Kenshi Story Pt 9 | Kenshi Narrative Series | The West and the East | The Chronicles of Rook

Kenshi Story Pt 9 | Kenshi Narrative Series | The West and the East | The Chronicles of Rook

Hey guys, this is Eric with Pixel Rookie and
welcome back to episode 9 of the Chronicles of Rook. Because of the huge support and high influx
of fan art I’ve been receiving, I am going to save my showcase of everyone’s work until
the end of this video. I also wanted to announce some exciting news. We now have Chronicles of Rook merch. I asked our amazing artist, Celebrimbor to
help me with a design and he really knocked it out of the park. Now you can show your love of the series by
picking up one of these awesome shirts in a variety of styles and colors or you can
even get it as a poster. The shirts are super comfy and I would highly
recommend one of these based on my totally unbiased opinion. You can find the style of your choice below
this video or click on the link in the description below. Anyways, back to the show. Last episode, Rook ventured into the mysterious
and dangerous ashlands. While he found some nice loot, he lost his
precious falling sun in the process. At the end of the episode, Rook’s greed
caused him to lose his entire left arm from a security spider that stopped him from picking
a lock in an ancient building. Will Rook and Wonsnot be able to escape? Rook was fading in and out of consciousness. He finally came to and realized he was stripped
out of the holy nation armor he was previously wearing and he was resting comfortably in
a bed. He still felt a jolt of pain running through
where his left arm used to be. It was a strange sensation feeling the phantom
of a limb that no longer existed. But… what happened? His memory started coming back – he remembered
running away, hot acid rain pouring over his body and feeling panicked. Wonsnot was ahead screaming at him to keep
focused on him while they ran. That’s when things went dark. He must’ve passed out from the blood loss
them. He was lucky to have his friend, Wonsnot,
with him. He must’ve carried Rook back to New Raleigh
and tended to his wounds there. Rook would have to thank him for saving his
life when he bumped into him again. He was happy that they stripped off the heavy
armor he was wearing – that whole idea of training his strength that way was a fooling
decision in the first place. He felt well rested now and was able to get
back up. Rook remembered something from long ago that
would come in handy now. Back when he captured the cannibal grand wizard,
he remembered that he had found a masterwork skeleton arm from their capital and he kept
it in storage ever since. There it was in the chest, waiting for him
all this time. Rook studied it for a minute until he finally
attached it to where his real arm used to be. The masterwork limb gripped onto his shoulder
and forced the connection of nerves to the wiring. The pain was immeasurable for a few seconds
and then subsided once the automatic connection finished. Just like that, Rook was fully functional
again with his newly equipped skeleton arm. It felt… different but it was fully functional. He’d just need a little bit of time getting
used to it. Now that he took care of that issue, he wanted
to get dressed. He found his old outfit tucked away in the
other building and he suited back up. It felt good being back in his old clothes. He thought the skeleton arm was a pretty good
look for him too. He found Wonsnot and thanked him for saving
his life – Wonsnot’s response was that Rook saved his life first from miserable slavery
– they could consider themselves even now. They both laughed as they left the gates of
New Raleigh prepared for another expedition. This time, they were heading west where some
ruins were marked off on an island off the coast. They arrived in no time and they began to
make their way into the water and swim to their destination. The were very… unpleasantly surprised when
they dipped in and realized the shore was all acid. They both yelped in pain as then scurried
back to shore. Rook saw that a little further out, the ocean
turned back to regular water so he told Wonsnot to wait at the shore while he made the painful
swim across. It was an unpleasant swim but he easily made
it to the regular water and kept heading to the ruins. Wonsnot wanted to play it safe and crept up
to some high ground where he could remain hidden with a good vantage point. Rook made it to the abandoned ruins and found
some chests. Inside one, he found a masterwork skeleton
leg that might be useful in the future. He stuffed it into his bag and kept exploring. He found another locked box and inside were
