Kaguje Nauka (Paperboat) – BSA LA Tech University Fall 2017

Kaguje Nauka (Paperboat) – BSA LA Tech University Fall 2017

Sami: Awesome!! America is America!! Awesome, Awesome!! Sami: Trump is the best!! Thank you trump for giving me the visa. Obama sucks!! Rejected me three times!! Awesome Naim: Sami bhai, how are you? Welcome to America!!
Sami: Hey whats up!! Long time no see!! Naim: Yeah last time we were at road side tea stall in Dhaka drinking tea together and now we are in America!!
Sami: Don’t worry we will drink coffee at starbucks from now on!! Naim: Okay okay now let me carry these!!
Sami: Oh! No No! That’s fine! Sami: I am fine, let me keep it!! So what about you? Naim: Everything is cool with me!! How are feeling? How was the journey? Sami: Journey was pathetic!! I don’t know how can people sit for this long and endure this!! Naim: I feel you bro!! 30 hours is too much!! Sami: But the air hostesses were really nice and beautiful!! Naim: You always find out a system in everything!!!! Sami: How can you pass your time without a system!! Naim: I heard that your visa was rejected 3 times!! Is that true? Sami: what are you saying!! They gave me the visa just by looking at me!! Don’t believe such things!! Lets go!! Naim: okay lets go!! Wait did you bring your camera? There are some beautiful places!! Sami: camera is a must!! I always my camera with me!!
Naim: lets go, we will have a grand dinner at home!! Naim: here have some coke!! Sami: Thanks I was thinking of coke after this great dinner! Where did you learn to cook this good? Naim: Don’t worry you are in America now!!you will also learn to cook in no time!! Naim: And you don’t have to worry about cooking after your bring your wife!! Naim: So how is she!! The girl you used to date! Esha… Sami: Actually, she is not with me anymore! Naim: why what happened!! You used to flirt with her a lot!! I used to see you two together all the time! Sami: Awesome!! Sami: Stay there, lights are really good in there!!
Esha: Here?
Sami: Yes Esha: Send me all the pics in facebook okay!!
Sami: yeah sure!! I will send you the pics after editing!! Esha: okay sami, its already too late today!! I have to go!! Sami: what are you saying its too late!! Its only afternoon and the lights are really great this time!! We should be hanging out together Esha: yeah but Lamiya is waiting for me Sami: don’t worry about Lamiya!! See that carnival!! We are supposed to go there together!! Esha: Carnival will be there for few more days!! We will go another day!! Please Sami: Yeah! but today is the first day and all the street foods should be fresh!! Esha: I have to study, I was supposed to study with her from the past few days!! I need to go today!! Sami: Study is study!! But there are also other things besides studying, right? Esha: There is but I have given her my words so I have to go!! Sorry sami!! Sami: So when will be the next day!! Esha: you fix a date,
Sami: When? Esha: Call me or give me a text in facebook, we will fix a time and meet. Sami: you can’t give any excuses and leave like today!! okay? Esha: I promise I won’t give you any excuse!! Sami: I will take ugly pictures of you if you don’t come that day Esha: I know you can’t do that! I know you Sami: Okay see you later then! Esha: See you, bye!! Sami: Hey! What’s going on here? Saif: What’s up sami? Esha: Hello Sami, how are you? Sami: I was fine till now but aren’t you supposed to go study with Lamiya!? Esha: yes but I mean… Saif: Sit down man!! Lets have some coffee!! Sami: okay but why are you hesitating!! Why are you guys together!! You could tell me before! Esha: I mean I just met him on the way!! Sami: on the way!! ?? Saif: I was thinking of telling you earlier but couldn’t manage the time. We became engaged 3 months ago!! Sorry didn’t get the chance to inform you earlier!! Sami: Engaged!! What do you mean!! You played me!! I didn’t know you are engaged!! This is wrong!! Esha: No, I mean I was thinking of telling you, but didn’t get the chance!! Sami: Thinking to tell me?!! Esha: Please stay! Have some coffee with us!! Sami: Coffee!! Oh nice! Okay goodbye!! Saif: Why!! Sit man!! Sami: Go to hell! Who needs enemies when I have friends like you!! Don’t show your face to me again Saif: Hey, don’t be so angry, listen to us Sami: Don’t show me your face again Esha: why did you tell him now!! Saif: why what did I do!! Esha: why did you have to tell him now!!
Saif: how long do you want to wait then!!
Esha: Awful! Naim: hmm I understand bro !! Forget her!! Naim: But what about the other one!! What’s her name again, Nazat maybe!! Sami: Oh no! What! She was not my girlfriend!! Sami: Why did you think that!! Was it that obvious!! Listen she was my sis…. I mean your sister and you know Manik, the political leader!! She is his wife now!! Naim: Yeah! I know him Nazat: how is it? Sami: Awesome!! We are getting very good pictures today.
