Joker Easter Eggs – Ending Scene and Batman References Breakdown

Joker Easter Eggs – Ending Scene and Batman References Breakdown

welcome back everyone it’s Charlie these
are going to be all my Joker movie Easter eggs and Batman references there were 10
of Batman comic book Easter eggs previous Batman films reference previous
versions of the Joker and other non comic book films we’re doing a giveaway
for movie tickets all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your
favorite Joker moment please do use spoiler tags for at least the next week
or so because there’s so people that haven’t seen the movie yet
and obviously spoiler warning for everything that happens in the movie
because we’ll be talking about very specific plot points first big Easter
Egg starts with the Warner Brothers logo at the beginning of the movie is the
same logo from Superman to with Christopher Reeve that’s because that
was the standard Warner Brothers logo for all Warner Brothers movies between
1972 and 1984 is the very first indicator of when the movie is supposed
to take place even though they never actually tell you what the exact year is
during the movie but what they do have is a couple movie release Easter eggs at
the end of the movie like Zorro the blade wolfin Excalibur the Arthur movie
those were all 1981 movie releases so we can say it’s probably taking place
during 1981 the Sanitation strike that’s going on in Gotham is a reference to the
Sanitation strikes in real life New York City history through the 70s and 80s and
the New York City fiscal crisis of the 70s Joker’s real name Arthur Fleck is
not a comic-book reference Todd Phillips said that he picked it because it
sounded like speck or flake making the Joker as a character seem more
insignificant as a person the social worker he speaks to during the movie is
named Deborah Kane in honor of Batman co-creator Bob Kane the bank where
Sophie his imaginary girlfriend works is on William Street that’s a reference to
Bill Finger other Batman co-creator later we see a subway stop at Robinson
Park another reference to former Batman artist Jerry Robinson Joker lives in
apartment 8 jj4 Joker in 8 because he’s the 8th big movie version of the Joker
Joaquin Phoenix’s iconic Joker lap is actually an affliction that he develops
as a result of childhood abuse and head trauma comic book Joker gets
his iconic laugh after he falls into the vat of chemicals and Batman The
Joke undergoing his physical and psychological transformation there’s a
more literal Joke Easter Egg when he goes to the Charlie Chaplin
modern times screening the camera lingers on the protesters holding up
signs one of the signs says Joke and speaking of that Batman story Arthur
in the movie is also an aspiring comedian just like Joker was during
Joke there are also two other Joker stories that reference his early
comedic ambitions before he became the Joker
there was a tie-in comic book that they made for the Batman 1989 film with
Michael Keaton in Jack Nicholson called the further adventures of Joker
anthology published in 1990 which features Jack Nicholson’s Jack Napier
character spending his early life scrawling jokes in notebooks just like
Arthur does during the movie there was also an episode of batman the animated
series called laughing up where they did a version of Joke origins story
showing Joker trying and failing to become a stand-up comedian before he
became the Joker I’ll ruin your I think I see what you
mean Alfred without the Hat different hair the Joker the sand of comedy club
that he goes to for practice is called pogos which is named after Pogo the
clown the alias used by John Wayne Gacy Arthur’s relationship with his deranged
mother is a reference to Norman Bates relationship with his mother in the
movie psycho and even though I don’t totally buy that she was telling the
truth about Arthur being Thomas Waynes son on the back of her picture Thomas
Waynes message to her reads love your smile TW a reference to the Joker’s
smile then a very big Heath Ledger Batman Dark Knight Joker reference at
the end of the film when he’s painting the smile on his face
in blood you want to know how I got these scars the actor Bret Cohen in real
life who plays Thomas Wayne says that it’s his opinion that Thomas Wayne drove
penny crazy 30 years ago and is responsible for her being put in Arkham
Asylum but that’s not the opinion of Todd Phillips the writer and director of
the movie as for whether or not Joker is actually Thomas Wayne’s son in the film
Todd Phillips only said that he wrote it that way to make Joker believe that he
was Thomas Wayne’s son as a way to give him a compelling reason for hating
Batman so much later when Batman would eventually become Batman he didn’t say
that penny was telling the truth Phillips only said that he wanted Joker
to believe that it was the truth not that it was the actual truth but there
is an actual canonical comic book version of Joker that is Thomas Wayne’s
son and that is the Batman who laughs because the Batman who laughs is a
version of Bruce Wayne from the dark multiverse who turned into a version of
the Joker Joker goes on a date with the fake version of Sophie that he
hallucinates but the date takes place on Jerome Avenue the character Jerome
Valeska on the Gotham TV show turned into the Joker the crazy dance that the
Joker does inside the bathroom is a reference to a Grant Morrison Batman
story Batman number 663 the clown @midnight in it the dance is meant to be
a metaphor for him undergoing a transformation emerging from a cocoon
like a chrysalis as his arms unfurl like he’s evolving from a caterpillar into
the butterfly Jo Joker confessing to his crimes on the
Murray Franklin TV show only bear is both a reference to the Zodiac movie
