Karin Marker Sky

Karin Marker Sky

Hey everybody! In today’s video I am
going to gel mask a brush marker sky for a really vivid but very quick and easy
blended sunrise or sunset. I’m using this gorgeous wildflower stamp set and my
favorite brush markers – these are the Karin brush markers and they are so
vibrant and they have so much ink flow that I just adore them.
I’m going to keep this pretty simple with basically a gradient of yellow
orange and pink but I put down a little plum color onto my craft mat. I took a
watercolor class in Santa Fe – oh here I’m going to show you the way that I have
masked off these flowers with this awesome three-dimensional gel pen.
I just let that dry and then I’ll go over the sky with these brush markers,
and look how much ink they put down! But anyway I took a watercolor class in
Santa Fe at the expo and our teacher taught us how to even just a little tiny
bit of purple in a sky whether you’re doing a morning sky or an afternoon sky
lends just the right amount of drama and a little bit of darkness. I tend to make
my skies really bright so I am going to use a little bit of that plum as well.
Now my favorite way to use these markers is to pick up a different color with the
tip of the brush to begin to blend the next layer in – and see how smoothly they
blend out! I just love them, they’re phenomenal, so I’m trying to transition
to the orange here by picking up the orange with the yellow before coloring
directly with the orange it just eases the transition line and helps me get a
little foundation. Now I am using a hot press watercolor paper which is not
typical for me – this is Canson hot press and I’ll put a link below because it has
a big long French name that I’m not going to make a fool of myself over, but
this particular hot press paper is my favorite with these Karin markers. It
just has a smoothness that’s great to stamp on but the surface unlike a lot of
hot press watercolor paper can take all of this sort of scrubbing that I’m doing
with the markers, but they also blend really beautifully with any medium.
The “canvas” that you’re working on so to speak is so important and I find that
especially with ink based mediums that you have to play around a little bit to
find the correct paper, and I love this. So here’s where I’m adding the purple. I
want just a darker element in the middle of the sky and the purple and the orange
together sort of give an earthy band across the middle of the sky that I
really like. Now the gel pen down below is protecting
my flowers and I’m going to clean it up at the end. This particular gel pen I’ve
used this in another video which I will link you to, it is very raised in
3-dimensional it’s not like a regular clear gel pen and it seems to hold the
mask lines much better than a regular flatter appearing gel pen.
Now I’m transitioning to the pink at the top and you can see I have a little line,
but don’t worry I’m going to come back and blend it out. That’s where the paper
becomes important because I’m putting a lot of friction on this paper. I’m
putting a lot of marker on this paper, and the paper really needs to hold up,
but I can come back and smooth that out. So if I grab the orange and go in a
little bit into the pink and back and forth I can blend these. This is also a
good time to do the method where you pick some up off the mat to ease the
transition, but it gives that moody purple in the middle, gives that moody
almost stormy look that I’m looking for. So finally I’ll come back with the pink
and I’ll top it off, and you’ll see that with these markers it’s almost like
Copics – the lines just disappear they blend so, so well. So when I put down this
final pink layer it’s very smooth and then the only thing that really stands
out is that darker part of the sky where I wanted it to look a little bit moody
or stormy. I just love these! They’re phenomenal. I’m
going to be sad when I run out my favorite colors, some of which I’m
using here. I’ve done a lot of very bright pretty backgrounds with these.
Now I have a baby wipe and I am just going to clean up the flowers and get
that yellow since it was mostly in the yellow section off of the top of that
gel. This gel is very sturdy and the fine point of the pen made it very easy to
color these wild flowers and add the gel to protect the
image from the brush markers and give it a little bit of shine. I just love that
look it’s so easy to preserve the detail of your stamps. I hope you’ve enjoyed this.
Thanks so much for watching!

5 thoughts on “Karin Marker Sky

  1. So I'm curious about the purple. You mentioned afternoon skies. So you would also add it to a blue sky? Does it matter if it's a warm purple or a cool purple, or would you just match the temperature of that to the temperature of the color of the sky? You've piqued my interest! I love your card, and the gel pen masking is amazing! The sky is so smooth, too. Thanks for sharing, and have a marvelous day! 🙂 P.S. – I am adding your serial killer T-shirt to my Christmas wish list that I'll give to my brother, SIL, & Mama for their shopping pleasure. I'm a major T-shirt collector (have many many many shirts), and I'm always open to new designs! 🙂

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