queens,
    Get rid of E-girls,
    Then end soft girls,
    Then drink their blood,
    From our hydro flasks,

    Weird flex but ok

  6. "I see some..Uh..Really long tonails… "
    "Like you"
    Damn, this kid just out here roasting his dad who basically made him

  7. Can’t wait till kids are 17 and forget about then see it again and be like I ruins my moms life🤣❤️🌈

  8. i've said it before and imma say it again, i absolutely LOVE the dragon and the hot dog dude, i'd 100% get those if my kid made them

  9. I let my son design an entire sleeve, dedicated to him.. and I love it. Although, he didn't draw it… just told me what he wanted.. Its almost finished. We started years ago. Going to finish it soon.. (he is almost 18)

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