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hey kiddos thanks for joining us today hey guys thanks for joining me and Becca yeah thanks for joining us today we’re gonna do something a little bit different yeah I’m really excited we are going to wait I thought I was gonna tell them oh I couldn’t wait to tell them okay I guess you can tell them leo okay thanks okay so today I am going to introduce you guys to my friend Harriet Harriet no hippo and we’re gonna tell some jokes hey boy come say hi hi guys my name is Harriet and I’m happy to be here today thank you for having me yeah thanks for coming Wow thanks for having me so what’s going on today we’re gonna tell some soup oh okay do you have some good ones yeah okay again Calvin to me yes are you ready yeah I’m ready okay go okay [Music] why shouldn’t you give Elsa a balloon I don’t know hmm let me think do you know Becca hmm I don’t know will she turn it to ice is that why no um will she turn it into a snowman nope so let it go I like that one that’s actually very clever yeah thanks really really yeah what do you call cheese that’s not yours hmm I think I know nacho cheese hmm well I guess you want to heard that one before huh yeah okay well uh do you have any jokes um let me think how about this one how do you make a tissue thanks to you why would it tissue dance it’s just a joke just think about it okay hmm Becca what do you think I don’t know how do you make a tissue dance hmm I give up me too okay you put a little boogie in it that’s a good one huh yeah I’ve never heard that one before that was pretty clever okay my turn I have one okay what is it gube okay till it’s a joke what kind of witch can you find at the beach I don’t know I give up a sandwich that wasn’t that funny yeah that was kind of I don’t know next time but maybe leave the jokes to us okay okay I can hear you guys we’re just discussing our next joke well if you’re discussing your next joke you’re not supposed to tell it to each other you gonna be there okay yeah but knock-knock joke I want to tell you okay knock knock who’s there cows go cows go who knows go move okay cut myself up sometimes I’m pretty good at it too Oh hmm do you have any more jokes let me think I have another cow one okay are you ready yes where do cows go on Friday nights hmm let me think about this one feel like it’s on the tip of my tongue I don’t think you’re gonna get it hmm okay I give up movies yeah I like that would you I like the cow ones those are pretty clever huh yeah okay I got another one why did the crowd go to jail hmm why did the car go to jail because he kept pinching things that was that was okay I don’t know that was my favorite well it was a joke so take it or leave it I think I’m going to leave it you know you’re pretty funny Thanks I do turn over well I think that’s it for today guys yeah I think that’s all the jokes for today we got it save some for next time yeah we can’t tell you every joke today exactly so thank you for joining us today and thank you Harriet for coming and introducing yourself thanks for having me I can’t wait to come back and maybe do a story with you I would love for you to do a story with me me too okay well Harriet do you want to tell the kiddos what to do take it away okay let’s see if I can do this right don’t forget to hit the like button subscribe and about notifications so you don’t miss any of our videos yeah thanks for joining us guys can’t wait to see you again me too until next time guys bye bye

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