Japan Stationery Haul | What I bought in Japan!

Japan Stationery Haul | What I bought in Japan!

– Amanda, why do you do this to yourself? I literally just reorganized
my stationary collection and now I’m gonna have to
find some more space. (laughs) (gentle music) Hey, everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. So, today’s video is a big one. It is the one you’ve all been waiting for, my Japan stationary haul. If you’ve been following
along on Instagram or pretty much any of
my other social medias, then you’ll know that I just came back from a two-week long trip to Japan and it was the most incredible
experience of my life. Hands down, one of my favorite traveling trip experiences ever. I did vlog the whole trip, so if you’re curious as
to what I did in Japan and wanna see my experience there, definitely go check out the vlogs. I think by the time this video goes up, the vlogs will already
have been up on my channel, so I will link them above as well as in the description box below. Anyways, one of the main things that I was the most excited for when I found out that I was going to Japan was, of course, the Japanese stationary. I feel like it’s no secret that Japanese stationary is superior, they don’t play around, and I was very excited to check it out. A lot of the popular stationary
companies in North America are actually Japanese anyways, so I feel like going to Japan
is kind of like going back to the motherland, going back
home, back to where I belong. (laughs) I wanna tell you guys
straight up right now that this video is going
to be extremely long because, spoiler alert, I got
a lot of stuff, like a lot. (laughs) I went a little crazy, but
I figured, you know what? How many times am I ever
gonna be in Japan in my life? I might as well stock up now. Plus, you guys already
know that I have a problem, so I feel like I don’t
need to justify it anymore. Oh, and I also got some gifts for you guys ’cause obviously I couldn’t
shop for stationary without shopping for my little doodles. You guys have supported me
always and are the main reason why I was able to go to
Japan in the first place. So yes, there is a giveaway. Make sure you stay tuned to the end to see what I got you guys and
how you can win the prizes. But anyways, we might as
well get this thing started, so grab a snack, it’s gonna
be a long one, let’s do this. All right, so when I asked
you guys for suggestions, I definitely noticed that
there were three main stores among the hundreds of answers, and those three stores are
Itoya, Tokyu Hands, and LOFT. I only ended up buying stuff
from Tokyu Hands and Itoya. Not from LOFT, unfortunately. I did visit LOFT really
briefly at the end of my trip. I just kind of sped through it. The only reason why I
didn’t buy things from LOFT is because I had visited
Itoya and Tokyu Hands near the beginning of my trip and I went really crazy
and bought a lot of stuff because I thought those
were the only two stores that I would be able to visit and then by the time I visited LOFT, I felt like I had enough and there was a lot of repeats anyway. I’m gonna start us off with the
stuff that I got from Itoya. I went to the Itoya location in Ginza. I know that some locations
are bigger than others, so just in case you’re
curious which one I went to. And I have to say I think
Itoya might be my favorite. Overall, it was just so pleasant. There were so many floors. I can’t remember how many floors, but every single floor kind
of had a different specialty. There was one floor that was
dedicated to fountain pens and one floor that was dedicated to really high-quality paper and one for more craft type of things. So it’s really fun being able to explore and every time you go up an escalator or go up the stairs to a different floor, you’re just like there’d
just be all this stationary and it was insane. The main reason why I enjoyed
shopping at Itoya so much is because it was just
such a calming experience. I feel like the store
was organized really well and there is like calming music playing, it wasn’t too busy,
especially when I went, and I was able to just be in my stationary zen, so I loved it. And I noticed that Itoya
definitely focuses a lot more on fine-quality artisan paper goods, so they had a lot of really
beautiful Japanese papers and fountain pens and that type of stuff. So, it’s not so much if
you’re looking for pens ’cause I actually didn’t get
too, too many pens from Itoya. I definitely got a lot
more pens from Tokyu Hands. But if you’re into crafts and washi tapes and notebooks and papers
