JoJo’s Copyright Free Adventures In Italy – Episode 6 “Arts and Crafts

JoJo’s Copyright Free Adventures In Italy – Episode 6 “Arts and Crafts

you said my stolen phone up the sexual areas Italy’s partner una we up one damn we will have to continue to dance till he tells us about his partner know that the Ponte Borg is a Duke or a gangster even with tomato the city will attack it along then what are we supposed to do I’m going to use this big fishy just calc to get to Capri first I will go with you my stand Sex Pistols is made for coming [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Gide Oh mister ever since he was little he enjoyed simple things he loved sleep and found joy at staring at the sky he would get in fights get arrested but he still enjoyed life one night he saw a woman getting assaulted because he was so simple-minded he rushed him to help her somehow he managed to kill all of the hooligans while getting shot at from point-blank range ever since that moment mr. thinks he has a stand while in actuality he doesn’t he’s just really lucky and he’s good at shooting things [Music] it took longer than expected to get here we have about 20 minutes to find Siqueiros partner and it doesn’t help that this place is crowded you ever plan to finding rig mister mister what are you doing having lunch easy but we don’t tell Muay Thai men lunch time is for lunch well I don’t care much but these guys do are you talking to your bullets hey don’t call them that they are my stand surah anyways I’ll convince them to work you back me up [Music] [Music] is alrea dean daehwa chose if we don’t were missed I will be in trouble a Mista look at the window oh no a hacer Putin it can tear me no – Arita log e Giorno Giovanna will grow a tree in C desire the tree will push out his airport allowing him to Aragon their pod will fall out of fizzle if they are so I will turn left and not easily hot fuck this window go Sex Pistols [Music] [Applause] nice job pistols is really talking to his boon let’s so there was a back entrance a truck you are not getting away [Music] hello everyone since I’m no longer relevant to the plot I will be reading shout outs from filthy ramen Kings Petrine as you can see I’m still on my way home so I’m sorry for the noise our first shout out comes from son Sam says Mike gave me the poop wow what a great first shout out see you next time in Cochise patreon shoutouts [Music] ‘yt-alert [Music] dammit you shot Milligan you asshole how is he alive I shot him in the head yo nama is mr. right it’s useless my stunt cuffed Park can easily stop you aboard I need to reload if my math is correct you out of bullets right that means I can be push it out of you safely my hand is stuck and so is the drivers hands and legs wait this thing on my hand it’s glowed so his stand produces super strong industrial glow go Sex Pistols [Music] that bastard he did Epis 50 expect them to flow his fucking bullets but you are not getting away this is $400 [Music] what the hell is that [Music] he used the glue to scale amount in nany that’s one of the bullets I shot at him you see Mike how it works glue is special not only does it trap anything in place but it’s also so strong that it can keep even energy itself so I can’t stop a bullet directed at you and then release a glue to shoot it back at you you are done mister a chair did you forget about my stand what the hell are you talking about go Sex Pistols [Music] you are one lucky bastard [Music] nice job pistols now let’s meet up with others [Music] every time I close my eyes Jakob Dylan hisilani he can’t get here with my mind sexy new policy he will give anything just to make you understand me I don’t give a damn about no timlinson claim you easily head to need email your body made your bodies to need you got my timer get it to baby Tony Dylan’s bursary heir to need you book my mind you put my mind everyone adore is fractured what must I say or tell me what must we do what must be done to show you think about revenue

100 thoughts on “JoJo’s Copyright Free Adventures In Italy – Episode 6 “Arts and Crafts

  1. you know a jojo parody is good when you're behind on the anime and have no fucking clue of which parts are from the original and wich are just stuff he made up

  2. Du jou zhink zis is fanny? Giwing him a deutschen Sprech? A deutsch would newer be so ineffizient, wie zis Mann. Sein Stehen is too kraftful. He will reigen siegreich!

  3. Imagine Ventó Aureo takes place in the future who would win
    Mista or “The Number Four Gang” which is comprised of four members each with four letters in their name and are all 44 years old that use four knives with 12 more knives in separate pockets with 4 in each one.

    The year is 4444

  4. Koichi Patreon Shoutout
    Hello everyone it's me again
    Alright. Here's one
    Dear, are you still doing that piece of shit job I told you to quit?
    Yes Yukako
    Keep up those shoutout

  5. I love the extremely detailed depiction of a tree growing in Mista's ear to push his shitty Airpods out.

    And I didn't know Mister Maker was guest starring in this episode, I loved that show.

  6. This series is great because it’s funny when you know what’s going to happen, but it changes so much you can barely call it a spoiler

  7. When I saw Mista shoot bullets and then throw bullets through the window I uncontrollably hacked up my wine and cheese and cried for 5 minutes uncontrollably.
    This is legendary

  8. I love how you included the "Fuck this window" and how you ALWAYS make it a tree, and make it work, genius

  9. Everytime I close my eyes

    But seriously guys mistah's schizophrenia is a real issue, he shot my dog the other day saying smth about it being the most merciful death it can have

  10. I love how every stand is just subtly different from its real life counterpart.

    Kraft Werk doesn’t stop things in mid air, it produces glue,

    Moody blues can reply any TV or Camera,

    Gold Experience can only make trees,

    Sex Pistols doesn’t exist….

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