Is your skin warm or cool toned? | Why knowing your undertone matters | Justine Leconte

Is your skin warm or cool toned? | Why knowing your undertone matters | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Today we’re talking about color again because I get many questions on that topic at the moment. If you take two women who have my skin tone, one might say, “Black looks great on me,” and the other one would say, “Black makes me look old and sick and I hate it.” Why is that? In this video I’d like to explain the difference between skin tone and undertone, first off. Then tell you why it’s good to know your under- tone and what you can do with that information, and then I’ll give you three methods to find out what your undertone is. Skin tone versus undertone: Your skin tone is your skin color the one you see when you look at yourself in a mirror without thinking about it too much, in natural daylight. It is often referred to as very fair, fair, medium, dark, tan, et cetera until very dark it’s also the range of colors you get when you go to a tanning salon and you pick which tan you want to get. So your skin tone changes in summer versus winter depending on how tan you are. That’s why you always want to measure it, for instance here, on a place that doesn’t get sun that much so that you get a better idea what your real skin tone would be. I did a video on how to help you measure your skin tone, I link it down below and in the corner here. That’s it for skin tones, now you’re undertone, on the other hand, does not change. It’s the hidden color in your skin, so to say, the one that you don’t see at first sight. It’s the one that makes your skin overall look rather cool, rather warm, but you really don’t “see” it. Why do we have a skin tone and an under- tone, you would ask? Great question-
because the color of the skin, no matter which complexion you have, is a really complex color to get. You need to mix all colors in order to get it. I had a color theory professor once who asked us, for homework, to mix paints until we got the exact color of our skin here. You wouldn’t believe how much blue I had to pour in, in order to get that color! So the undertones in your skin are the tones you don’t “see” but that make your skin look the way it looks. Why it’s important to know your undertone: When the colors in your outfit suit you well it’s because they flatter your skin, so they say. People will tell you, “Wow! You look radiant today, your eyes are shining, you look beautiful!” On the other side, when you wear colors that don’t work well for you people will tell you “Oh, you look tired. What happened?” or you look at yourself in the mirror and you think, “Wow, the bags under my eyes are so strong today. I look washed out, what’s wrong with me?” Right? There are several reasons for that. It can be that the color is too bright or too dull compared to your skin. It can also be that it’s a cool undertone when you’re in fact warm undertoned. The rule is: colors that have the same undertone as you do, as your skin does, will always make you look, somehow, a bit more radiant and healthy, so we want to find out which undertone you have. Three quick tests to find out you’re undertone: For this part, first, make sure that you’re standing next to a window, facing that window, that you get a lot of natural daylight into your face. No sunlight, no artificial light. It would screw up the results, so daylight, just daylight. First method: look at your veins right here on the inside of your wrist. Do those veins look rather bluish to you of greenish? If your veins tend towards blue or maybe purplish then you’re on the cool side. If your veins rather look green or olive-tone, you’re on the warm side. If you can’t really say which color your veins are, that’s possible. You might be in the middle. You might be neutral. Then, try the next method. Second method: take a white sheet of paper. Bring it next to you, like this. You want to compare this white with the color of your neck, or your chest (even better) not with your face because the face always looks a bit more reddish. That’s because of hormones. Men and women have that, no difference here, so don’t use the face. That’s deceiving. Use the neck or the chest. Even better, you take off your clothes and you wear only a white towel, put your hair away, so that everything else around your skin is white it’s even easier to see. When I put this sheet of paper next to my skin without… you’re hearing that in the microphone (laughs)… does your skin compared to that white turn rather pinkish or rather yellowish? If you feel that suddenly your skin looks more reddish, it is because you have a lot of blue under- tone in your skin, so you’re on the cool side. If your skin turns yellowish then you’re on the warm side. If you still don’t know after this test, you might be neutral. Third method: take a piece of silver jewelry and a piece of golden jewelry. Ideally, they should have the same size and surface. That’s the biggest piece of something golden I own- sorry about that, but it’s not ideal for this test, right? So, you have those two pieces. You hold them alternatively in front of your neck and compare until you found which one makes your skin look more radiant and healthy. The right metal among those two sorts will make your skin light up visually and you will really see the difference. If silver is the one that makes you look healthier, then you’re cool. If gold is the metal that makes your skin look better, then you’re warm. Remember that I said French women usually don’t mix metals? They wear either all silver or all gold. Well intuitively that’s the reason why. They know that one metal out of those two makes them look better than the other one. Now what if you get different results from those three tests, or you can’t really tell the color of your veins, or the colored skin, even after comparing with friends? In that case, you might be neutral which is great because neutral toned people can theoretically wear any color- lucky you! But if you found that you have a warm or cool undertone you can really work with that information. If you’re cool toned, you will find that a cool blue suits you better than a warm blue. You will also find that a bronze color or a golden dress are just too much for your skin. You’re disappearing. People see the dress instead of you, but if you are warm then golden tones or earthy tones will look good on you, while glacier blue makes you look pale and sick. Now you’re understand why Beyoncé always rocks golden outfits. In my previous video, you saw that the skin tone influences which colors suits you well and which don’t. That was basic because I used only pure colors on the color wheel. Now you see that not just the skin tone matters, but also the undertone; and there’s not just one blue and one red, but a ton of different ones so the eye needs to be trained. You can surely differentiate a blue from a green, but in fact, you also need to differentiate warm green from a cool green because the one on the left while suit people with a warm undertone while the one on the right suits people with a cool undertone. The easiest way to practice, guys, is to compare pieces that you already have in your closet. Hold the clothes right here. Chin. Fabric. No space in between. Right. Which colors make your skin look fantastic and your eyes shine? Which colors make you look older and tired? The more you practice, try, and compare, the more you’ll get a feeling for all this. I know there are painters and artists among you. Such people can tell immediately, “this is a warm color it has that much blue, yellow, and red in it.” That’s actually a very useful skill for fashion! Thumbs up if you like this video and if you want to hear more about color in the future. Let me know. I’m happy to help. Also, feel free to comment below if you have doubts about your undertone or any question remaining about the methods I explained. I’ll see you Wednesday and Sunday again. Here are two more videos for you to watch until then. Take care, bye bye!

