Kerf Bending Plywood – DIY Ottoman Table Build

Kerf Bending Plywood – DIY Ottoman Table Build

The problem: Ottomans take up space, no room for coffee table. Ripping 16″ section off birch plywood panel. Marking the center to find where the corners will be. Seven kerfs spaced 1/4″ apart. Raising blade to leave just 1/8″ of material. Scariest part! Running the plywood to cut the kerf. Phew! Cutting the rest of the kerfs. Test bend. Set depth of circular saw to almost bite through. Plunge cut. These create space for hidden splines. Test bend. Scrap hardwood ripped to fit in the circular saw kerf. Cutting out splines. Ready for the glue up! Apply a lot of glue! Clamp and check for square. Insert splines and let dry for a few days. Old desk leg, apply adhesive and sandpaper. Perfect for cleaning up the inside curves. Fill any left over voids. Sand smooth. Not bad! Placing together leaves a void. Let’s fix it! Marking so it will be flush with the flat surfaces. Cut out on the bandsaw. Round edges on disc sander. Creating the center strip. Setting blade to cut 15° Slicing one side. Flip and slice other side. I went as far as needed, killed the table saw and took out the piece rather than run it entirely through unsafely. That’ll do. Marking out the profile for a lap joint. Cutting out on the bandsaw. Gluing in place. Apply polyurethane. Line inside with a slippery material. Trim flush with razor blade. It fits! This one fits too! Move two together to add the flush insert. Glamor shots.

100 thoughts on “Kerf Bending Plywood – DIY Ottoman Table Build

  1. Loved all of this except that tiny joiner bit which just seemed to make it odd. Def something i'll be making though, i also have 2 really large ottos and no coffee table :/

  2. what an awesome idea. I'd have made them slightly taller than the cushions so that they were the same exact height and fit the bridge a little more flush, but it still amazing 😀 x

  3. I admit that, at first, I was going to give this a "Thumbs Down" because this is supposed to TEACH us how a project like this is done, why, and details such as wood used, tools, dimensions, how to determine the spacing and lateral width of kerfs, so on. Just imagine if your Algebra teacher simply scribbled equations on a board and never said a word. By almost all means that teacher wouldn't be teaching for very long.

    Fortunately, this project isn't exactly algebra and while your silence can be overcome, would it really have killed you to help us, especially those who've never done this before? So, in the end I was able to "study" your video enough to get a fairly good understanding of the technique. But it'd have been SO much better if you chimed in once in a while (Such as explaining, ahead of time, what the cross-cuts were for. Until you showed they strengthen the bend using some "joint thingies" (I still don't know WHAT they are called) and only then did it make sense.) So in the end, thanks for showing us this project. No thumbs down, but no thumbs up either. Sorry 'bout that…

  4. Neat, but couldn't you do something to smooth out the bend? You can kinda see the lines and I would like to eliminate that.

  5. nice, i like it, but still trying to figure out the purpose of that insert between two tables…

  6. I really loved the minimalist editing! Anyone with a heavy accent should learn how you did this instead. Not a single word, not even written, yet the good editing shines through. Easy to follow and neat technique.

    The end product is quite gay though. What do you do with that middle piece when you separate both halves?

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  8. I just wish you would talk I hate video without talking. You're obviously a skilled joiner but hearing your voice and actually listening to your tips would have got me to subscribe.

  9. 6:41
    The noise with this speed-up makes me giggle.
    I'm given this image in my head of a small animal scampering around.

    Man this project looks so cool and relatively easy enough for the likes of a college student to build. Thanks for the idea, dude.

  10. I really like the artistic style of making a silent video without narration. It was very clear, precise measurements, all the tools required and more. Great work!

  11. Love it, great work!! How stable is the table? Could you use it as a seat as well? Or make a seat with this bending technique? Cheers!

  12. Absolutely amazing, first time I’ve seen this technique on a YouTube video, thank you. PS excellent production quality, thank you for not putting stupid music in the video, but please speak a little. Even some slight explanation could help your viewers understanding exponentially. Definitely impressed though, and subscribing.

  13. I am busy looking for applause emojis as well as tipping my hat off to you for your skills. I have to attempt this! Thanks for making it happen

  14. You have either left out some key steps or you are using a special plywood (it looks like 1/2 inch Baltic in the photo) because this is impossible with more than twice the number of kerfs in 3" space. So, what is it?

  15. This is brilliant. Craftsmanshio and no waffle.

    Your video of this technique has helped me with my DIY pedalboard. Thank you.

  16. I totally dig the ottomans but don’t see the need for the little insert piece, I just feel like it would fall between or eventually get lost. Also I don’t understand the need for the dry erase stuff. Is it just so it glides over the fabric better?

  17. This doesn’t even look like a self made piece of furniture ( except the thing in between the two ). If I saw this anywhere for 50-100 I wouldn’t even think about not buying it because it’s such a bargain. Very nice work and the self adhesive film took it to a whole different level

  18. The ottomans killed more people than the nazis. Imagine selling a "nazi footstool" at the local IKEA. We need a new name for a small chair or table.

  19. i think i'm gonna go to a college for woodworking, this shiz is just so satisfying and fulfilling, thank you for this awesome video

  20. Hi!

    I have a small question for you, is there a rule mixing the pitch of the cut, the thickness of the plywood and the radius that the wish to give to the panel?

    Thank you in advance,


  21. USE A PUSH BLOCK! it really makes me cringe when I see somone using their fingers instead of a 'push block' to run small stock through the table saw. Cut off fingers can happen in literally an instant, and that will totally ruin your project. Something like this, Or even something simple will do.

  22. Great work, minimalistically (and well) presented. However, I quite feared for your fingers a couple of times.

  23. Awesome work but could have just put them side to side by orienting them 90% then wouldn’t have to worry about having the piece of wood around the living room. Just a thought.

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