with the Zodiac calling in live to confess and then Joker Murray
on live TV is a reference to Batman The Dark Knight Returns part 2 where the
Joker an entire live studio audience on TV Joker you’ve asked for a chance to share
your side of things I’m told you’ve about 600 people how exactly does
your side of that go that’s why I’m gonna everyone in this room more
fun Batman the Animated Series Easter eggs the font that Murray Franklin’s TV
show uses is also the same as the title font from Batman the Animated Series
earlier in the film when Joker goes to Wayne Manor and meets Bruce Wayne Bruce
slides down the pole in his tree house just like 1966 Adam West’s Batman we also wound up meeting the younger
version of Alfred during that encounter but obviously at the end of the movie
the Wayne’s are outside the theater in Crime Alley the movies are
all Easter eggs for Batman’s origin in the comics and other Batman movie origin
stories Zorro the blade is just an updated version of the Mark of Zorro
from the original version of his origin story in the 1940s it’s just that that
was the version of Zorro playing at that time and the newer version of Zorro was
playing in 1981 when this movie is supposed to take place Excalibur is also
a reference to the Batman V Superman opening scene and of course Joe Chill
wearing a clown mask Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne in front of Bruce
Wayne giving us our classic Batman origin story reference they even do the
shot of the pearls flying off the fact that he’s wearing the clown mask is also
a wink at the Tim Burton Batman origin story where it was the Joker himself
Jack Napier who committed the act instead of comic book Joe Chill have you
ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight you could try to draw references between
Batman V Superman and Ben Affleck’s version of Batman in this young version
of Bruce Wayne the timeline would line up for those versions a lot of people
wondering how this is tied to the new Batman trilogy that’s coming up with
Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson because that’s supposed to take place
during the 90s the only way that would work out is if that movie takes place in
the late 90s because this version of Bruce Wayne looks like he’s barely 10
years old but of course todd phillips was asked this very specific question if
this version of the Joker franchise would ever crossover with Matt Reeves
Batman trilogy and his answer was basically no Robert Pattinson was just
cast as Batman I know this is a totally different movie but but do you see those
two worlds merging together anytime soon no most of you also probably noticed the
liberal Easter eggs for Martin Scorsese’s taxi driver in the king of
comedy jokers origin story from Arthur to joker follows a very similar path to
Travis bickel’s story during taxi driver as well as Robert De Niro’s main
character from the king of comedy who seeks to gain recognition and fame
through terrible acts the Joker in the movie is looking for people to notice
him people are finally starting to notice me there were a lot of visual and
story references to both of those movies – like when Travis Bickle is sort of
playing with the gun dancing around with his shirt off the Joker is dancing
around accidentally setting the gun off sorry mom it was just an old war movie
that I was watching there’s also the very notable Charlie Chaplin easter-egg
modern times is playing during the movie at Wayne Hall Joker goes to try and
confront Thomas Wayne about his parentage the plot of Charlie Chaplin’s
modern times movie is all about the plight of the working man during the
Great Depression it’s all about class struggle in class struggle is a big
theme of the Joker movie wall the clown mask riots are happening outside the
theater that’s why they focus so much on the visual differences between the riots
and the streets and how crazy dirty and awful everything looks – when he steps
inside the theater and it’s almost like he’s stepping into a palace as far as
sequels go Joaquin Phoenix hasn’t really said anything about him coming back to
do anymore I’m sure the movies already broken a
couple of October records it’s smashed Venom’s October record which is a new
all-time wreck for highest-earning October movie
release but as I’ve said in previous Joker movie videos that I’ve done my
most likely assumption is that they’ll just try to do another DC Black Label
film with another villain character or another Batman comic book character just
a really focus smaller film based on a single character so you get a Riddler
movie or maybe they would try to do a war of jokes and riddles movie where
it’s basically a Joker versus The Riddler movie with a little bit of
Batman stuff in it but he’s not the main character it’s just about the Joker
going to war with the Riddler or they do a DC Black Label film about
the penguin or Rachel Ghul any of his iconic comic book villains so if you
spotted any big Easter eggs during the movie that I didn’t mention in the video
just write them below in the comments let me know if there are any big
questions that you have about the film well obviously everyone’s still going to
be talking about what’s real and what’s fake about that ending I’ve already done
a video about the ending of the movie I’ll include a link to that at the end
of this and in the description congratulations JC for your the giveaway
winner from my last big Joker video please email me on the about page of my
channel so I can get your details everybody click here for my Joker ending
scene video and click here for my Joker review thank you so much for watching
everybody put on a happy face I’ll see you guys tonight

