Khurooj against Rulers – Making Candidates – Maulana Ishaq (Press cc for subtitles)

Khurooj against Rulers – Making Candidates – Maulana Ishaq (Press cc for subtitles)

this period of specially todays Day Because an agreement has come and the agreement maybe Nation has given a very big sacrifice and they are expecting somehow we get free from these rulers True So some people say that going against these (rulers) is Jihad some people say that, Beware if you go against them So they give the reference of a hadith of Bukhari and from that you guys will be criminals and you will gone against the Prophet pbuh and he has forbidden this and the brother has brought a book on this issue in the form of a question i will give you the text Please read the Hadith as well in Bukhari Its written that ” After me certain Imams, Amir, Hakims etc will come, who will not take my advice nor will they take the sunnah from my sunnah From them will be such people, whose hearts will be like the hearts of devils. that will be fitted into human bodies Syeda Hudhayfah Bin Yaman R.A mentions that I said, in that time, what should I do If I am alive in those horrid times The Prophet sallallahualaihiwasallam said, You listen to the ruler and you keep accepting it If a Oppressive ruler hits your back and seizes your wealth do not stop following him Infact, LISTEN and ACCEPT The matter is that Now there are some foolish people, who do not want that the Deen should dominate Otherwise there is no eye that is not sorrow no heart that is not sad they cannot talk, these people say all the people are with us That will only be clear after there is freedom When they are oppressed There are Jails, and punishment and all agencies all are forced to vote This is why, what shuold we say they are pressurised. The issue has been reported very wrongly the situation has changed We should make dua to Allah But the issue has become so bad that from the very beginning the idea was forced that, If an oppressor sits ( on the throne ) If an oppressor sits ( on the throne ) even if by force then he is a RULER. After that if any one opposes him, then he is destined to the hellfire and the ruler can do as he like steal wealth, beat people he is correct. Such Hadiths are there, and from this they support their false agendas When a person comes to giving his opinion he finds some ayat supporting his idea So the real matter is that, One is a ruler, that we have chosen by our free will At the time of election, he was a wali, god fearing person there was no force there was no pressure by him we chose him out of happiness But he is a human being, But he is a human being, Shaitan made him go astray But he didnt leave the Kalemah but he started oppressing beating people started snatching wealth like came in the Hadith. In such a situation Do not be impatient and without thinking do not go against him You have to try very hard that the situation becomes better. Because at the time of his appointment he was appointed on merit and he was a good person Listen to what I say, the person who is not ELECTED who sat by force( on the throne ) even if he is Abu Bakr as Siddiq in the view of Islam, his rule is not accepted. Neither is he a Khalifa Neither are we ordered to listen to him those who listen to him, and obey him are Jahannami ( destined for Hell) These hadiths are about those, who at the time of election were good, and they earned it, but later on,
some bad things came in their characted This is Okay If the situation has not crossed limites But if it crosses limits, then we do not even have to bare him. but to a big extent, we should try and be patient. This Announcement by Hadhrat Umar r.a. should be delivered to the court also that he has announced in his khutbah that he has announced in his khutbah that he has announced in his khutbah (this is in bukhari) that in his lifetime after he had done his last Hajj so some people raised an issue after the Prophet sallallahualaihiwasallam, which counsel was made Hadrat Umar had held the hand of Hadhrat Abu Bakr and made him Khaleefah Had any consensus happened there? The same way, after he (Umar) dies we will hold the hand of Talha and make him khaleefah Umar said ” O, you have already started conspiring so he ( Umar ) said that he
will give a sermon here in Arafat So, some well learned, intelligent people said to him there are all kinds of people here ( at makkah ) farmers, illiterates, bedoins What will these people understand deep stuff You go to Madeena and give this sermon So Hadhrat Ibn Abbas says that he went and sat next to the pulpit and said Today there is going to be a very Important Sermon a big sermon in which the matter of Rajam will be solved and other things So Hadhrat Umar said over there Certain people are saying that Abu Bakr bayat was done unjust Nobody was consulted only few people were present Umar said, I myself accept this and I will not make excuses for it that the bayat of Abu Bakr was done suddenly a consultation could not be done. It was done in the midst of chaos but thank god, after the the Ummah accepted this and there was no chaos accepted this and there was no chaos Alhamdulillah Or else, if they had not accepted, what chaos would have happened. Together with this, Umar said is there a person like Abu Bakr amongst you? towards him everybody looks up and respects and accept him to be the leader of the ummah Is there anybody else like him? and with this Umar also made the announcement that, After this, if anybody becomes the khalifah without consulting the muslims, then slay the heads of the one that takes the
bay3ah and the ones that give the bay3ah Nobody has the right to do this with the muslims. and seize their rights and makes decision by his own desires. People have swallowed this portion of the Hadith of Bukhari I say this that there are lots of hadith
on this matter about listening to the ruler but husband should be the one whose nikah has been done the one who has stolen someones wife and after that he quotes hadith about following the husband, when he is not the husband in the first place what following are you talking about? The leader of the Ummah should be chosen A ruler in Islam, is the one, that is chosen by Free people and out of their free will But infact listen to this, If a person say that make me ruler, these Candidacy that has been invented this is against the Deen of Islam The kuffar have invented this Candidacy In Islam, the one who says, choose me that is enough to not choose him A person who says this cannot be chosen and he will be rejected Nobody can stand up as a candidate in Islam The Prophet sallalahualaihi wasallam said that if a person knew that he is goign to
place himself in a very difficult position, under the blade of a knife he has to carry the burden of the Ummah then a person would run away from such an obligation and
tell people to excuse him from such a trial The one who runs around asking for the votes of
people, in itself is indication that he is dishonest and he is power hungry he can only see the fruits of the job and does
not care about that he has to give any account It was told to a wali like Abu Dhar, that you are looking weak This democracy is by the kuffar that they say ask for votes and go to every house become candidates People do not see, that after this candidate is spending Millions he has to make up that money first The system has been developed in such a way
that a person cannot stay honest is a person stupid that he has spent millions
and he will just let it go afterwards Till this issue does not get solved and there are no candidates and nobody asks for votes Infact the people should go to the house of those that
they think are worth and knock on his door and say that you are a Kind man and you should be our Khaleefah and we will see to it that you are made Khaleefah Only after this will the world run smooth

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  1. Yea its not completely translated because I could not understand the urdu, if you can write for me the transcript of those segments, i can translate inshaAllah

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