Kid Designs a Wild Hairstyle for Her Dad | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

Kid Designs a Wild Hairstyle for Her Dad | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

– Alright are you ready? – Yeah, and paint his hair! (Michael exhales) (lighthearted music) My name’s Olivia, and this is my daddy, and I’m gonna do his hair today. – Not really. She’s a big daddy’s girl, so I know she won’t have
me looking too crazy. – Yeah. Whoa. – Ooh. (upbeat music) – That looks, um… – Now, let’s do some color. – No, no, no, no. You’re not gonna actually
color it on my face, you’re gonna color it on the paper. (upbeat music) – [Michael] So, black on the sides and then green on the top? – Yeah. – Okay. – I wanna do like, the waves,
and then a little moon. The moon’s going down and
then the sun comes out. – Okay. – Oh yeah, I’m gonna do that. – [Michael] To my eyebrows? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – This is all I’m gonna
do to my dad’s hair. – I’m feeling, uh, a little different. – Can I cut your hair right now? (fast electronic music) – Okay. – Do you trust me with scissors? – Um… – Do you trust me? – Uh… (fast electronic music) – What are we gonna do today? – We’re taking this off. – And you’re gonna go striped. – How is your job going to feel about you new hair designs? – I meet with a lot of professionals, so it’ll be interesting to
see what they think of it. I’m sure they’ll–
– They’re gonna feel good find some humor in it. – Are you excited? – I’m very excited. (giggles) – Don’t hurt your hair, don’t. – Yeah, I don’t want to hurt my hair. (laughs) – Let’s do this! Daddy, you look cool! (razor buzzing) – Ah, perfect! – He looks like a handsome man. – No. Now we gonna make it green. (giggles evilly) Daddy, I got neon green! – It’s bright. – Whoa. He has blond hair. (giggles) – Alright, I’m gonna put a chemical in it so you can’t touch it anymore. – [Olivia] I don’t want it
to take away my skin color. – I don’t think that’s gonna happen. – Yeah, that won’t happen. Guys, this is really cool. (giggles) I think we should put
dark green for his beard. – Dark green on the beard and light green for the hair? – Yeah. – Alright, are you ready? – Yeah, and paint his hair! – Okay, that’s good, yes, that’s good. – So, how I do it really
quick is I instead paint. – Oh, that’s the fast technique. – It’s really (paint sound effects). – I’m gonna go get some dark green, I’ll be right back. – I’m coming with you. – Let’s get this. – Oh, that’s a little too
big for the face hair. – Oh, yeah. This one. There we go, perfect! – Now, let’s just do this
little part right here. – I want you to do it. – Okay, I’ll do it. – Whoa. You should stay like
that for a hundred years. You look cool. – A hundred years?
– Yeah. (razor buzzing) – Oh, I want to try. – Oh, okay, come on over here. – Uh…
– That’s great – I do still have a job. (laughter) – For now. – How are you feeling about these stripes in your eyebrows? (laughs nervously) – Do you want me to do this better or do you want me to let her go near– – Maybe.
– I wanna do it! – Can I hold your arm? – Please. – Okay, I’m gonna hold your arm and we’re just gonna go right up to there. (mysterious string music) – Oh, he’s looking perfect right now! (laughs nervously) (laughs) – Alright, Olivia, we
have to do some designs. (laughter) (razor buzzing) – You can’t hold onto this. – Yeah, you can’t touch the chair. ‘Cause my hair depends on it. (razor buzzing) – Yeah, that’s a good moon! I made him good. Here’s gonna be the sun. – How’s the sun looking so far? – Hmm… Perfect. – Okay. – [Olivia] Dad, what are you looking at? – At the people staring at me walking by. – Daddy, look! (laughs nervously) – How do you look? – Um, yeah. Oh… okay. Tomorrow might be a work from home day. – [Casey] Olivia, what do you think? – I’m feeling really good. Dad, I think you hair looks really cool. The green part is my most favorite because it’s an alien green. Hey, guys, look at my dad! He looks new and cool! (giggles) – You see? – Absolutely. Work is gonna be a lot of explaining. I’ll just tell them how awesome my daughter designed my hair, and it’s amazing. – Time to post. (upbeat electronic music) (cheering) – So, what’s a good hair dye?

100 thoughts on “Kid Designs a Wild Hairstyle for Her Dad | Kids Design | HiHo Kids

  1. After laughing my butt off and hearing the explanation . . . I think I would be impressed at his commitment to his family and award him the contract. I may be in the minority, but I would count this as the perfect ice-breaker to awarding a major contract. If he pays that much attention to his family, I would expect he would pay as much attention to the work project. Well done sir!

  2. There are amezing Daddies out there, but this dad is the most kindhearted,humble dad. May God bless you and your family.

  3. I honestly love the hair -the sun. Lol but I hope he already dyed his facial hair back or cut it lol it's a weird cut choice also

  4. Just shove the beard completely dye your hair green and shave the sides of your head so the top stays the same

  5. my man here look like he's about to start crying. He did it for his little girl how cute♥️😂 I would have got a beating.

  6. Why is he giving so much of uncle phil vibes 😂.
    That i-don't-like-it-but-i-can't-say-anything-right-now laugh 😂

  7. That's sum bull bull she could have done a better job she needs to not touch non-white hair ever again. I find this kind of offencive, if you have no idea how to deal with someone's textured hair…….. DON'T TOUCH IT!!!!!!!!! You need to enlist somebody that knows how to deal with textured hair.

  8. That's right Olivia! "I don't want it to take away my skin color!" Yes!!! Beautiful rich brown. Her opening lit me up and her design was on point …but the stylist destroyed it. 🙁

  9. Sun should have been on the other side. I love how she absolutely loves her dad…he didn't tell any tall tales when he said she's a daddy's girl. lol Nice!

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