100 thoughts on “Joker Easter Eggs – Ending Scene and Batman References Breakdown

  1. Here's all my Joker Movie Easter Eggs and References. Let me know how many you spotted! Please use spoiler tags when talking about the bigger spoiler moments. Here's my bigger video about the Ending Mystery

  2. For me: I think the whole thing is a dream sequence. Arthur Fleck- if that's even his name- is sat in Arkham in modern day, dreaming up the idea that he was responsible for the Wayne's murders. I'm thinking this is a version of the joker who has been captured by the Batman, sent to Arkham, and is fantasising about how he created the Batman. Perhaps he is drawing reference from someone before him who inspired him to become the joker? And in this situation, he is pretending to be his idol. Perhaps, if that is true, he isn't the Joker at all and just wishes he was!

  3. In the opening shot you see a advertisement for Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 tourism… Joaquin Phoenix was born there…👍🏽

  4. Spoiler….. in the scene in which he widens his smile with his own blood.. and embraces his audience of clowns It reminded me of the saying it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven.

  5. #Spoiler/#Easter egg

    the masks Joker & the crowd were wearin’, are the same masks Heath Ledgers Jokers used & wore when they were robbin’ the banks In The Dark Knight


    I love the scene where he's in Murray's show and is telling bad jokes,and talking about killing and all that. It was unnerving realistic and felt really uncomfortable

  7. 4:43 can someone explain that scene to me cause I never understood it. Was he visiting the guy. When I saw it in theater couldn't help but think that I missed something?

  8. My favorite moment is that the joker dancing on the cop car being celebrated by Gotham at the end is most likely his fantasy and not reality.

  9. Harley Quinn is a psycologist, he's in a mental hospital at the end… that's where they will meet and she will break him out. IT'S SO OBVIOUS

  10. Arthur’s medical card is a nod to the Joker calling card that several iterations of the character iconically use. Did anyone else catch that?

  11. Joaquin Phoenix's Arthur Fleck looks like the lead singer from Wang Chung.
    Arthur was a big movie around that time. Easter egg?

  12. My favorite scene is when the cops are chasing him and he goes into the train with all those protestors dressed as clowns.

  13. The incident where The Joker kills the studio audience originally appeared in The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel- not the cartoons.

  14. Ive just seen it and mannn… I LOVE what they made him represent, in the "gotham" world and the connections are insane.. Hopefully thats suttle for those who havent seen it..

  15. I (spoiler warning) LOVE when he does that dance in the bathroom. It’s such a long scene and it’s disturbing in an intriguing way. I was watching it with my older brother and we both looked at each other in discomfort but awe. Best movie of 2019 by far

  16. What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner, with a society that abandons him, and treats him like trash?
    I'll tell you what you get…
    You get what you fucking deserve!

  17. Favorite moment–SPOILER. He's jotting down notes at the comedy club, using his fake/real laugh (not his condition laugh) at completely wrong moments; unsuccessfully attempting to fit in making observations how comedy affects different people. Or is he purposefully doing it to observe how people react. it is pertinent to his end movie idea on how comedy is subjective which I think is also a metaphor how he sees himself as a hero.

  18. Theres no need for a sequel. This movie was perfect the way it was… a sequel would ruin some of the misteries left in the movie…

  19. After he shoots Murray, he picks up the stage camera and talks into it, a throwback to heath ledger when he recorded the video of himself torturing someone

  20. This is a movie like ‘fight club’. I could watch it a million times over 20 years and still notice little things every time I watch it.

  21. I noticed that there was a music easter egg… when the were watching the Charlie Chaplin movie…in reference to the music that was played for the joker in the tv animated series

  22. They should do a riddler movie with a joker post credit scene of him breaking out of Arkham. Then do a Joker vs Riddler movie where the Joker is trying to steal all the attention back from the riddler and spends most the film being jealous

  23. my favorite part was when Joker's neighbor sat on his face and then she spread her cheeks and let him pound her in the ass

  24. How to link this movie to batman's:
    Have the whole JOKER movie take place in Arthur's imagination and the final scene with the psychiatrist takes place in batman's timeline (1980s I think?) done.