some very valuable engineering research documents. This could advance their technology significantly
back home. He stuffed them and other valuables into his
bag until he couldn’t carry anymore. Nothing else of interest was over there so
Rook man a quick swim back to Wonsnot. The two men sat down and looked over their
map for other nearby points of interest. Wonsnot asked what all of the gray surrounding
the city of Mongrel was and said he would like to explore that area. Rook was much stronger than his past self
that explored the fog islands solo and he thought it would be a good place to help train
Wonsnot so they set their destination for Mongrel next. It’s been a long time, but Rook finally
returned to the dangerous foggy valley. The two men felt anxious as their vision slowly
closed in from the thickening fog surrounding them. Suddenly, Rook stopped Wonsnot – a silhouette
through the mist was ahead of them. They got ready to attack the fogman. Alone, these creatures were weak. They took it out without any issue. But in large groups, these things were quite
dangerous and the two men just attracted a whole group of them. They got back to back and stayed close together
while fending the mindless fogmen off. Rook was much more prepared this time and
having Wonsnot at his side made things much easier. It took some time but they cleared out the
entire camp. They wanted to play it safe so they made their
way to Mongrel to heal up. On their way back, they encountered another
group. But these weren’t the scrawny weak fogmen
that Rook was used to, these were Fog Heavies – which were much stronger than their regular
counterparts. They were holding their own against them – that
was until a full group of normal fogmen diverged onto the two men. Rook knew that this was too much for them
and yelled out to Wonsnot to fall back. He started limping his way back to Mongrel
but more fogmen were trying to prevent him from leaving in one piece. Rook yelled out, provoking the fogmen to attack
him instead – he hoped this would buy Wonsnot enough time to escape safely. He held them long enough and retreated himself. He caught up to Wonsnot and carried him back
to Mongrel. He sighed with relief as they made it through
the city’s gate in one piece. He found the closest bar with available beds
and paid for the two of them to rest. Wonsnot was mostly healed and as he woke up,
he spotted an interesting looking man from afar. Wonsnot caught up to the man and began to
speak with him. The old man was barely able to stand and looked
severely annoyed with Wonsnot speaking to him. The only logical thing Wonsnot knew what to
do was to berate him with back to back questions. The only logical thing to do now was to continually
badger him to join their cause and go back with them to New Raleigh. After enough pestering, the man got fed up
and decided to join their party. Like all members of Rook’s cause, he found
his way to the Shinobi Thieves guild and spoke with the plastic surgeon. Before becoming a member of New Raleigh, he
was almost crippled and went by the name Crumblejon. But after joining the men, his name was changed
to my good buddy, Ryan and he felt 30 years younger… and looked it too. He went to the other men and they gave him
a new weapon that he could actually wield… and a much nicer fragmented axe per his request
Now that they had a new recruit, they decided it was time to leave the fog lands and return
home. As they were leaving, Wonsnot was approached
by another man who had a desperate look in his eyes. He confessed that he was an escaped slave
from the Holy Nation and was almost killed during his getaway. Wonsnot smiled and told him that he was in
luck, he couldn’t have run into a better group of men and offered him to join them. He simply went by the name, Purple, after
my friend Purple Cucumber from my discord server. With a stroke of luck, they recruited a second
man to Rook’s cause. They grouped up and continued moving south. That was until they got jumped by another
group of fogmen. Normal men like Ryan and Purple that weren’t
trained were very vulnerable to a group of these things – Rook and Wonsnot tried their
best to protect them. Purple was knocked out and one of the fogmen
picked him up to carry him away. Rook was trying to get them to focus on him
while Wonsnot went to rescue Purple. Both Ryan and Purple were knocked unconscious
but Rook and Wonsnot managed to kill off the remaining fogmen. After healing up, Ryan awoke and they decided
to carry Purple back to Mongrel to recover and try again once everyone is back in good
shape. Once they returned to the city, a strange
