Jurassic World – Raptor Training?

Jurassic World – Raptor Training?

Eyes on me! Good! I say we eat him. *chomp* Now now! No Eating. Remember. We’re like a family. But I really want to eat your face! Hehe. Well I am popular now, so that’s
understandable. You think your’re so cool don’t you! Who do you think you are? Indiana Jones? Yeah! Who do you think you are?! Nobody’s saying that! Come on girls. Why are you in a Spielberg production then? Yeah! How come? Even dressed kinda like him. When did you even watch Indiana Jones? Can we… Can we just get back to the training? Who wants to learn to jump through hoops? I say we eat ’em. Yes! Works for me! Whoa! Girls girls girls! If you eat me… who’s gonna take you on motorcycle walks? WooooHoooo! Ahaahahahahaha! This is so fun! WooHoooo! *CHOMP* Nobody eats the Pratt Pratt, except me! *chuckles* See you real soon. Raptor Training?

100 thoughts on “Jurassic World – Raptor Training?

  1. You know what i noticed……Blue is missing from this video, there are only THREE raptors. So those three must be Charlie, Echo, and Delta. Because Blue has her signature blue line down the side of her body, its what gives her her name. But these raptors don't have any blue lines, they're green.

  2. I bet Chris Pratt would be a good choice for Indiana Jones if they reboot it…which they probably will

  3. How do the raptors watch Indiana Jones, they don’t even have a TV! But they should get one, some quality TV time at the end of the day is priceless.

  4. Owen: Who wants to learn to jump through hoops?
    Raptor: I say we eat em
    Raptor: Yes
    Raptor: Works for me

    Sorry that part cracked me up XD

  5. I do not class as female or male, raptor or human

    I actually class as an attack helicoptor

    why do people keep calling meh a fighter jet??

  6. also I think the raptors have some kind of romancey relationship with Pratt and they are starting to fight over him lol

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