Jackson is leaving SV Arianrhod

You will see me again. Zadar, Croatia. Our last day with the
three of us together. We woke up early on this rainy day hoping for a spectacular
sunrise. We tie up the dinghy and find this masterpiece designed by Nikola Bašić. That is an organ played by the sea. There are a series of pipes embedded
in the concrete which the waves force air through to create nature’s
never-ending, slightly haunting, song. Is the sea better or worse at
playing the organ than you thought it would be? I’d say it’s better. It’s pretty neat. Spooky. It’s better than I expected. I thought since there aren’t any waves right now that there wouldn’t be much sound, but it’s pretty nice. Well, what are you doing today? You’re
going on a bus to…Going on a bus to Zagreb to the airport to catch a flight
that leaves tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. then a four-hour layover in Frankfurt
then Toronto. And then that’s back to North America, to school. Why do you have to go
back to Canada? I’ll finish off my degree in filmmaking in Toronto.
Figured I’ve gotten this far, gonna finish it off and get that piece of paper. It’s
been great having ya. It’s been great being here man. Thanks for having me. Absolutely. for the stuttery video. I seem to have
misplaced my ND, so. I’m a filmmaker based out of Toronto in Canada as well
as a seasonal traveler. Back in 2016 my roommate and I actually hitchhiked
across Canada. We left out of Halifax Nova Scotia and actually got all the way
to Vancouver in a mere twelve days which was way quicker than we anticipated.
Living small doesn’t need to be boring. It can be very vibrant and very
different and very much break you out of the routine and I think that’s what’s so
exciting about these videos and why I really want to get involved. Scavenger Jack, signing out. He’s gone. Just like that. And just like that. Oh sad. Jackson just got on a
bus to go to Zagreb, back to Canada. We’re like depressed so we’re trying to
figure out internet because we have to figure it out by ourselves now cause Jackson used to do this for us cause he’s such a crucial human. Everybody asks, “how do you do internet on the sea?” Well, we’re at a bus station,
but we use a HotSpot. With Jackson on his way to the other side of this Floating Orb
that we all call home Tara and I head north towards Mali Losinj, Croatia. So this bridge here opens up every day
at 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. for 30 minutes each time to allow boats through to the other
side of the island. It’s a bit of a shortcut, which is nice. As we make this
passage, be sure to hit the Subscribe button. Share this video with a friend
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Patreon. We really appreciate you Patrons. The other day we lost reverse gear. Went
to put it in gear and it wasn’t there. I’m going to open up the transmission
and see what’s inside of it and see if any gears are broken, but it might just
need oil because turns out it needs oil. Shocker to me too. Into her bowls. I need a
socket. So this is the dipstick. The male end of the thread. The female into the
thread got obliterated and it looks like it’s been like hitting against the gears. One or two or three, I don’t know. That lamelle is ugh. Broken? It’s like a polish, you know? And that’s enough that under the pressure, under the pressure, he don’t have a grip. Oh, okay. Good connection for the reverse. 600 Kuna, 80 euros a hundred USD to tell me that the gearbox
basically needs to be replaced. Also to tell me that the alternator is not
working, which I knew. This is turning out to be an eventful day. We had to take the
boat to a crane to get it hauled out. Because I accidentally destroyed the
gearbox. Thanks for watching this week’s episode. If you enjoyed it subscribe so
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dig the Nobody Likes Beets track that was put together by Akira the Don. That
concept was a running joke between Jackson, Tara, and I and I think it came
together really well. Thanks, Akira. Check the link in the
description to check out his channel. He has tons of great music over there. I
highly recommend the JBP Waves and or the Dune Waves. Check it out. Have a great week, subscribe! Peace. Summarize your time. I would use the
word ‘Intense’.

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