Nazat: The light is perfect today. Sami: And you know, your color combination makes it even better! You look too beatiful today! Nazat: Okay we got enough pictures today! Lets go sit somewhere and eat!! Sami: No no! Lets take some more photos!! The light is really beautiful! Nazat: We can take photos another day!! Lets go today Sami: you can eat everyday…. Manik: hey Sami what’s up!! Sami: hello bro, how are you? Meet her, she is Nazat, my… and he … Manik: hmm hi Nazat how are you doing!! Nazat: I am fine, how are you? Sami: Manik bhai is the ultimate boss!! He is the political head of the campus!! Not even a single leaf moves without his order! Manik: That’s not true at all!! So did you entertain her well!! Lets go eat somewhere? Sami: No, we will go to eat, but can you let me take some more pictures!! Nazat: Lets go today, I am hungry! Lets go bhaiya!!
Sami: Only one or two more pictues! Sami: I don’t want to miss this light!! Give me 5 minutes Manik: okay you can take!! We are waiting!! Sami: Whats wrong with the camera!! I don’t understand! Let me fix this!! Manik: So how long are you guys together? Nazat: No! we are not together. We don’t have any relation, just friends!! Actually, he is always busy with his camera!! So we don’t get to talk much!! Even if we talk, its only how to take good pictures, that color, blah blah. He doesn’t like to hang out anywhere else. I don’t like it this way. Manik: Hmm! I think he is going to be late! Do you want to go with me and eat something? Nazat: yeah sure bhaiya!! Let’s go. Manik: Don’t call me “big brother”!! You can call me manik!! Nazat: okay manik!! Lets go eat somewhere!! Manik: Sure, but lets take a pic together! Lets see how he is doing! Manik: Sami how is it? Sami: Bhai, camera is giving me lots of trouble!! Ohh! wait !! its fixed!! Manik: Are you sure? Then take a picture of us!! Sami: Picture of you guys together!! Oh! Okay.. Naim: And we thought you were a double gamer!! Flirting with both of them at the same time!! Sami: This is the problem with you people!! It is called socialization!! People do socializing and get to know each other!! Sami: See, you and I are talking now, does that mean something is going on between us!! We are boys so its okay but if you were a girl then its not okay!! Sami: Forget this mentality and broad your minds!! Naim: Okay okay don’t worry bro you are in America now. Everything is possible here. You can make your system and in the meantime keep me in your mind as well!! Sami: System is new continent new rules!! Naim: yeah forget about Bangladesh!! You can start fresh from here!! Sami: hmm! you are in the system too as well!! Naim: I am depending on for this system!! I was waiting for you!! Sami: no problem, I have my camera so we will figure out the system!! Naim: okay we have two Bangladeshi brothers next door. They are always indulge in music!! I don’t know when the do research!! Sami: awesome!! Naim: they came here to do research but they are always doing some music stuffs!! Lets go meet them!! Sami: music is great!! We will have lots of chill together then!! Naim: yeah lets go!! We will have fun!! Sami: I am having a great day considering this is my first day here!! Naim: this way!! Ashique: Hey, Naim, How are you? Naim: It’s going good. Here is a elder brother from my undergrad university, he just arrived today for his PhD Sami: Hello, I am Sami
Ashique: I am Ashique Sami: Sami
Momz: Momz Naim: These guys always entertain us with good music Ashique: Say, we irritate you all day with loud music Naim: No! no! Never! Ashique: So how you are liking America? Sami: It’s good, too good. I just arrived. America is neat and clean, perfect. So… Ashique: So, do you do music or at least listen? Sami: I do listen, but doing, you know, music is not for everyone! Ashique: yeah! yeah! Sami: And, I am actually a photographer. Ashique: Photographer? Oh he can do our music video then?
Naim: He is a star photographer Momz: We are composing a new song. It’s almost ready. Can you help us to produce a music video for that? Sami: Sure, I would like to do that. It’s nothing for me to do it. Ashique: We were actually in search of a photographer
Sami: I will try my best
Ashique: It’s good we got you Ashique: Alright then, if you need any help, let us know Ashique: And, if you want to hear music, just drop by Sami: Definitely, I never thought I will get a refreshing environment like this here in USA Ashique: Alright, no peoblem, see you later Sami & Naim: Okay, see you later Ashique: Let’s start from where we left off Bushra: Hi
Sami: hey whats up!! Bushra: You are Sami bhaiya from Bangladesh, right? Sami: yeah, and you are? Bushra: I am Bushra, I am in biomed. Bushra: we know each other from facebook.
Sami: yes we are friends in facebook!! Sami: So..