100 thoughts on “Is your skin warm or cool toned? | Why knowing your undertone matters | Justine Leconte

  1. Happy Easter everyone! I hope you'll find this video useful. I love to do videos on color 👗👠 See you soon!

  2. I've been trying to figure out my undertone for years… Still nothing 🙁 I have finally realised that I have olive (green/yellowish) undertone (although my face is a lot more pink) but I've heard that you can either be cool olive or warm olive, so that doesn't really help :/

  3. Mmm.. always i was cool+olive, not rose. But now i like 2.0 vanilla tone in my skin! It's so amazing! If cool tone -i'm zombi! After 40 years your skin may be a little warm. I'll mix with cool and warm tone.. Sorry, but your tone rose too much, little yellow please)

  4. Has anyone else noticed silver and gold each come in cooler and warmer tones? Like I have bag chains that are warm-silver, cool-gold, neutral gold, warm-gold

  5. The veins in my inner elbow look greenish, but the veins in my wrist look blue. That & the only foundation that I've found that really suits me is in the L'Oreal "neutral" range, makes me think I'm neutral skin tone. I don't think I look that great in anything that's either very cool OR very warm toned.

  6. I simply get used to the fact that I'm just in the middle (or unable to choose) – when sun tanned my skin is more warm and radiant & around Christmas the tan glow is gone and the skin in my face is more ashy and pinky. So I adapt to this, eye makeup. My tops are colour neutral for most of the year so no problem. On the other hand I wear only silver and it's absolutely OK for whole year.

  7. I see that my veins are green, so I figure I am warm…but I love silver jewelry and my hair is naturally grey (white in some areas) and I think it suits me best. I love Jewel tones colors and I "light up" when I wear turquoise, lime green, or a strong orange colour.
    Am I truly warm? I watched your lipstick video and I think for years I have been choosing colours for cool skin tone and was never completely happy with the colour I picked. Oh no!

  8. Black is a neutral color, wtf. I used a color a picker in photoshop. Mine is # ffd4c1, which looks pink to me, but is "very pale orange", so must be warm. However, cool makeup looks better on me, and my veins are ambiguous.

  9. I'll just wear whatever i want and wait for people to tell me if i look good or sick xD
    Only then I'll know if I'm warm or cool tone

  10. Maybe I am neutral. All the people told me I am a winter type, so I was looking into cool deep colors. And it works for clothes most of the time. But lipsticks. I also always buy cool colors, sometimes they don't look good and all the veins are really blue and evident with them from time to time. And recently I decided to buy warm orange-pinkish lipstick. And my face looks bright and healthy with this one on. Crash of the personal universe.