and that type of stuff, then Itoya is definitely your place. This is actually the first time I’m unpacking all of this stuff, so it’s almost like a
second first-impressions because I haven’t looked at the stuff since I came back from my trip. But let’s see what we got in here. All right, the first things
that I got from Itoya were these two notebooks. I thought that these
were so, so beautiful. It just has a nice pattern on the front, and the cover is like this linen material, and I just really loved the look of them. They’re very simple and I could tell that the quality is really
great and I like the patterns because I felt like it gave
a subtle Japanese vibe. A lot of the things at Itoya like the notebooks and
the papers and stuff had really beautiful
Japanese patterns on them, so I wanted to make sure
to get notebooks and things that I wasn’t gonna be able
to find at all in Canada. I actually wanna open one up and see. Ooh, I like the feeling of the cover. The pages on the inside are just plain, but it’s a nice cream color. There’s no dots or lines or anything, but I figured this would be a nice idea notebook or sketchbook or something that I can
just take along with me. But I really, really like
the texture of the pages. I can already tell the
pages just feel so nice and I like the cream color. It’s almost like a shame. I feel I don’t wanna write in this because it’s so perfect and beautiful. And I do actually remember
that these notebooks were a special collection with Itoya, and I can see that on the back, too. It’s TAKEO MIHONCHO Ginza at Itoya. So these are Itoya exclusive and I’m very excited to use them. This one is for you guys. The next notebook that I
got from Itoya is this one. This is the brand Paper Quintet
and it also says at Itoya, so I think this is an
Itoya exclusive as well. But they actually had a couple
different versions of this and each one had a different color cover and a different color spine. This particular one has a
black cover and a red spine. But each one had different types
of paper on the inside, so. This specific one actually
has newspaper pages on the inside, which
I thought was so cool. Now that I’m really feeling the pages, it’s almost like a mix between newspaper and construction paper, and it’s like this slightly
light grayish color. And I thought that this type of paper would be really, really
great for doing sketches with Conte or chalk pastel or charcoal. I love doing that type of stuff as well, especially since these are gray, then you’re able to use
like white chalk on top and it’ll show through very, very nicely. I thought that this was
just a cute little notebook, again, mostly for art and for sketching. The last notebook is probably one of the most beautiful
notebooks I have ever seen. Look at this. It’s this neon pink Japanese
cherry blossom floral pattern and the back is also the same, matching neon pink as well. I wanna open it up. There you go. And this notebook is
actually an accordion style. I thought that was so unique. I’ve never had a notebook
that is like this. (laughs) But I thought it would be
cool to do some sketches that may be like extend along the pages. The paper, ooh, I’m out here
ruining my own notebooks, the paper is actually pretty thick and it’s more of like
a crisp, clean white. So you can definitely use paints on this and like inks and stuff, which I thought would be
fun to play around with. Ooh. (laughs) Kinda cool. Anyways, yeah, so, that’s that notebook. I got a couple more paper
type goods from Itoya. It’s honestly my favorite
part of the store. It was just all of the gorgeous papers. There was a whole floor just for individual
papers that you can buy. I wish I would have been able to buy full sheets of some of these papers ’cause the designs were so beautiful, but I definitely wouldn’t have
been able to travel back home without folding it or
ripping it or ruining it, so what I settled on was
buying some origami papers. Both of these say washi origami papers. I don’t know what that means. I thought that there’s
just regular origami paper, but apparently, this
is washi origami paper, but I love the patterns on these. This particular one, I
think, is the same brand and company as the one who
did this neon pink notebook because they also have the neon pink floral
designs all over them. Then I also got this blue pack. This blue pack has a
lot more sheets in it. There’s 20 sheets in here and each paper is a different design, but every single design
is so, so gorgeous. There’s gold foil on it and I just can’t wait to do some origami. Fun fact, when I was a kid
in grade four, I believe, my class tried to do the a