hiver approached Ryan as he was heading to the bar to rest up. The hiver kept shouting “beep”. After a brief conversation, this hiver explained
how he wanted to become a powerful warrior but was banished for being worthless. Ryan only knew Rook for a short period of
time but he knew misfits and people looking to better themselves were exactly who Rook
was recruiting and offered the hiver to join their squad. Ryan continued to the bar and both men began
resting up. The hiver went by the name, Beep… go figure…
but like all that join Rook, he saw the plastic surgeon and changed his name to Awengerr – after
my discord member. Now before everyone comments about why I changed
Beep’s name. Keep in mind that I didn’t know about the
Kenshi subreddit’s weird fascination and memes about Beep when I played through this. Sorry not sorry. But please keep watching my videos I’m desperate
for views. Anyways, Awengerr went to the bar and met
the other men. Rook woke up from his slumber and welcomed
him to the group before laying back down. They had a long trip ahead of them after all. That night, the men were prepared to finally
try and leave the fog lands. Rook never expected to recruit three new men
in the span of a day and he knew that it can be challenging to travel with three fresh
recruits. They tried to take high ground outside of
the fog and got by without encountering any fogmen. In fact, they only ran into one encounter
of starving bandits that they were able to take out in no time. This even gave the recruits a chance to hone
their combat skills. And just like that, they arrived at the gates
of New Raleigh. Hey get outta here! Rook gathered everyone in New Raleigh together
and they took some time getting to know each other a little more. During their time breaking bread with one
another, Rook kept Wonsnot, Mack, and Purple with him as adventurers and tasked out jobs
for the rest of the men to tend to their home while they went on their next expedition. This time, they would travel east again and
see what this landmark on his map was – Tengu’s Vault. It most certainly sounded promising. Rook wanted to take everyone with him but
he knew that too many untrained men in the group would be too overwhelming. He would continue taking them in smaller groups
and help train them while they explored the land. The men were passing through the Deadlands
again and Rook felt a bit of PTSD while hot acid rain fell on them. They discovered a nearby location called the
scraphouse right outside of the Black Desert City – it sounded like an interesting detour
so they set that location as a quick checkpoint. They realized a city that constantly had acid
rain pouring on it was not really great place for humans – and the Black Desert City had
none. It was habited only by skeletons but they
stopped at the bar to get out of the burning rain for a bit. This is when Rook saw a lone skeleton sitting
at a table – it felt like it was emitting a sad aura around it and so Rook decided to
strike up a conversation with it. The skeleton went by the name “Sadneil”
and was indeed a pessimistic character. Bored by life, it just sat there, sulking. Rook offered for it to join them and he would
add some excitement in it’s life – he explained his cause to stand up against the Holy Nation. After some persuading, Sadneil finally accepted
his offer and joined their team as well. He was… not terribly enthusiastic about
it. Rook saw the scraphouse not too far outside
of the city and told the other men to wait for him while he checked it out. As he went into the upper room, he saw what
looked like a large armory surrounded by lots of skeletons and security bots. He approached the shopkeeper and to his surprise,
they had a massive stock of weapons available to purchase. Including a… oh… a falling sun. It was beautiful… but also way more expensive
than he could afford. Disheartened, he walked off but noticed some
weapon crates near the shadows. Rook did… what Rook does best and he picked
the lock while hiding in the corner. And there it was – another falling sun that
was ripe for the pickins. Wonsnot was summoned and he made his way to
the scraphouse to meet Rook. He went upstairs and saw Rook motioning for
him to act nonchalant – Wonsnot was a little concerned but casually walked over. Rook handed him a bunch of weapons that were
too big for him to store in his own bag and when Wonsnot tried to ask what was going on,
Rook simply shushed him and said to hold still. After Rook grabbed the falling sun, they left
the scraphouse acting like nothing ever happened. Rook felt like he was having a reunion with
an old friend. It wasn’t HIS falling sun, but it would
be a fine replacement. After they met up with the other men, Rook
