Karina Garcia DIY Squishy Kit Review *SHOCKING*

Karina Garcia DIY Squishy Kit Review *SHOCKING*

(Yummy intro) Hey, guys I’m kind of excited to do this video, in more ways though, I’m terrified to do this video… (dramatic music) :0 I’ve been doing, DIY squishy kit reviews lately you guys seem to like them you guys requested that I do this one …. A LOT you guys are probably trying to get me killed, this kit that you guys requested that I do, has Karina Garcia’s FACE on it. She is a huge Youtuber she has millons of fans, and I tend to be very blunt and honest with product reviews, sooooo…. (spooped) that’s why I’m so scared right now I genuinely hope that I just ..LOVE :)) This product to death because I know if I say anything negative some of those millions of Karina’s fans are gonna come at me and MEOWW>;( (great impression wowzers and u even dropped the box) This is a product review. It has nothing to do with Karina personally infact, ya know what This is a product review. It has nothing to do with Karina personally in fact you know What MAD props to karina, because she is obviously ‘killing’ it to be able to do this kind of stuff it’s really Awesome for her that being said this is a product that people are expected to pay for 20 dollars by the way. I’m here for you, guys I’m here to show You, exactly, what’s up with this product So that you can, make the decision knowing the pros and cons I’m going to be honest as usual (drowning) Disclaimers make, me tired, so let’s break into this bad boy aAhhHh. Okay, so everything right off the bat looks very nicely packaged, Yay positive number one! 😀 and it looks Like there are some instructions or something, yes cool, safety? wash your hands after use? are these dangerous? Okay, whatever. very interesting apparently there’s chalk in here let’s see What we’ve got here alright, alright here’s one of the squishies, this is a cupcake Oh, this is actually a pretty nice quality squishy! (SNIFFFFF) it oO (WHAT) Like it smells like, soap and then You, smell it a second longer and it smells like fish, not sure I like that smell butttt, that’s fine we’re Gonna be covering it with paint so the smell will probably go away. Anyway we’ve got a doughnut I really Like the shape of this I like how, it’s got like the frosting outline on it that’s cool And the third one okay, this is just like a (dunno) Little bun or something, so pretty nice squishies I like these so I guess every kit comes with. A cupcake, a donut, and then a Mystery mold? Which is… This one… they’re using the word mold so I almost expected like silicone Molds and that you were gonna mix your own squishy, I don’t know If mold is the right word but let’s not Let’s not (nope) We’re kind of HYPING up the mystery and I was hoping it was gonna be something more… More interesting but this is fine too and oh my gosh, okay I’m actually really excited because they included SPrInKlEs!!!11!!! 😀 they have some longer ones and some short ones which is nice and we’ve got the paint four different colors These colors aren’t great as they are but you can mix the colors and because there’s primary colors you can make Pretty much any color that you would want and the final little package in here it’s chalk. I’ve used chalk on squishies before but, the thing with chalk, is you have to seal it somehow, otherwise it just continually rubs off the squishy .. Maybe this is special chalk? Okay, I think it’s that time to switch the camera over here and start playing with These and decorating and see what, we can, make with this kit! Okay, so here we are at My messy table, umm, I think i’ve gathered everything that We need, to get this job done the chalk is completely broken, now that’s totally, my fault because i dropped it (sigh) Yeahhhhh, so the way they’re recommending to do this is to scrape the chalk with a coin And it says use a damp paintbrush to brush the chalk powder onto the foam mold I’ve never tried that before so maybe That’s what makes the chalk, stick to the foam, I’m not really sure. but we’re gonna find out! Let’s start scraping this. Chalk Okay, i think that’s enough..? let’s start with the doughnut and they say to use a damp paintbrush, So far it doesn’t seem too, bad i’m gonna go ahead and paint the top now I’m gonna do a little drizzle drizzle Usually i do this after the first coat is dry so hopefully i don’t regret this dang it dang it dang it it’s not the best, drizzle i’ve ever done in my life it’s fine it’s fine, let’s just Make this work sprinkles usually make things better Alright so let’s let, this dry, so it’s cupcake time All right i’m completely out of white paint i don’t, want to leave it like this cuz That’s sad so i am gonna cheat and use my Own white paint because this is just too tragIc, where are you sprinkles Where are you sprinkles Wow that’s a lot of sprinkles Hi, so it’s been a couple hours, these have been drying and so i did the doughnut and the cupcake Both i like, i didn’t do this one because i actually used most of the paint killed the pink Killed the white, killed most of the yellow, also i had to use my own white paint just to make the yellow Go that far, you know what i think that these are actually really cute Umm the chalk idea i really, like, because it makes it a lot easier and people don’t have to wait as long But i don’t know if you can, tell or not it has already started rubbing off i don’t love (gasp) Let me get a close-up the paint is coming off in one big piece Do you see that Oh my gosh it’s happening everywhere Nooooooo Umm, Maybe i squished it a little bit too aggressively, i mean i’m not, going to keep it like this so i might as Well just show you Like it’s that easy Yeah, the cupcake has the same problem, oh apparently there’s a wet spot Oh, there’s still wet spots on the cupcake i just pulled that off so easily they were it peels up around the edges and It just comes off like it just slides off so easily, guys i’m sad You can play dress-up and you know everyone can wear different outfits How am i even supposed to fake this like it happened right in front of your eyes like What am i supposed to do it’s kind of cool I’m a little donut so depressed If i hadn’t squish them i probably, would have never known it probably would have been fine But it’s a squishy so you’re, you’re supposed to be able to squish it and it’s supposed to be fine you know What i’m saying in the beginning i had pretty low. Expectations and then i tried it and i thought hey, this is actually? Not bad like the chalk is going on way better than i thought it would and then my heart was broken My, dreams were crushed i’m probably, still gonna get harassed by, Karina fans and i don’t even have, cute squishies to take away from it i Basically just wasted my money um i wouldn’t recommend that you, do the same i’m actually Sad because i spent time on these and to have them completely ruined it’s pretty Disappointing to be honest i know i didn’t have to peel off the paint, when it started pulling off i could have Kept it on there and just let it hang on But that just bothers me you know, so i’m just gonna pull it off because like, what’s the point it’s slime on A positive note that fish smell faded a lot apparently the paint really helps to take away the fish smell That’s good? So that’s it for today guys, sorry, that this couldn’t be a peppy perfect Yay, everything’s great review I hope in some strange way, you enjoyed this video um on friday i’ll be doing a squishy makeover, which has been highly Highly, requested so hopefully you guys are excited about that because i know i am so yeah bye guys Well that was depressing what am i gonna, do with this So after i finished the video i started thinking maybe i had done something wrong So i was thinking maybe the chalk, would help the paint stay better And i’m just the one that screwed it up so i painted on the top side of the squishy to see if the paint would stay