thousand crane challenge, where you fold a thousand cranes. I don’t think we ended up
making it to a thousand cranes, but we got pretty close, but because of that, I can
fold a paper crane in my sleep. So when I’m feeling stressed, maybe I’ll just sit down
and fold some paper cranes. If there’s any place in the
world to get origami paper, it’s definitely from Japan. Okay, what should we do next? I think we should do the stickers and washi tape type of stuff. Guys, I went a little
crazy with the washi tape during this trip, like very crazy. I think I’m gonna need a whole
new drawer or shelf or wall dedicated to washi tape after this trip. There were just so many cute ones and a lot of different
patterns to choose from. In Canada the washi tape selection is nowhere near as big as in Japan. And it was also just a regular item that was available in a
lot of different stores, not just in stationary-specific stores. Something that I noticed was that whenever I went
into any souvenir shop, like even when I went into Tokyo Disney or a souvenir shop at the shrine, they had different washi tape designs, so I couldn’t help myself. Halfway through my trip,
I just kind of decided that I am officially a
washi tape collector. Yeah, we’re talking about go to a different area
or a different store, I would just get whatever
washi tape was there, so. Of course, since I loved the brand that did this neon floral patterns, I got some matching washi
tapes to go along with it. These ones are so, so beautiful. There’s this neon pink
sort of floral design and then this one has the same Japanese cherry blossom flowers all over it as well. And then I got these two packs. These come with three different
thicknesses of washi tape, a really skinny one, a medium-sized one, and then a thicker one, but there’s all these
little stars all over them, and I got the gold version as
well as the silver version. You guys know I’m a sucker for anything with stars and constellations on it, so obviously I had to get these. As I got these two. This one is black with this gold foil
floral design all over it. It almost looks like floral lace or something that’s
crocheted or something. I thought this was so, so beautiful. And then this one is kind
of like what I like to think of a very stereotypical Japanese pattern. It’s red with cherry
blossoms and gold foil and leaves all over it, and these are just so beautiful. The brand is Kimono Zen Washi Tape. I got another Japanese
floral design washi tape, but this one is a lot thicker. It’s probably the thickness of about two regular-sized washi tapes. I like the blue floral design. It almost matches the
origami papers that I got. And these are the last two washi tapes that I got from Itoya. This one has a nice
light blue grid design, very tiny grids on it, and I thought it just reminded me of the math grid notebooks
that you used as a kid. And I thought that since it was so light, it would be able to fit a lot of different gold journal themes
and add a nice little pop. And then this one is so cool. As soon as I saw it,
I knew I had to get it because it’s gonna be very, very useful. It’s basically just a
roll of mini calendars. It has all of the numbers and you can cut it depending
on where your months start. There’s two rolls in here,
one roll with all the numbers and then one roll with the
days like M, T, you know, for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So I’m excited to try
this on my bullet journal and see how it works. Hopefully, it will save me a lot of time. I got a couple of cute stickers as well. These ones are paper cranes and I thought they were so, so beautiful just because of the gold foil all over it. I’m a sucker for gold foil and Japanese stationary uses a lot of it. But, yeah, there’s
different floral designs on each paper crane. I also got these, which is just a whole sheet
of Japanese cherry blossom, and there’s different shades
of pink and peach all over it. This would have been perfect for February because I did a whole month where my bullet journal
theme was cherry blossom, so I wish I had these. Maybe I’ll go back into my February month and stick these all around. (laughs) And then the last sticker sheet that I got was this one that just has a bunch of tiny, tiny, tiny little
gold, silver and bronze stars. We’re almost done with Itoya. But next things that I
got were these two pens and I was just really
drawn to the pattern. Again, love this Japanese floral design with the gold metallic foil all over it. I actually didn’t get to test
out what type of pen it is. I solely bought it
