IUPUI student designs prosthetics from digital paintings

This is a surgical guide for
a quad-zygoma implant surgery. So in this surgery,
they are taking four titanium implants and placing them into the zygomatic bone
to anchor a permanent denture.. And then, before I know it,
this has been two years since, and I’ve been a part of 16 patient cases. And I still do illustration. It’s kind of evenly split. I like to jump back and forth because I
love the medical work, but it’s not quite as creatively fulfilling as being able
to paint and draw my own stuff is. So find like a nice balance between
the two between helping people and kind of painting stuff for myself as well. Prostheses, depending on the case,
they could take months to complete for certain people. And this gentlemen had lost
a nose due to cancer, and after repeated failed plastic surgeries
was kind of sick of going under the knife. And Dr. Bellechi said “Hey, can we
help this guy?” We’re like, yeah sure, let’s see what we can do. We scanned him. That day, after scanning him,
I sat down and made the prosthesis in
probably less than four hours. And then the next morning,
we had it on the printer ready to go. And they got to call up the patient and tell him that hey, we have your nose ready
far sooner than you’re probably expecting. It’s one thing to be able to
paint something for myself and feel really good about that. It’s an entirely alien feeling to
be able to say I made this thing that somebody is wearing that can
help improve their way of life. There is no feeling that’s like that.

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