Bushra: So how do you like this new place? Sami: its great!! I am feeling really good after coming here!! I knew America is beautiful, clean so yeah feels good to be here!! Just need to do some travelling! Bushra: so are you alone here? Your wife didn’t come with you? Sami: wife!! What are you saying!! I couldn’t even get into a relationship!! You need to like someone before marriage right? Bushra: Oh! Okay! Sami: So how are you doing? When is your husband coming? Bushra: I am not married too!! Sami: Not married? !! And you came here alone from Bangladesh!! Awesome!! So your parents allowed you to come without marrying or they are the one who encouraged you? Bushra: No bhaiya, it is not easy coming here alone from Bangladesh. My parents were against it at the beginning but I came here by my own!! Bushra: But they are still telling me to marry someone either from Bangladesh or someone nice from here!! they are not leaving me alone with this topic!! Sami: what is wrong with that!! You need to try wherever life takes you!! There are lots of good people from Bangladesh!! You are so brave and smart!! All these boys will stand in line to marry you!! Bushra: but I still haven’t found any good, sweet, cute boy!! Sami: you will find someone don’t worry. There are lots of other schools and we also have many boys from Bangladesh in our school as well. Bushra: By the way, you are really cute bhaiya!! Sami: thank you thank you! Okay then we will talk again later! I am getting late for a meeting and my prof is a really bad person!! Bushra: you have to go now!? Sami: yeah see you later!! Bye…. Sami: Hello mom! I am fine. But I’m hungry and need to cook something. I have beef, onion and spices. Please tell me how to cook all this. First I will mix spices with beef. Cardamom? Which one is that? Also tell me which one is cinnamon and which one is bay leaf? Bay leaf is the leaf shape one? Okay! So how long will it take? One hour!! Okay, how much salt should I use? Salt…… Okay Chilly…..Okay No I am doing all. Who else will do? There is no cook here.
Hmm…. Okay Now I am going to cook. Let’s see what happens. Okay. Bye Mom Naim: Sami bhai, hey, Sami bhai Sami: What’s up? Naim: So you are cooking? Sami: Yeah. But why there are so many spices? How do you recognize all of them? Naim: Bhai, you have come abroad! If you don’t know the spices how you will survive? Sami: Okay, but what about the stove? It is too dirty. How did that happen? I cannot understand. Naim: This is the cleanest among all the Bangladeshi bachelor houses in whole USA, I guarantee you Sami: Really? Let’s start cooking. Hope it will be edible. Naim: Don’t worry. When you are hungry you can eat anything. Sami: Well said. I am hungry. Naim: We will eat together. Sami: Anyways, This Saturday I need a ride. You are free, right? Naim: I have a lab report due on this Monday. I was planning to work on that. Sami: You will have enough time to do that. I have a Plan. You know there is an Iranian girl in my lab. She already agreed to go out with me. We will go to see the lake and surroundings of Ruston. Naim: It is not long since you are in Ruston. You already managed a date! Sami: It’s not a big deal. Naim: Brother you proved that a husking machine will husk the rice whether in heaven or hell. Sami: What you are saying making me embarrassed. Naim: Anyway keep in mind that I am single too… Don’t worry, I will drive you there. But please try to find a date for me. Sami: We two brothers will manage find our dates. Not a big deal. Let’s start cooking. Naim: Let’s go Whole city is screaming today in joy I am crazy after seeing you Streets are festive & loud I see your picture everywhere I get lost in the streets now My mind is absent from my body All traffic stops and stares at me As I go crazy in love Promise me, only to me You will always love me And you always will be mine Only mine all the time Promise me, only to me You will always love me And you always will be mine Only mine all the time I am gonna wear this new shirt today My heart beats faster when I see you Shahbag to Wyly Tower Everyone is singing your song Promise me, only to me You will always love me And you always will be mine Only mine all the time Promise me, only to me You will always love me And you always will be mine Only mine all the time Naim: Really Sami: Many many thanks to bring us here Naim: Oh! It’s nothing bhaiya Bushra: Hi
Sami: Hey how is it going? Bushra: Doing well. How about you? Sami: I am alright. Is everything okay with you? Bushra: Yes. Perfect. Sami: Perfect! I have been thinking for the last few days to tell you something. Bushra: Feel free to say. Sami: Yeah, I mean, you are a cute girl and single. I was wondering if it is possible to think something together…… Bushra: Oh, bhaiya, you might have known him. He is Rifat from Biomed. Sami: Yes. I know him. We met at Gospel park few days ago. How are you doing? Bushra: We are engaged Oh! You two too? Nice. Congratulation. When did that happen? Rifat: Just happened, few days ago. Arranged by our families. Please keep us in your prayer Sami: Wish you all the best Bushra: Well, what were you going to say? Sami: One day we were talking about the life……you are already engaged. Great! Great! Bushra: Keep us in your prayer. You told me to search for my soulmate. Finally I found him. Sami: Great! See, I told you earlier. Bushra & Rifat: Okay see you later Life taught me not to expect anything I try to explore, but I am shackled to the same point You are drawing picture elsewhere, but I wanted to be your canvas My paperboat is not able to withstand this much tide Also Thanks to Dr. Tewari

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  1. at 37:40 $1000 raise……hahaha, every PhD student's dream!! 😀
    BTW, arafat vai er moto professor thakle fund lagbe na, sob bikri kore university k ulta taka dibo
    Thanks Ashique vi, Sami vi and everyone for this nostalgic video

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