Juguete Antiguo: El barco Pop-Pop (Old Toy: Pop Pop Boat)

Juguete Antiguo: El barco Pop-Pop (Old Toy: Pop Pop Boat)

this vido you will see a replica of a toy that had some popularity in the 50s this is “pop-pop” boat This replica comes with the toy, an instruction manual and plastic dropper the boat is made ​​of tinplate, like the original to show the inside, remove the cover with chimney here is a holder with a candle and this is what makes it work the boat is a closed sealed container with a thin copper foil where they exit two nozzles and under which the lighted candle is placed all this joint is filled with water and heat from the candle water quickly causes a vapor in a series of fast and small steam explosions that will advance the boat let’s see it work if we can do navigate nozzles must be filled with water first pouring water from one of them until the water comes out the other Now place the burning candle under the boiler and wait for the boiler to heat Whether it is set in motion, with its characteristic “pop pop pop” sound

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    Orlando Wanderley Dantas

  2. 1963~1965年頃、日本でも、ブリキの玩具で、水と、蝋燭で進む

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  4. Mi primo tenía una y la poníamos en una tinta y era muy divertido pasábamos un rato muy divertido como en el año 1974 tengo 49 y no las he visto jamás en México

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