and Wonsnot distributed new and improved weapons to all of them. They might not be the best trained fighters,
but at least they would have better than average weapons to give them a slight advantage. Their time at the Black Desert City was over
and they began making their way towards the vault marked on Rook’s map. There it was – off in the distance they saw
the structure up on a hill. Upon closer inspection, the entrance appeared
to be heavily guarded though. Rook told the other men to wait back while
he approached the soldiers himself. As he got closer, the guards told him that
this was a secure area and if they did not leave immediately, it would be trouble for
them. These guys were a bit stronger than Rook’s
group so they thought it was best to comply with their orders and went east towards the
city of Heng located on their map. Rook began exploring this great desert before
he rescued Tao, Wonsnot and FrAvatar – he was excited to continue his exploration with
the other men. They arrived to Heng quickly enough and Rook
approached the front gate first to make sure they were permitted to enter. The guard gave him a nod of approval and he
proceeded to enter the city. There was a Shinobi Thieves tower here and
Sadneil went in for some changes. In a few minutes, he went by the name Rockias,
after one of my patrons. Now that Rockias was taken care of, the men
were mingling at the bar while Rook went through the town and explored. He found an interesting looking traders market
and as he was looking around at their wares, he noticed a little nook in the corner of
their building that had some locked away goods. Rook ran past the guard who seemed to be zoning
out and snuck into where the safe was located. He picked open the lock and found some extremely
valuable leviathan pearls inside. He was very pleased with his findings and
took some time to see what else was there. Rook rummaged through the other chests and
didn’t find much else of interest outside of those pearls. He fit as many as he could into his bag – the
united cities weren’t really any better than the Holy Nation anyways and they could
use that to help fund New Raleigh. Rook snuck out and found the traders guild
headquarters nearby. He decided to go inside and see what he could
find. On the third floor, he found a hiver by the
name of Yamdu. Yamdu looked after his master’s business
and seemed to be very well educated around the topics of the other factions. Rook figured it couldn’t hurt to ask, and
told him about his mission to take down the Holy Nation. Yamdu lit up at Rook’s claim and agreed
that the Holy Nation was a good target to be removed – his reasons were.. Slightly different from Rook’s though. What Yamdu proposed was something Rook never
considered – using the Shek to wage war on them directly and crush them while they did
nothing. Rook continued listening and Yamdu explained
that the Stone Golem was the only one holding the Shek back from going to war with the Holy
Nation directly – if Rook was to assassinate her, he would unleash a great war between
the two factions and greatly weaken, if not completely wipe out the Holy Nation. Yamdu looked at Rook and told him – to destroy
the Holy Nation, you must kill the Stone Golem. Rook grew quiet and he thanked Yamdu for his
time. He left the HQ and went to meet with the others
– he found himself lost deep in his thoughts. He could wage a war and destroy his enemy
without having to endanger any of his men, but he would have to murder an inicent Shek
woman and have countless Shek die for a cause he would be responsible for – was this price
too high to pay? Rook returned to the other men. He didn’t want to disclose this information
with them yet. He discreetly handed Wonsnot the four leviathan
pearls and told him not to ask questions – Wonsnot rolled his eyes and snuck them into his bag. Rook found Admag on his map – the Shek capital
where Esata, the Stone Golem resides. The men could tell Rook was lost in thought
and all of a sudden, Rook told the men to gather their things – they were leaving. Rook had a lot to consider moving forward. And this will be where we end this episode
– will Rook take the life of a Shek leader to unleash their wrath on the Holy Nation
or find another way? Keep watching to find out what happens next! Guys thank you so much for watching. While I showcase the fanart that was received
since the last episode, I wanted to make a quick announcement regarding the channel – I’m
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much. I hope you enjoyed this episode and until
next time, have a good one!

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