Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer Spoof – TOON SANDWICH

She’s tranq’d. OK. Come on. Whoa whoa whoa! Are you OK? I’m OK! Are you sure she’s doped? Yeah, of course. I gave her the full dose. You were standing right next to her
when I did it. Yeah, I know. I just… It’s weird: I- I don’t actually remember
seeing the needle go in. Although I have to admit, my memory is a little haaaaaazy at the muh…buh… Oh dear… I did it again, didn’t I? There’s a T-Rex in here?? I know why we’re here. A rescue op to save the dinosaurs. Blue is alive. You raised her. ♪ You raised Blue up ♪ ♪ so she could snack on humans… ♪ Yeah, get that Jurassic World employee, Blue, get ‘im! I didn’t just raise her. I nursed her. Or did you forget about my distended friend here? No, I can honestly say I have never
forgotten about that. Hard as I try. I don’t know why I didn’t nurse her
on both sides, though. That was a mistake. I don’t know why you didn’t use the formula. Maybe that was the mistake. Eh! Breast… is best. Not from where I’m sitting. Blue! You know me. Wait. You recognise me now, don’t you? Think I still got a little juice left… for old time’s sake. Come on. That’s a mercy kill. Guys! This was meant to be a beautiful, private moment between a raptor and its wet nurse! Although I am not ashamed… to feed in public. Haaaazy… RUN!! RUN!!! I don’t know why I had to say “run” twice
to get you to run! We had to make sure exactly which direction
you wanted us to run! The dinosaurs chasing you was
sufficient confirmation. I would’ve just assumed the direction
away from the erupting volcano, but whatever! Oh no! It’s a Hellboyasaurus! One of our licensed I.P.s! Another T-Rescue? Man! You really care about human beings, don’t you? Well. As long as they’re not sitting on a toilet! Wait, WHAT THE-?!! Hey, is there room in there for three? Too late! Quick! Take this in your mouth! There’s some air inside it –
it’s your only chance! Um… You know what? That’s cool. I think I’m just gonna drown. What the hell are you talking about?! Yeah, don’t worry about me. It was all a lie! They said I didn’t have to pack beachwear! They’re gonna sell them. What kind of monster would try and make
money off these things? SOLD to the spiky gentleman in the back row. YEEHAW!! I got you all night, baby! What is that thing? This is the most dangerous creature
that ever walked the Earth. We call it… a human being. [BOOS] Well what did you expect? I got one of those at home! These creatures were here before us. Uh, big monster dude, this wave has totally been claimed already! Surfing etiquette 101, yo! Oh, give me a break! And if we’re not careful, they’re gonna be here after. He’s right. Uh, we do have this room booked after you, and you’re running into overtime, FYI. You’re not the only one who gets cold at night! Mum! Indoraptor stole my blankie! Shut up! Uh, thank you so much for watching. If you like what these two do, certainly subscribe to the channel, because subscribers, uh… find a way. And don’t forget to like our Twitter,
our Facebook, our Instagram… and hit the bell so you don’t miss out on
any notifications! Uh, young lady, I do believe you’re supposed to be in bed. But I’m not tired! [OWEN]
Eh, I’m not sold on the name “Indoraptor”. Just sounds like a raptor from Indonesia. [CLAIRE]
I wanted them to call it “The Raptorious B.I.G.” [OWEN]
Also, why the heck did you build your park
on an island with an active volcano? [CLAIRE]
It was dormant when we got here. It only became active after we drilled a subway
through the centre of it. We’re not complete idiots, Owen.

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