Jeopardy! First: Tiebreaker | JEOPARDY!

Jeopardy! First: Tiebreaker | JEOPARDY!

– A geography category
for our final today. Deals with European islands,
and here is your clue players. Once known as the Norman Isles,
per the British Government. This group is not part of the U.K. and has never been colonies.
Thirty seconds. Good luck. This was a lot tougher
than a lot of our finals. We’ll find out now as we start with Scott. He had $4,000 in third place, and he said, What are the Canary Islands? No, incorrect. It’ll cost you 3,995
dropping you to five dollars. Let’s go to your left. Sarah Norris you had 11,600. Which islands did you come up with? Which group, the Faroe Islands. Incorrect also. You risked and lost 4801. That takes you down to 6799, and it takes us to Laura
Mclain, our champion. She had 15,000. She came up with the Shetland Islands. That too is incorrect. The correct response is What
are the Channel Islands. Guernsey, Jersey and those. You are going to lose something. How much? 8,201. That drops you down to 6,799, and you and Sarah are tied, so here is your tie breaker question. The category is: Way Back in 2017. The answer is: Her April decision to call a snap parliamentary election proved less than brilliant on June the 8. Laura – Who is May? – [Alec Trebec] Theresa May is right. You win the game, and that gives you a two day total of $19,598. Great finish, thank you. We’ll say goodbye until tomorrow. Hopefully, we will not
have a tie breaker then. (jeopardy music)

100 thoughts on “Jeopardy! First: Tiebreaker | JEOPARDY!

  1. "Ok Trebec… Ratings are at an all time low. I want to see you get pumped when we stage a…wait for it…first ever Jeopardy TIE"

  2. What's amazing is that at first, the polls suggested the snap election in the UK would be a landslide victory for the Conservatives. I still don't know what happened in the meantime that turned it into a net loss of seats for them.

  3. I think she made it a tie on purpose bc why would use say 8201 instead of just 8200 like it’s $1 difference

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  6. They've had ties in the past. Previously, both people would just go on to the next show so that only one new person was on.

  7. I am certain that what we see is an edited version. An educated guess (I know a little about Jeopardy) is that the show was stopped (as happens periodically), the producers huddle and then they resume. There is also a lawyer present at every broadcast. They then edited seamlessly. The show is broadcast usually weeks after it is taped.

  8. To all that are wondering: I'm pretty sure the reason they removed ties was because of the surplus of them at the start of season 31. Most seasons of Jeopardy there is like one tie per year. Season 31, there were 4 ties in the first 2 months. Most likely due to needing to give away twice the amount of money in the event of a tie they just decided to remove it.

  9. It's not the first time. The post says regular Jeopardy. There is a video from a tournament of champions from about 10 years ago. Alex says then, that there hadn't been a tie in about 20 years.

  10. This is new….they used to just let the 2 be tied and paid off both and had them both back the next day….they must be getting cheap

  11. my head insta dropped on my laptop seeing this lame boring snoozefest excitement I thought it was going to be special.

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  13. I wish I was able to watch jeopardy… but spectrum cable removed it last month becasue apparently northwest wants a 75% increase or so it says I've become dumber cause of spectrum

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  15. Didn't like the way it was handled..magically he had the tie breaker question in his hand,it could favor one of the contestant based on the knowledge he was answering through the show. That question should have been brought in the monitor as a category matter what time was left.

  16. There's been a tie before. There's been a tie breaker before. They're literally right here on Youtube. Cool moment. But not a first

  17. What happened to the system used before?…that those that were tied at the end of Final Jeopardy with the same amount of money would come back on the next show.

  18. I thought during regular games if there’s a tie they have 2 champions in one case they had 3 champions at least that’s how it was when Jeopardy was on ABC

  19. Don't be cheap. Let them both come back as co-Champions. Since this was the first time in the 2 years (400 + or – games) that there has been a tie. One out of 400 is a coincidence, not a pattern that needs to be dealt with, or because of gamesmanship. You have it set up so that no one knows what another person is betting, so you can't play any head games about intentionally going for a tie. There are WAY too many variables that work against having a tie (your score, how you bet on the final question, your knowledge of the category).

    Sure, In the Tournament of Champions, it makes sense to keep the "gameplay brisk and competitive" since they are playing for $100,000, AND it being a two day final. But it makes no sense to have it for the regular play. It only shows that the producers are cheap and don't want to pay for two champions rather than just the $2,000 for being in 2nd place.

    Bring back Co-Champions.

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  22. I was walking out of my room when I turn to the tv and saw this and I was yelling oh shit what the fuck and everybody else on the tv show was all calm

  23. There have been ties before – they just used to let both players keep the $$ and come back as co-champs the next day.

    Money must REALLY be getting tight in Cali…

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  25. I would have said this has happened before and both contestants return the next day with one new challenger. I feel certain it has, so perhaps this is something newly implemented as of whenever?

  26. Does anyone remember the olden days of Jeopardy whenever 2 players (maybe 3) were both tied for the lead at the end of Final Jeopardy that they would both win and advance to the next game instead of having to break a the tie like they did here (which this was mostly done in the tournaments)?

  27. That's not the first time the show ended in a tie. They should have allowed both players to come back the next day.

  28. 1:22 — Hah, Scott raises his hands like "What happens now?" I remember watching this when it aired, and it seemed strange how quickly Alex and the crew happened to have a clue ready for a tiebreaker. Also, this has happened before in the past but they would just bring back both contestants next time. Not sure when that rule changed.

  29. Just so we're clear here, Tie-Breakers HAVE happened on the show previously, but ONLY in Tournament Play. This is the first time a Tie-Breaker happened in a REGULAR game, even though regular games themselves have been tied in the past–they just came back as co-champions–that's no longer the case.

  30. Let's be honest. The only reasons there can be a tie after Final Jeopardy is if either the contestants were tied going into Final or at least one person wagered incorrectly.

  31. But she didn't get any money for that question? It was relatively easy, but what if she missed it? Would the other player automatically win or would they keep going until someone gets one right?

  32. The tie breaker should have been written like in Final Jeopardy. Not depending on the quickness of the contestants ring in.

  33. This isn't the first tho… it happened in 2014 during a teen tournament and I don't think that's a first either…

  34. I thought in the regular games they bring back both tied players as co-champions.

    The only time they break ties is in tournaments where it is necessary to get a winner

  35. I would have been fucked, if he just asked it I would have started writing like it was final jeopardy but then she would have buzzed and gotten it, do you think they explained these things?

  36. I Know This Happened a Year Ago and I Wish The Tiebreaker Can Get Lifted and I Enjoyed Co-Champions!

  37. I assume there was some HEAVY editing that went into this 2-minute clip? probably took 10-15 minutes on stage of actual back-n-forth

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