Joker(2019) Fan Art/ Joaquin Phoenix/ 3D Pen Art – My First Video! [CC]

Joker(2019) Fan Art/ Joaquin Phoenix/ 3D Pen Art – My First Video! [CC]

Welcome to my channel And thank you for watching my very first video,
I am going to make Joker with 3D pen First, I draw a male body on the paper
Then follow the guideline, frame all the body parts After drawing all the parts, gently take off the frame from paper Then add some volume to it, so it can look more like a body It’s my intention making the body roughly Because if I try to make it perfect at once,
it will exhaust me Collect all the body and carefully assemble Because of the unique pose, I pay attention to angles Joker’s pose is very tricky and unique, maybe that is the reason why I wanted to make it
in the first place I am a sucker for originality Did you see the movie? Let me tell you, it’s terrific
I was totally lost in Joker I felt like the Joker during the running time
and the feeling stayed so long even after I left the theater I forgot to make feet, so now I make it After putting the puzzle together, upon the
body, put some clothes on When I feel like I am done with filament,
I took a wood-burning tool and burnt the body, (Beep Sound) and smooth up the surface
with it I figured out Joker’s neck is made too long
so I cut the neck off Cutting the neck is completely okay because I can attach it back (Off with his head) I put the head back, then draw Joker’s hair Just scribble around the hair I tried molding Joakins’ face many times Yes. I tried Before getting into painting, make sure the
face, clothes, wrinkles, hands, and feet are all there Paint gesso on the surface then dry it helps for the colors pigment well With acrylic paint, paint the suit Joker is wearing a red suit. The color of blood With color, the change is dramatic So, the painting process is one of my favorites Paint yellow-vest and green shirts It’s like the balloon colors from a children’s
party Paint joker’s hair with bright green then
add depth with darker green In this movie, the changing of Joakin’s
hair has symbolic meaning His personality completely changes after dying
his hair Arthur has brown hair and Joker has green
hair Arthur has a lot of insecurity.
On the other hand, Joker has no hesitation in action At last, paint a clown face I love this ironic, big smile.
Arthur was born to bring joy and laughter to the world, but it didn’t go well as he
thought it would be , yet he still puts his smile on his face Thank you for watching my video
I am shy to say hit the like and subscribe button. So bye-bye

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  1. 와 퀄리티가 장난아니네요.. 보면서 놀랬네요 앞으로도 계속 기대하겠습니다 ㅎㅎ

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