Jungle Hotel Tour in Guatemala // Hotel Finca Tatin // Only By Boat! // Guatemalan Jungle Hotel

Hello. I am here sweaty wet and gross because I am in the middle
of the jungle in Guatemala. I am staying
at a awesome place. Point is that we’re
in the middle of the jungle and I’m going to show you
what this place looks like. I’m starting off
with my bedroom because it is epic. And my roommates are upset because she lost
that rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Oh. My king size bed. just kidding it’s not King size. So, I have a fan this is
to keep away all of the bugs. And here’s the rest of what my room
essentially looks like. I got a little loft area all to myself
because, you know, I’m VIP. We got a nice bathroom. Check out the shower. Beautiful. Toilet, nice looking toilet. Now, we’re gonna
go outside our little bungalow. Would you call this a bungalow? -Yeah.
-Yeah, it’s a bungalow. Now, this is really cool because every bungalow
has its own name, we are the Pelican. And you have
to walk across these little bridges in order to get to each bungalow. So, we are in the thick of it right now. I don’t know
what is beyond those bushes. What’s fascinating
about this accommodation is that you can only get
to it by boat. There are no roads
that lead to this hotel. You come down the river here, and you park here with all
of your suitcases and stuff, and then you get off here, and this is kind of a dock area,
there’s like a rope swing. And you come through here and immediately
we’ve got some nice hammocks. Oh, check it out, guys it’s a little crab. Oh my gosh, this place is amazing! This is Romina’s bedroom. We’re all hanging out
in her bedroom right now. Thank you. Anyway we’re gonna continue
with the tour. Here’s the rest of the communal area with a bunch of books, outlets here, and they’ve got souvenirs
for the hotel. Here’s a area where everyone
can hang out, there’s chess and checkers And that, I believe is a pool table. Baños. I haven’t been this way yet,
so, no idea what to expect. Can you hear that? That’s nature. OK. So, those are private areas. Let’s not go to the private areas
in the middle of the jungle. Whoa!
I found a wild animal. So, going down
that way is just more bungalows, and you get the idea,
bungalows and bungalows. Whoa, they have a ping pong table. that’s kind of a dangerous place
to put a ping pong table, though, I don’t know now about that. Now, I’m gonna take you
to the restaurant. This is the menu here at the restaurant. There are breakfast, lunch and dinner. And there is a puppy in the hotel as well,
puppy included. As I was doing this tour, my camera fell
and my lens broke. So, I’m currently using
a super zoomed in lens and you can see all of my sweat drop, and I am sitting very far away
from the camera. I hope that you enjoyed this tour
and that you liked what this hotel looks like, I thought that it was super cool
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