100 thoughts on “Karina Garcia DIY Squishy Kit Review *SHOCKING*

    1. AS PREDICTED, I have gotten quite a few hate comments. Fine. But I do wanna say that I WAS NOT MEAN in this video as some people have said. I never attacked Karina personally and I TRIED to make the kit work and point out all the positives I could.
    2. People keep telling me I should have glued the paint back on, buuuttt I don't think that would work too well. Also, if you have to improvise to get the kit to work, it's not a good kit.
    3. Yes, I let the paint dry long enough. Anyway, the paint being more dry is not going to make it stick better. Fabric paint gets LESS sticky as it dries, not more sticky
    4. The reason this kit doesn't work is because the foam is too smooth. fabric paint (or puffy paint) is meant for FABRIC which usually has a lot of texture to it. If the surface is very smooth, the paint will peel off (same thing happens with the soft n slo diy squishies).

    For those of you wondering: Paint WILL NOT peel off of poly foam, memory foam, makeup sponges or regular squishies. It is just the pure white, blank and super smooth ones that the paint will peel off of.

    PHEW. I know this is a super long comment and nobody is going to read it, but I'm glad I can get that off my chest LOL

  2. Karina Gracia I'm sorry but. You should stick to slime, like litterally
    Moriah Elizabeth is the great Squishy Queen!

  3. It’s not your fault moriah (sorry if i spelled your name wrong if the kit is bad the people who attack you are just nitpicky. It’s the kits fault not yours not karinas.

  4. M straight up looked legit terrified and scared about getting hate comments. and then at the end, she looked shattered. any hate comments can shove it up their ass >;(

  5. Karina could never and YOU MORIAH are THE best i have been watching you for 4 years straight and not to be mean but you kind of look like karina but she is getting in your way and NOT staying in her lane

  6. Karina Garcia lovers really have no place to hate on Moriah, she wasn’t mean what so ever and she showed the true colors of the kit and how you really should not buy it. she’s helping everyone who have thought about purchasing this item by showing that it really does not work and it’s not worth your money 🤷🏽‍♀️


  8. The surface is so smooth it was inevitable, I think the kit needs to include some sandpaper and to include sanding it in the instructions, I imagine that would help a lot

  9. What's the point of doing hate comments Moriah is just doing her job. I don't think that people should be giveing her hate because she tried to point out all the positives about it.

  10. Moron: Man i fking hate that health inspector he closed down my favorite restaurant

    Other guy: bro he found rats every where in the kitchen


    That somes up the hate moriah is getting

  11. I don't know who you are talking about in this video. I'm not trying to make you and explain more about her so…….. don't worry!!!!☺

  12. I know it's been over a year but I still can't get over those mean comments you got… Like, you were just honest. Nerdecrafter had the same problems as you, so I don't think they can say it's because you made mistakes. Because you didn't. Really like your videos and your honesty!

  13. It's ok because I don't really watch Karina and I LOVE your channel and You even inspired me to paint my own squishy's btw I'm in the middle of painting one right now.😊 I owe you and your channel gets bigger❤️❤️❤️

  14. It's not your fault she made the kit she should have made it good kit you are just making sure that no one wastes thare money.

  15. Im a little donut so depressed
    My frosting fell off and now im stressed
    Gimmi some texture so i can be dressed
    Take my to church so i can be blessed

  16. I personally think that if Karina has her face on a bad squishy kit that is where the hate should be going not to an honest review. Don’t watch it if you can’t deal with a kit that happens to have Karina’s face on it being roasted.

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