because of the aesthetic. Oh my God. Oh my God, wait, it’s a brush pen? No way. That makes it even better. It’s like a brush, brush pen, too, with different hairs on it. Okay, wow! I am so glad that I got this. Oh my gosh, this is so nice. Has a good weight to it, too. The brand is Akashiya, Akashiya. Wow, I just knew in my soul
that I would love this. And now I have a real
Japanese calligraphy pen ’cause it’s actually a brush pen. I’m excited for you guys
to have one of them now. And then finally, the last things that I got from Itoya were stamps. Stamps are a new venture for me. I’ve never owned stamps
or like a stamping block and they had so many cute ones at Itoya, so I figured this is the
beginning of my stamp journey. So obviously I had to get some ink pads because I didn’t have any. I got this standard blank ink pad, but I also got some
fun-colored ink pads as well. This one is a green color. The brand is Artnic and
the shade is green tea. And I also got some metallic ink pads, which I think are gonna be
really fun to play around with. This one is called
Delikata Celestial Copper, so it’s like a bronze color. And then this one is actually
called White Shimmer. According to the swatch
that I saw in the store, it shows up kind of pearly and white. I’m hoping that the ink
will show up on top of black because I think that that
would be so beautiful. Imagine a black page with pearly white stamp
designs all over it. Love that. And then in terms of the actual
stamp big blocks that I got, I got this alphabet set and
it has every single letter and it’s in this like typewriter font. I thought that these alphabet stamps would probably be the most useful. I’m picturing like a nice greeting card, maybe if I wanted it to
look rustic and fancy and write the person’s name on the envelope with these stamps. I think that’s so cute. Or even if I wanna use
it in my bullet journal, I think that could be fun as well. I’ve seen people use stamps like this in their bullet journal
when they want a rustic vibe to their bullet journal
theme, like with craft paper. I’m picturing it now and it looks great. And then I got a couple of nature ones, which I thought would go well with the green stamping ink that I got. This one is a little bee and then this one is a butterfly. Then finally, I had to get these. They’re just too cute. This one has two pandas holding hands. When I saw this stamp, I
knew I couldn’t pass on it. It is just a little Totoro stamp, guys. Studio Ghibli animated movies are some of my all-time favorites. They hit me in the feels a lot. I grew up on them and I
highly recommend checking out Studio Ghibli movies
if you haven’t already. And obviously when I was in Japan, there were so much Studio
Ghibli-related merchandise because that is the
birthplace of the studio and Miyazaki and Isao. I can’t wait to just stamp
little Totoros all over. It’ll be like my sneak attack. (laughs) Moving on to Tokyu Hands. Tokyu Hands was an interesting
experience. (laughs) I had high, high expectations because so many people
told me to go there. I didn’t know what to expect. But what I didn’t know
was how overwhelming that store was gonna be. There is no store in Canada
that compares to that. Let me tell you that. I actually ended up going to
two Tokyu Hands locations, the first one was Ginza,
which is a lot smaller, but the only reason why I went was because it was close by to Itoya. There were kind of in the same area, so. I went to that one first and I knew that the Shibuya
one was a lot bigger because apparently, that’s
like their flagship location, but I wasn’t sure at that time
whether I was gonna be able to make it out to the Shibuya one. Even the Ginza one, even though
it was the smaller location, it was still really big
and had a lot of selection. But the Shibuya one is
definitely way, way bigger. It’s insane. The floors are so confusing. They like spiral up. There’s eight different floors and there’s Level 1A and
1B, and it was a lot. I got lost in there for sure. And unlike Itoya, which was
definitely a specialized arts and crafts and home goods type of store, Tokyu Hands has absolutely everything. They have a beauty section,
a woodworking section, art supplies section, home goods
section, traveling section. Every single floor is something
different and it was crazy. Even just thinking about it right now, I’m getting stressed all over again. But in terms of the pros and
cons of Tokyu Hands over Itoya, I would say that the pros of Tokyu Hands is that there’s a lot more
variety and a lot more pens. So if you’re looking for pens, Tokyu Hands is definitely the place to go because they have aisles and
