Kids Describe A Perfect World to Koji the Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

Kids Describe A Perfect World to Koji the Illustrator | Kids Describe | HiHo Kids

– Do kids ever get cavities in this perfect world? – No. – Do you have to brush
your teeth in this world? – No. (laughs) – No. Nice, I like this world. (playful music) Hi Brooklyn, how are you? – Good, how are you? – I’m good. – Hi Kaji. – Hi Austin. How’ve you been, what have you been up to? – Ah, nothing. – Do you know, do you
wanna guess what we’re gonna draw? – No thanks. (laughs)
– Okay. I’ll just tell you then. We’re gonna draw, your
idea of a perfect world. We can either do like this world. But like, if it were
perfect, or we can do like, crystal world. – Crystal world! – Anything come to mind? When you think of the perfect world? – The sun is pizza. – Everyone floats around in bubbles. – I would get rid of… Mosquitoes. – Mosquitoes? I would too, yeah okay. We can have a sign that
says, no mosquitoes. – Yeah.
– No mosquitoes allowed. Okay, so the sun’s up
in the sky kind of, and it’s a piece of pizza. Oh yeah, is it like a pie, like a circle? Or is it like a piece of
pizza, like a triangle? – Triangle. – Okay so it’s a slice of pizza? Is it shaped like a sphere, or is it? – Shaped as a castle. – As a castle?
Okay. So…
– No wait, a unicorn. – Ah, okay so–
– And then there would also be fairy planets. And there would be a human
planet and there would be a mermaid planet. – Okay we might be here for a while. What would people be doing in the bubbles? – The normal, looking at their phones. – Okay. – The bubbles just take
them where they wanna go. – Okay, so here I’ll
make somebody kinda just, looking at their phone. Any other thoughts on
something you’d like in your perfect world? – My mom and dad would always be with me. – Oh, okay that’s nice. Are there people or plants that live on Unicorn Planet? – On this place, there are people and unicorn on Unicorn Planet. – There’s unicorns on Unicorn Planet? – And people. – Oh and people, and do they live in um– – Harmony. – In harmony? – In my favorite, perfect
world, animals can, talk to humans. – If you could talk to
an animal, what animal would you wanna talk with? – A giraffe. – Are giraffes your favorite animal? – No. – What’s your favorite animal? – Actually, it is giraffes. – Okay. (tapping) (tapping) So down below the sun,
what’s going on there in Austin’s perfect world? – The ground is slime. – Wen you’re walking
around in it, do you sink into it, or is sticky and it kinda sticks to your feet? – It’s sticky and it sticks to your feet. – Okay so we can make somebody walking. – [Austin] And it makes a fart sound. – And makes a fart sound, okay. (raspberry) – What kind of buildings do they live in? – They live in unicorn shaped buildings. (laughs) – You just wanna keep
making me draw unicorns. Okay so in this perfect
world, how do people exchange goods, or trade, is there money, or is there… – They just kinda trade. And people are just really generous and they give. – Everything’s free there. – Everything’s free? – U-huh. – Do people just trade
stuff, with each other? – Stuff falls from the sky. – What would you wanna
see fall from the sky? – Pet snake. – A pet snake, okay. So it’s raining snakes. Just to be clear, this
is your perfect world? Okay.
– Yeah. – Do people get sick in a perfect world? – Only if they be bad. – So there also bad
people in a perfect world? – Only if they’re sick. – People are also made
out of cans and bottles. – Cans and bottles? – Yes. – And, can you explain
to me why in your perfect world, people are made
out of cans and bottles? (giggles) Cause’ when something hits them, it doesn’t hurt. – Okay. Do you kids go to school,
on Mermaid Island? – No. – Do kids go to school
in this perfect world? – Yes. – Yeah? – Wait a second. Only two days a week. – Two days a week? – Yeah–
– that seems reasonable. – The weekends… 10 days a week. – 10 days a week, weekend? – Yeah. – Where do people live
in this perfect world? – They live inside, trash cans. Wait, wait, wait not in
a trash can, in a cave. – In a cave? – Yes. – Is the cave also made out of slime or is it like a– – Made out of rock. Made out of rock?
– I mean tape, tape, tape. – Out of what? – Tape. – Tape?
– Yes. – Do we make up new weekend days? Or do we just go over?
– We make up new weekend days. – Okay, so on a calendar it would say, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then what would it say? – Chocolate day and Star day.
– Okay. – And no go to school day. Nice day, Clay day. – Clay day. On Clay day, do yo play with clay? – Yeah. – Is there like a ruler
or a government in this dream world? – Yes, a ruler. – Like a king? – Um, no it’s like a god. – Like a god, okay and who’s that? – A monster. – What’s his name? – Goddess. – Is it a lady then? – No. – No? – No. – And what does he look like? – Lion. – So a lion, like a lion head? – Yes. – Okay, a lion head. – His body is made out of a python snake. – What do you think the name of this, bubble world is? – Bubbletopia. – Bubbletopia. Would you go visit Bubbletopia? – Yeah. – Yeah I would too. Clara, what’s the name
of this perfect world? – Clara’s Dream World. – Clara’s Dream World? How do you get there? – Go across one desert,
drive across a lake. Over three mountains then you’re there. – Okay, can anyone come visit Clara’s Dream World? – Yes. – Do people die on Unicorn Planet? – No, but if you’re being
very bad on purpose, you get 10 tries, and if
you be bad on purpose, doing all, you appear
back where you came from. – Oh, so you can get deported from Unicorn Planet then. – If you be bad on purpose. – Oh okay, that’s pretty fair, that’s pretty generous.
– Ten. – You give them 10 tries? – Yeah. – Do people ever die
in this perfect world? – No. – No? – They live forever. And you never become old, in this world. – So how old are, how old is everybody in this world then? – They can only go up into… 21. – 21? – Yes. – 21 and below. Do they card at the entry? – Huh? – This is my perfect
world, the weekends are 10 days long. – Everyone floats in them. And this is a house bubble, and there’s a bubble with a bunny, you have it in there? – Weekend, weekend, weekend, weekend. – This is my perfect world! It’s a perfect world for snakes. – Weekend, weekend, weekend and weekend, and weekend. – In my perfect world there’s no money, there’s no being bad,
and if you be very, very, very, very, infinity very bad, 10 times, you vanish to go back where you came from. (chuckles)
– Thank you! – Thank you, that was
fun, high five on it? (imitates laser gun)
(slap) – I’m taking this home now. (laughs)

