Jet Engine VS Captain America Shield (MAKE IT BREAK)

Jet Engine VS Captain America Shield (MAKE IT BREAK)

Hey guys! This video has been sponsored by Raid: shadow Legends! But more on that later. As you know we have a lot of cool stuff in the shop, and you guys have pretty good suggestions on videos to make. So we’re going to try out a new series we’re attentively calling: Make It Break! Where we see what fictional technology comes up on top. We’ll be dueling our existing projects against each other, for the first episode we’re going to see if our Captain America shield can withstand the power of a face melting jet-engine! But first, we’re going to have to remove it from our motorcycle and make an arm mount for it. To control the jet-engine we used a USB joystick attached to the arm mount, but, the issue is interfacing the joystick with the actual jet-engine. So we’re actually going to have to make our own circuit in order to do this. And to see the complete circuit diagram of how we interfaced with the jet-engine, check out our page on So this produces over 30kgs of thrust, which is over 70lbs! Ian: You’re dripping diesel! Dave: Hold still! This video has been sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends! I have an amazing announcement about the mobile game I recommended to you last time, Raid: Shadow Legends! A special tournament is happening globally right now! James: Oh it’s a dragon! It’s a really big one!
Oh they’re screwed… Someone’s getting eaten… Calling it right now. Aaand… uh-oh, yeah…
She just got eaten. You can compete with me and millions of other players in a massive arena tournament, for crazy in-game prizes, and even physical prizes that winners will get delivered straight to their house! In case you missed my last video, Raid is a brand new, free-to-play, mobile RPG game with the most amazing story line, awesome 3D graphics, giant boss fights, pvp battles and hundreds of champions to collect and customize! This is absolutely the best time to go join the action! Go to the description of this video and download Raid, only through my link to get 50 thousand silver, plus a free epic champion as a new player program. And you’ll also be automatically entered into the special launch tournament right away! Since Endgame just came out we thought it’d be fun to make a video to see what would happen if Iron Man shot Captain america’s shield? And to make it fun, Ian suited up as Iron Man. Let’s do this! Jarvis: i have indeed been uploaded. We’re online and ready. James: Alright, let’s start the jet-engine! I’m just going to move out of the way for now… I’m actually looking forwards to the heat of the jet-engine because its really cold out. Dave: Stage one… Stage two…!
James: Oh boy…! Oh yeah! it’s getting warm! Allright, why isn’t everyone wearing safety glasses?! Owen: also, are you okay Evan?
Evan: What came flying? I didn’t even see it. James: Probably just dust…
Owen: The front of the shield! James: Oh my god! Owen: I got it!
James: You got it?! Oh, it’s warm! I mean obviously… That wasn’t full power?!
Ian: I don’t think so! Dave: Found it! It’s right here! And it’s still warm! James: alright uhhh… Hot glue? Alright, maybe we should test this stuff in the back yard now… Iron Man: stay down, final warning. Captain America: I can do this all day… Dave: Stage one…! Stage two…! James: Here we go! James: Let g- James: You’re aiming down too much, you were getting my feet! It looked pretty awesome with the smoke floating around him. Owen: How do you feel Ian? Ian: It’s 32kgs, just like, pushing on your arm…
Your arm just gives out at some point. Riley: James would you like some water?
James: Only if you hand feed it to me. James: Hit it! It’s steaming… Can you see it? It’s hot! Alright, that was a ton of fun! The Captain America shield actually stood its ground against the jet-engine which is actually a little surprising, I thought it might of taken a bit more damage, although the front disk did fly off… If you guys like this project make sure you subscribe to the channel and if you want to support the channel, check out Raid: shadow Legends today checking the link in the description below! Thanks for watching! Ian: I’m trying to take my caffeine pill and there’s not much flexibility to get it in there so…

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  2. Hello hacksmith I would like to suggest that why don't you use two engines to make the iron man suit fly because it propels a lot of hot air so it can lift a person up

  3. considering ur clearly running out of projects, and you've already made the helmet, arc reactor and flight gear, I dare u to make the whole iron man suit.

  4. where to buy a costume as Captain America, write a link (I don't know English, so I use a translator, I'm from Poland)

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