aisles of pens and pencils and gel pens and markers and all of that, whereas Itoya was definitely
more paper-focused. I actually didn’t really
see too many pens at Itoya other than the really fancy,
super expensive fountain pens. But Tokyu Hands, on the other hand, definitely had a lot more
of the affordable markers and pens and gel pens
and that type of stuff. (laughs) Let’s do the dump. Ahh! Amanda, why do you do this to yourself? I literally just reorganized
my stationary collection and now I’m gonna have to
find some more space. (laughs) All right, so as soon as I walked into that grand stationary
floor at Tokyu Hands, these were on display and it was the first things that I noticed and I knew I had to get them. It’s the Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens. You guys have been telling
me to try these out and have been sending me pictures of these ever since it was announced
that they were releasing these, and I was so happy to find all
of these sets at Tokyu Hands. It’s pretty much the exact same colors as the regular Zebra
Mildliner Highlighters, but it’s just the brush version. So I’m very curious to see how these work and whether I will like them. If the actual brush tip
on these are really good, then I’m definitely gonna
be grabbing these a lot because I’ve always
really loved the colors that these Zebra Mildliners come in. They’re just nice, muted, pastel tones. You guys know I don’t like to
work with anything super crazy in terms of color, so we’ll see. I’ll test these out and get back to you. Speaking of Zebra Mildliners, I actually ended up finding
a couple different colors that I didn’t even know were available. I knew that there were some
colors that I didn’t have because there was like a hidden set that isn’t as readily
available in North America. But in Tokyu Hands, they actually sold all of the colors individually, so I was able to pick out
the ones that I didn’t have. So there’s this nice little
like Indigo blue color, lime green, a more bold
yellow color, and a red. Next that I got was actually
also from Zebra, the brand, but I’ve never seen these pens before. They’re the Click Art Pens. I just wanna open them up. I remember testing them out in the store and being very intrigued because they were also on
display next to the brush pens, so it sucked me right in. They’re like clickable pens, but instead of a regular
ballpoint pen coming out, it’s an actual marker and the
tip is pretty thin as well. Ooh, I really like this. Ah, I can already tell that
I’m gonna be using these a lot. I like that the colors
are, again, very muted. I think Zebra does colors
really, really nicely. They’re like classy and not
too bright and childish. These are great. I feel like I’m probably
talking super fast and I’m very hyper, but it’s
just because I’m finally able to unpack all of these goodies. Ooh, I’m excited. These are so good! I kinda got these on a whim. I haven’t heard anyone talk
about these ever before, so it was a little bit of a gamble, but I’m glad I picked them
up because they look, so far, I mean just based off of the little test that I’m doing right now, so
far they look really great. I have so many pens in front of me, I don’t even know where to begin. All right, let’s start off with these ’cause I thought these were super cool and I’ve never seen
these in Canada either. These are the Zebra, I didn’t even realize that
these were Zebra as well, but they’re the Zebra Sarasa Clip Pens. I noticed that these Sarasa
Clip Pens were very popular. There was a lot of different
selections in terms of colors. These particular ones are a little funky because the ink is multicolor. When you write, it kind of changes colors and it reminds me of the gel pens that I used to have as a kid. It’s like you’re writing with
Taiga Ink, which is so cool. I could just do these like little swirls and watch the colors change forever. Next up, I got some Pilot Juice Pens. I’ve actually heard of these pens before, but surprisingly, I’ve
never used them before. I think they are available
in North America. Pilot is pretty popular here as well. But what drew me to these
is the color selection because I actually got the
Pilot Juice Pastel Version. So there’s this light minty green color, pink, orange, yellow, and blue. It says it’s 0.5, but it
seems to be a lot thinner than a regular 0.5 pen, in my opinion. Again, it’s a gel pen formula and they’re pretty juicy, I must say. The name Pilot Juice Pen does
live up to the actual formula. Oh, and I got a black one