  25. The movie starts on Thursday October 15. October 15 was a Thursday in 1984 and 1981. Coupled with everything else, the most likely date is 1981.

  26. Spoiler question.
    The jocker did kill the girl that he was imagining was his girlfriend. Thats the impression i got

  27. I think the bit where he kisses his co-guest on the talk show is a reference to that one vid of heath ledger kissing that fan girl

  28. 3:25 Actually it’s “Make ‘Em Laugh” and he already IS the Joker there. He’s just in disguise. If you watched the actual episode it’s only been a year since that happened relative to present day.

  29. 5:26 well he technically is a Joker, but he actually doesn’t end up being Gotham’s Final Joker. Jeremiah does.

  30. Oh and another thing. In the original TDKR comic (specifically issue 3: Hunt the Knight) Joker kisses the female doctor. Just like here.

  31. Minor spoiler…. not sure for an exact time stamp. But when Phoenix is applying make up on at “Ha Ha’s” there’s a brief moment where you can see the outline of Batman’s cowl in the reflection of the mirror.

  32. Too bad man. Movie is so good and im approved this type of origin. Unfortunately disappointed that its will not have connection with upcoming batman movie. Its has potential

  33. The Biggest Letdown is that they will not merge it with Batman. Once they have the good Joker again now they want to fuck everything up. It is so sad for the fans. But we do not matter, only the money…

  34. SPOILER………………………………… After the TV monitor scene when they switch to the riots and the cop car with Joker roles through, the tag on the car has 9189. Is this a reference to Batman 1989 or maybe some comic book Easter egg, just wondering, they seemed to linger on the tag for a moment .

  35. The way he put his fingers in his mouth and does that smile reminds me of the joker in Tim burton's batman film.

  36. Right after the film I was wondering WHY Philips choose "White Room" by Cream in the riot scene. It made no sense to me. Until this morning. White. Room. This scene definitely happens in his head, while he is in the asylum.

  37. spoiler at the end…just watched joker earlier today. not sure what the media was getting on about. didn't see any correlation between the joker and inciting riots. if anything this movie was more about mental health. my favorite part was when they showed that he was imagining his time spent with his GF. wasn't expecting that. that was like the last straw that sent him down into the abyss

  38. They honestly made Alfred look like a bitch when Arthur meets them.. He’s ex military. Alfred should and would have gotten out of the grab Arthur had on him.. 🤦‍♂️

  39. I loved the movie. I didn't think I would like it and I wasn't planning on watching it. But when I learned about it's connection to Taxi Driver I had to see it. Great movie and Amazing portrayal of the Joker and the fall of mentality down the rabbit hole. Just watching him grow and progress further. How poorly society is falling in those times. This is my favorite DC movie. I love the campy fun movies more too. This is the creme de la creme for me. I have always been a Joker fan and this fits with the comics and psychosis so well. Thank You Jouaquin and Todd

  40. Saw it for the second time yesterday. What a remarkable film and performance by Joaquin Phoenix👍👍
    My favorite Joker moment was when he’s dancing on the stairs to Gary Glitter. Just a fantastic sequence that tells the audience the transformation is complete; Arthur Fleck is dead, the Joker is in control now🤡

  41. SPOILER Hey Charlie-when Joker goes to Arkham to look for his mother’s file, the administrator tells him Dr. Benjamin Stoner treated Penny Fleck. Stoner was the head doctor at Arkham and later became “Anti-Fate”..
    Also, the license plate on the police car driving Joker to jail is 9189 which I believe is a reference to June 19th 1989-the release date for “Batman”.

  42. the train scene when he shoots those 3 punks. by far the best scene. the laughing, the change you see in his character. everything about it is amazing.

  43. My favorite part was when he was having a made up convo with the girl and dancing and shoots the guy who is not a good dancer lmao idk why.
    “oh you think I’m a very good dancer? Haha I know…but he is not (pow)” 💀

  44. *Spoiler- Travis Bickle is Arthur Flecks real dad ( Travis knocks Arthurs mom up in the early 60s, goes to Vietnam in the late 60s and returns to NYC in the early 70s) Arthur, not knowing his dad is led to believe the rich and powerful man Thomas Wayne is his real dad by his nutso mom in the early 80s NYC instead of the psycho taxi driver- BAM!

  45. You forgot the Bernhard Goetz case of NYC. Nerdy guy attacked in the subway but he surprises them when he has a gun and shoots the robbers.

  46. Spoiler

    I think DC should've started their universe with this. It would've given Snyder a much better leg to stand on to create a darker tone in the DCEU. Since it's 1981, it would be cool if he had a cameo in Wonder Woman 1984. I mean I can still wish…

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