  11. The app from the skin tone told me I had light brown skin/orange, gray/orange, white/orange….I did the paper one and i can see more yellow, try the veins and they are green, but silver looks better on me than gold 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  12. I think im cool to neutral? Weird I always thought I was warm since when I compared with my cool toned friends my skin always looked yellowish gold compared to theirs, I did the fabric test with some of my clothes and I noticed some mildly warm colors look really nice on me. For example I have a cool yellow blazer and a warmer yellow T-shirt and they both make my skin look great. I have a cool beige shirt with a warm purple all over pattern and it looks great, but full on warm colors dont.
    I guess I shouldve assumed as much with the insanity that my natural long hair is: Ends turn dark blonde, top is brown with gray blueish shine, and the hair on my neck (underneath) is brown red. 😀

  13. Im a man and i just wanted to buy a ring for my girlfriend and here i am now.
    There were only two options when i started,gold and platinum…now there's white gold,rose gold,black gold,platinum,palladium,then there's skintone,undertone,which undertone,warm,cool,neutral……im getting very confused at this point now.

  14. Wow, I had a revelation! I just realized why I hate golden stuff and my skin reacts to gold with redness… I might be on the cool side, baby 😀 And I did not even do any tests yet 🙂

  15. I guess I just have some weird genetic problem. On the inside of both of my wrists, I have both green and blue veins. I do have an olive undertone, but I can wear most everything except ceil blue. I cannot wear gold, only silver. I also don't like gold and I think it makes me look ridiculous, but others say that gold look beautiful on me. I can be so olive that I often get asked if I'm from Greece or Italy. It's odd.

  16. I have blue, purple veins. Warm towards to white paper. And silver makes my skin clear and glass clean, gold makes my skin tan and healthy? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. More on color – for those of us who can't see warm/cool when we look at them (talking about in items of clothing)

  18. This is really going to help me. I look sick in most of my clothes… I wonder why 🤔… 😂😂😆. Thanks… Yours is quite simple and easy to understand.

  19. Would it make sense for anemia to alter undertone? I feel like my ideal palette has shifted slightly over the past 10 years, and continues to shift. I was diagnosed with anemia about two years ago and suspect that I had different levels of anemia for a while leading up to the diagnosis for probably years prior. At the time of diagnosis I was fascinated with wearing silver and gold at the same time because neither looked right by themselves. Prior to that I leaned heavily towards gold. Now I just wear a minimal amount of either gold or silver, but feel too much of either leaves me washed out.

  20. Lol I'm def warm toned. I always wear this gold necklace and I'd always wonder why it looks SOO much better than my silver one. Thank you for this!

  21. If you have blue-green eyes with a lot of gold flecks in the center are you more warm toned? I've been using neutral shades all my life and my veins are also bluish green – no purple whatsoever.

  22. What skin tones do Monica Bellucci and Penelope Cruz have? I have something very similar, and I'm having such a difficult time figuring it out!:(

  23. Sooo….. based on these test (which are super helpful)- blue veins, pinkish skin, silver looks great… so that would tell me cool undertone (makes sense why jewel tones look fabulous on me and why brown just washes me out more than I would like!) but when makeup is concerned I have a hard time finding one that doesn’t make me look ashy when going for a cool tone or yellow with a neutral. I tan very well naturally and a bright yellow (not banana yellow but more of a delightful sunshine yellow) brightens up my whole face in such a pleasant way…..I just have a hard time finding a foundation shade to match my undertone with my “skin tone” suggesting a more golden hue with naturally more pink cheeks. Any thoughts on that?

  24. I don’t know what my undertone is but I know that burgundy, naivy blue and earthy greens and yellows look great on me, at least in my opinion 😄 always get noticed in my favourite burgundy t-shirt!

  25. So is Justine warm, cool or neutral? It would be helpful to see the right way to interpret. Both metals looked great, but I assume since she didn't have a lot of yellow cold that she is cool toned?

  26. Oky, so I have blue and purple viens… with the posibility of the blue ones being greenish instead 😅 i cant really tell

  27. Im neutral, im kinda yellow no that white not that brown/orange im a pale yellow and i hate it sometimes people tell me if im sick with a anemia😩

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