just for good measure as well. And then because I am psychotic, (laughs) I noticed that there were
these Pilot Juice Up Pens, and this was after I got
these Pilot Juice Pens. I think I got this in
the Shibuya location, so I had already gotten these
ones from the Ginza one. But I wanted to try these just because the packaging
really drew me to it. I just like the white,
clean look on the outside. I’m not exactly sure how
different the formula is, but I can already tell
a pretty big difference even just writing with them right now. These ones, the 0.4 ones,
the ink is a lot more wet, whereas the 0.5 ones is a bit
more of a gel-like formula. So I think I’m gonna like
these better than the 0.5 just because I tend to like
thinner-tipped pens a lot better and the ink is a bit
more vibrant and solid. I got a couple of metallic gel pens. They’re both from Uni-Ball, but they’re different
brands within Uni-Ball. So these two are the Uni-Ball Signo Pens. I actually have used Uni-Ball
Signo Gel Pens before, but these two in particular
are glittered gel pens. I got gold and silver. And in the store they had black paper to test the writing out on and I noticed that they
wrote really nicely over top of black. And then I also got the
Uni-Ball Signo Broad Version. These ones have a lot thicker of a tip. There’s no chunky glitter
in them like these ones. It’s just more like a chrome finish and they show up so
opaque over top of black. It’s actually insane. I’ve never seen a gel
pen that goes over black as well as these, so I’m excited. Sakura Decorase, Decorese Gel Pens. I just really like the
shape of these gel pens. Look at the cap. They’re like funky, they
go out a little bit, and there’s a cute design
on the outside of the pen, and I’ve never heard of these before. I didn’t know Sakura had
these Decorese collection, but there’s a ton of different colors. I only got two. This one with the white outside is just a regular pastel blue color and there’s no glitter in it or anything, it’s just light blue. But then this one with the
black outside is glitter, so it’s like a glitter
green type of formula. All right, finishing off the pen and marker section from this video, these are from Pilot. I got these Friction. I’ve seen the Pilot Friction
Highlighters before, the erasable ones, but I
didn’t know that they had felt tip markers available as well, so I got a couple colors
just to test them out. It’s like a nice sunny egg yolk color and this purplish color
and then this peach color. But it’s not a thick marker by any means. It’s more of like a medium
to fine-tipped marker. And then on the cap, of course, there’s the little rubber erasable parts that you can erase whatever
you write down with the marker. I’ve used the Pilot Friction
Erasable Highlighters before, but they’re nothing special to me just because I don’t have a use
for highlighters very often, but I think I would get a lot more use out of these fine felt-tipped markers. And then these guys over
here, these are thick boys. These are the Pilot Juice Paint Pens. These are paint markers and they’re probably very comparable to the Uni-Posca Paint Pens. I got gold, silver, and white. And what’s great about
paint markers like these is that you can actually write on pretty much any surface,
if I’m not mistaken. I’ve seen people write on canvas and wood and glass with markers
like these, so I thought that these were actually
very useful to have on hand in case I ever need to write on a surface that a regular pen would
not be able to write on. Plus, it’s just fun to doodle with a big, thick marker like this. It makes me feel like a kid again. I did get a couple of different stickers and things from Tokyu Hands, but as I mentioned, I’m
more so focused on the pens since the selection was massive. And I actually like the
selection of washi tapes and stickers a lot better at Itoya. I think the designs were a lot
cuter and there’s a lot more. I got this whole sheet
of tiny little pandas, this whole sheet of little hedgehogs. They’re like pastel-colored hedgehogs with some gold foil on them. These ones with the
little cats all over them. Some sushi ones. Since I’m allergic to fish
and I can’t eat most sushi, I figured getting these sushi stickers was probably the best option for me. But these are cute because
the sticker backing is actually clear and they
have some glitter on them, which I thought was fun. And then these sticky notes. (laughs) These are kind of hilarious and I thought that they were so cute. If you count how many times
I say cute in this video, I know it’s a lot. It’s just this cat showing off its booty and the butt is where you
