100 thoughts on “Jay Rock – Wow Freestyle ft. Kendrick Lamar

  1. who would win in a fight, jay rocks jacket or Kendrick pants?
    i dont care if they are getting help from AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M

  2. is it just me or in all of kendriks songs does he sound like KEVIN HEARTS woman impression hahaha!!!! srry kendrick i love you still hahah!

  3. Ayy K. Dot
    Yeah, yeah
    Can we get it how we used to get it like when Top had the red charger?
    Can we get it how we used to get it like when Top had the red charger?
    Can we get it how we used to get it?
    Cap on, and I got racks on
    Spent four nights in the country I like, then I take my rich ass back home
    Blow so bright, I could make make moonlight
    See this ain't like your pheromones
    Blew one, big gun, bare tone
    Who won? We won, you're home
    We old school like capital
    My old school made doctor note
    My old school made hard knock
    Black on black, my coupe ain't strap, I ain't balling on these hard tops
    I told y'all to call Top, now my number call blocked
    I don't miss, I call shot
    Hol' up, yeah
    Cap on and I got racks on (and I got racks on)
    And I produced that diesel, I could put Shaq on (I could put Shaq, ayy)
    Nigga, your bitch gon' leave, you ain't got a backbone (you ain't got, hol' up)
    I don't rely on people, I just go and bread chase (whoa)
    This so fucking door, I might catch a fed case (whoa)
    You ain't getting money, nigga, then you dead weight (whoa)
    Got the drop on 'em, there he go, checkmate (whoa)
    We go drop on 'em, y'all better play it safe (whoa)
    Cap on, and I got racks on
    Don't be bitter, your dope, they reconsider that shit, be stepped on
    Eastside Johnny, way out that project, but then I get my rep on
    Fuck your feeling, no Preston, bitch, I kill it, I bring that check home
    We old school like domino
    My old school made lawyers know
    My old school a match box
    Black on black, bad bitch in the back, we ballin' on a hard top
    Dot told y'all to call Top
    Now my number call blocked
    We don't miss, we call shots, swervin'
    I pay 'em no mind mind because I curve 'em
    She said I look way better in person
    I told her I do better when I'm workin'
    You scared motherfucker, go to churches
    Right back in this bitch, take a flick
    Hoe, what's happening (yeah), we don't politic
    Money clip, like it's fashion (yeah)
    Me and Rock go back like, flipping matresses
    Me and Dot go back like knocking adresses
    Cap on, cap on, drum hold thirty, no add-on
    Lil' man mad, don't wanna go bad on
    Big heat stamp fold out, when you lack on
    You ain't no man, you a mouse in a rat hole
    I hold band, whole stack, that's factual
    Call big ten on a island bashful
    Fuck your plan, I'ma burn that castle
    Fuck that clan, I'ma burn that task force
    It's sick murder when I say go
    Hoppin' out that van with a black ski mask and a great big murder when I say go
    Man, I took my chance, and I paint like that, let' see how further it might go
    And it just might hurt you when I go
    And my name might curse you when I go, bitch
    In God we trust
    Fear no man, but in god we trust
    Both palm in hand, prayin' I stay up
    I know you try your best but it's not like us
    Wow, oh you say you got a bad one
    Wow, I can tell you never had one
    Wow, we back to back acting manie
    Wow, east-side Johnny going stupid, stupid, stupid

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  5. Its been years since Kendrick was featured in Pusha T's Nostalgic and Kendrick is still trying to get his hand in his pocket

  6. https://youtu.be/1tduxUl3W0o?list=RD1tduxUl3W0o

    please check out ma song, share with friends while bumping to it!

  7. jay rock and Kendricks friendship is the realest in the rap game.
    i am sure both of them are not using AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M

  8. People will say your artist aren't cool unless they got money and awards but Jay Rock got both in style and style is a aquired taste. So don't bother me. #Wowfreestyle

  9. GA GS G G GZach diesel ZZB a billion tracks. Rack on Back. E EESS with billion tracks. Eagle Diesel MMZZB. CurverCarverInPersonIdrinkWater Purse then !?! EESS

  10. I don't know what to say about people who says that for fame Kendrick is using the site AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M because i think he is not using it. Whoever likes this will be rich and successful🔥💯

  11. They go in!!!!!! Its a track that makes you think damn I just got to do better with my whole life!! Lol. Their skillz areon point! Love these two!!!!!!

  12. I don't see anyone commenting this but the clips with the bad quality is actually footage of their old music videos. Like, really old. Thats why he says can we get it how we used to get it.

  13. who would win in a fight, jay rocks jacket or kendricks pants?
    who care if they are using AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M to get fame on youtube

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