Kalen Reacts: Ketchup Cake

Kalen Reacts: Ketchup Cake

All right, what
we cooking today? We’ve got us some
butter, brown sugar. Must be a dessert. Ketchup and water? Wait a minute. What are y’all making in this? Honey, that look
like some grits. Bacon. Uh-uh. Not bacon, ginger, and cinnamon. That don’t go with ketchup. Is this a cake? Oh no. That look like some
strawberry cake, child. Y’all about to be out
here pranking somebody. That must be what this is. This is a prank. OK, now y’all done spread it
out in this little cake pan. They really making
a ketchup cake. Mm-mm, not I, said the cat. OK, that’s a lot
of butter, child. Mustard? Oh, lord. Honey, look. I’m even sneezing. I must be allergic
to this monstrosity. Oh my god, that is frosting. Child, that look
like some Play-Doh. That’s what y’all doing. I don’t know why y’all be
so creative with stuff. Just leave stuff alone. Jesus. Oh. Now you know, good
and well done. Oh, that looks so disgusting. Mm-mm, honey. That’s going to have
you on the toilet. There’s no way that can be good. Absolutely not.

100 thoughts on “Kalen Reacts: Ketchup Cake

  1. JESUS Take the Oven!🤢 Next it'll be … Spaghetti Sauce Cake with Grated Parmesan Cheese Frosting!😖

  2. If anybody give this to me they better run for they life i swear im chacing them till they knees weak

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