write your note. (laughs) And then these ones are so precious. They’re these tiny little sticky tabs and if you stick them up over
like a notebook or something, you’ll see the little cats and dogs peeking through the page. Oh yeah, guys, I forgot this. This is a fun, little stamping marker. It just stamps little purple hearts and there’s a highlighter
on the other end, but I mostly got it for
the purple heart end because Army, BTS,
purple hearts, I had to. This is probably one of
my more useless purchases, but I had to get it because
of the purple heart. That was everything that I got from Itoya and Tokyu Hands. As I mentioned, I feel like each store has its advantages and disadvantages. It just kind of depends on
what you’re looking for. If you’re planning to
visit Japan anytime soon, I would recommend both stores. I think they’re just very
different shopping experiences and you can find different
things at each store. I wanted to go through a couple little miscellaneous
stationary items that I got from Japan as well. As I mentioned, during the trip, I kind of just decided to
start collecting washi tape at every single landmark
and place that I went to because every single souvenir shop had it. And I think I wanna
continue this tradition whenever I go travel somewhere. I think it’s a cute thing to buy, like I’ll just buy washi tape
whenever I visit a new place. So, (laughs) I’m just
gonna run through quickly the different ones that I got. I went to Tokyo DisneySea
and Tokyo Disneyland and they had some Tokyo Disney washi tape. These washi tape rolls are pretty thick. They’re not like your standard medium-sized washi tape thickness. This one has illustrations of
the Tokyo Disney Resort map, so it has all of the different rides that are at Tokyo Disney, which I thought would be
a fun, little reminder of my Tokyo Disney adventures. And then this one has Winnie the Pooh illustrations all over it. It’s cute ’cause it’s like black and white with just the pop of yellow and see Winnie and Tigger
running through the woods. I love Winnie the Pooh. It’s one of my favorite Disney franchises. I actually got a Winnie
the Pooh coin purse when I was at Tokyo Disney and I used it throughout the trip because you end up using a lot
of cash when you’re in Japan, so having a coin purse is essential. And I also got a Tigger headband as well. So I am a Winnie the Pooh
fan through and through, and this washi tape really called my name. These next two washi tapes I got when I went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine, which is the famous shrines in Kyoto with the red things. (laughs) I don’t know what they’re called. But I’m sure you guys have
seen pictures of them before. It is absolutely beautiful. That was probably my favorite
thing that I did in Japan. In the souvenir shops
on the way back down, they actually sold these washi tapes and it has the red temple
shrines all over them and also the foxes because
Inari means fox, I believe, so I think that’s like
the symbol of the shrine. Again, I don’t know the exact details, but I just know that I saw
a lot of fox merchandise, so I think that it’s like
the symbol of that area. This one is white with the red shrines and a little orange fox. There’s his paw prints all over it. Then this one is navy blue
with a white fox on it. Of course, I had to get
some Pokemon washi tape. We went to the Pokemon Center in Kyoto and there was so much Pokemon merchandise. There was even Pokemon pens and stickers, which I did end up getting a couple. I just didn’t show it in this video. But these washi tapes are
the cutest things ever. This one is navy blue
with little Pikachus. There’s like shooting stars and stuff, and I thought that was the most me thing, like Pokemon and then the night sky. And then the theme for this
roll is Pikachu plus stationary. There’s just pictures of Pikachu holding a pencil and he’s doodling. He’s writing letters and stuff. So these two washi tapes
are just the most me things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This one is pink with
some Eevees all over it. Gotta love Eevee, one of my
favorite Pokemon of all time. And then this one is light blue with Pikachu all over it as well, but he’s like washing
his clothes. (laughs) I don’t know. This, like the cutest things. When I was in the train
station and the airport, I stopped at some of the
character-specific stores. So I went to the Hello Kitty store and, of course, got some