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  1. Are there sick people in this perfect world?

    Only if they are bad!

    So there are bad people in this perfect world?

    only if they are sick!

  2. My perfect world would be were evryone goes to church and prays before eating and before bed and everyone follows bible

  3. id have him draw two men getting married on trumps grave, equality for everyone, and a cure to cancer, aids, etc. no starving or mistreated children and animals, and a better school system. also a lot of stephen king books and harry potter. and mostly rainy, gray, cold days

  4. ok I put these videos on in the background while I draw, and when I heard "what would they do in the bubbles?" I thought

  5. “Perfect world” No plution No Plastic in oceans/rivers No Destroying Forest Everyone is peaceful – No Criminals/Drug deals- -And every one is Happy/Healthy-!

  6. “Make the perfect world”
    Me: just draw me on a dragon as one of the dragon riders flying over dragons edge

    Only httyd fans will understand

  7. When Koji asks "who would be in this perfect world?", I thought Austin would say "only me and Austina".. 😂😂

    My Perfect Video is THIS….🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️

  8. I like Clara's DreamTopia. I, as a teenager, am willing to love there. And cross all the mountains and deserts and lakes to get there.

  9. "So do paople get sick in this world?"
    "Only if they're bad."
    "So there are still bad people in a perfect world? "
    "Only if they're sick."
    Wich came first, the sickness or the badness? A circle has no beginning.

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