Hello Kitty washi tape. This one is pink with some gold foil and Hello Kitty all over it. They also had a bunch of the other Sanrio characters as well. So this one is Little Twin Stars. It’s like a light blue. There’s Cinnamoroll. Cinnamoroll used to be one of
my favorite Sanrio characters when I was a kid. And then I got this Rilakkuma, Rilahkkuma. I always used to pronounce
it as Rilahkkuma, but then Netflix recently
released a series about it and Lana Condor actually
pronounces it Rilakkuma, which is apparently the
correct Japanese pronunciation. This one is probably one of my favorites because it has this tiny floral design and then among the flowers, you see the Rilakkuma bears all over it. These are the last washi tapes that I got. I’m actually laughing at
how much washi tape I got. I didn’t realize it was this many. (laughs) I’m a hoarder, okay? But I actually got these from
a store in Haneda Airport. It was the store that had a
lot of different merchandise from different animated
shows and movies and stuff. So this one has Jiji from
Kiki’s Delivery Service. Kiki’s Delivery Service is a
movie that will always have a very, very special place in my heart. It was one of the first
Studio Ghibli movies that I watched, so. When I saw this Jiji washi
tape, I knew I had to get it. I love Jiji so much, but yeah. There’s a lighter blue
one and a darker blue one. I also got these My
Neighbor Totoro washi tapes and you see the Totoro
characters with vegetables. Both of these have the Studio Ghibli
official approval stamps, so I think this is official
Studio Ghibli merch. Oh, and then also, I got this
Spirited Away washi tape. Had to get the holy trifecta
trinity of Studio Ghibli films: My Neighbor Totoro,
Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away. If only they had Princess Mononoke because that is my favorite
Studio Ghibli movie, but they didn’t, so these
will have to do, I guess. And then last but not least, I got these two Sailor Moon washi tapes. Sailor Moon is another childhood, nostalgia-feels show for me. I’m actually surprised I didn’t get more Sailor Moon merchandise on my trip. I thought there was gonna
be like specific stores, but I didn’t really see too many, so. I got these two washi tapes. This one is light blue and it has the Sailor Moon
bow and star all over it, and then this one is dark blue and it has actual Sailor Moon on it, so I thought these were really cute. Whew, okay. We did it, guys. (laughs) I feel like I’m out of breath,
but we made it to the end. Props to you guys for sticking it out and getting to the end of this video. Just give me a fist bump right here. As a reward for finishing the video, I promised you guys a giveaway and that’s what we are gonna do. When I was shopping for all
this stationary in Japan, I always had you guys in mind as well. So I got doubles of a lot of the things that I showed you in this video and I also got some stuff
that I didn’t even show you in this video for you specifically. It will kind of just be
like a surprise goodie bag filled with Japanese stationary. And if you guys want to enter to win this Japanese stationary goodie bag, all of the details will be
in the description box below. The rules are gonna be pretty
easy to enter as usual. Well, I don’t think I’m gonna be buying any more stationary for
quite a long time now because this was insane and I need to take a break. I need to stop, so. Hopefully, you guys don’t see me do another stationary haul anytime soon. I mean, knowing me, there probably is gonna be
another video a month later. I’m gonna try to hold back my obsession and not buy anymore because
I have plenty to spare. Even though this haul was super long, hopefully you enjoyed seeing
all of these stationary goodies that I collected during my trip. Again, if you guys are curious
as to what I did on my trip and wanna see all of the adventures, make sure you check out my Japan vlogs. As usual, you can follow me over on my Instagram @amandarachlee and click that bell button down below if you never wanna miss any video from me. I’m gonna go figure out my life and try to organize all of these. Have a great day, everyone, keep doodling, and I will talk to you in the next video. Bye, guys. (gentle music)

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    Did you visit LOFT?
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    LOFT is located some place but I recommend Shibuya or Ginza store.

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  7. Artric stamps (and goods from Japan in general) are such good quality. I have a turquoise stamp I have since my last trip in 2013, it's still perfectly fine.

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