IS IT REALLY WORTH $100? Reviewing a ONCE a YEAR Craft Mystery Box Subscription

hey grains today I am very excited because we can finally reveal our secret project right birb and this project has been in the works for the last seven eight months before I go on any further let’s watch the trailer the life of a youtuber parrot is not all glamour and fun though [Applause] [Music] [Applause] people think they know me and yet [Music] [Music] my name is angel yes as you saw it is a full movie of burb right what are you what are you even doing so as you saw there is a release date it would mean the world to me you grains really do come in like a hurricane so please I will leave a link to download the trailer in the description box as well as in the community tab feel free to download it post it on your Facebook on your Instagram on reddit wherever you what we really worked so hard on this video it is it’s a goldmine right verb that’s pretty pretty long oh don’t you dare do it so please please please go forth and share it alright on to today’s video we’re going to be looking at a craft subscription boss by Sophie and toffee hope you then this craft subscription box is $50 but at the end of the year they have something called a blowout box my question is now at the end of this year does the blow-up box actually still live up to its expectations of having a huge our value of items on the inside you’re very distracting verb and it’s anything you know he’s just excited for his own show right I know I know so as you can see on their website they have both the regular box and the premium box by the way this video is not sponsored not affiliated and the regular elves box cost thirty-five dollars and includes free shipping worldwide the premium box is indeed $15 49 and usually includes two to three items extra in addition to the regular one but these are usually more premium products and at the end of every year they pack those boxes so we’re going to double check whether the value of the items inside is more than the value of the regular premium box that means time to see what we get inside as I’m unboxing it make sure that you let me know in the comment section below which one of these items is your favorite or probably something you would put on your own wish list make no mistake this has nothing to do with the Crayola a crumpled crack subscription box which they discontinued by the way brayla stop making their subscription box cuz they realized they were a scam all right time to open it and just to say oh yeah love the feel of this part here this hollow elves box thing and do-do-do-do blow-up box I love these packing peanuts because I always keep them to pack other stuff so when it comes to this box it has no theme pretty much their monthly craft box has a theme and I love how they say it’s the newest trending fun stuffs I use that word all the time Oh two times more the items I guess I’ll find out oh and there’s a coupon code if you grains want it alright so I think what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna put the Box aside and take out each item on its own but let’s look at that again oh that is pretty I love colors so much even though I am in the first thing that I saw is this 60 gram UV resin for silicon molds and a Sophie and toffee UV resin brand is pretty much the only one that I really enjoy and use so we’re gonna put this little buddy on the side and then we have another resin for those of you who don’t know I’ve done so many resin projects it’s kind of like a liquid that when used properly turns into a kind of glassy plastic you can do so many amazing things with resin and this is a three to one ratio and then army good these are so cute remember when we were little you could play with this thing here where you could put a little ball and try to get it it’s like a labyrinth that’s the word I was looking for so we get two molds in the shape of labyrinths I’m definitely gonna be making one of these we have the castle and the heart and according to the booklet we could have gotten any of these shapes or made Gairdner was a cell phone one but I’ll be honest I kind of really like the shapes that I got which is the castle and the heart so my luck is good and usually molds like these are about six to seven dollars but they are not on their website so my guess is that we are exclusively getting it first and then maybe it’ll be on their website sometimes they do that where are people who are subscribers will end up getting the box but not necessarily people who are buying it because then we have we have an incentive to be subscribed and just to be clear they do send these to me and then we get to pigment dyes we get one in sapphire and the other one in purple usually these dyes are good for resin I believe yes it says in really be teeny-tiny whiney and it’s good for UV and epoxy resin and these were the possible colors we could have got next we have a set of glitters called those are called again fairy glitter I’m not quite sure why they’re called fairy glitter they’re pretty much very fine not like hey baby you’ll find more like very thin and they do have this element of either depending on which way you look at it and which color some of them are slightly holographic and others are just a little bit iridescent II I really like this one I don’t typically use these colors because I like softer colors when I use glitter but if anything I really love this dark one that looks like a starry night and this pink one that just looks super magical the rest them kind of impartial too and since it’s not on their website my guess is that usually when they sell sets it’s anywhere between six to nine dollars so we’re going to price it at about 650 and then we have some polymer clay cane slices which you can add into your projects these are really cute so we have not kirby not an iPad not a suit monster creature and a rainbow that’s really cute and these pieces are usually really perfect in either shaker charms if you’re not sure what a shaker charm is it’s pretty much a little resin thing that you make and then you put little stuff on the inside kind of like a dragon or any kind of other shape that they may or may not have supplied you or you may have bought or you can embed them into resin directly they work perfectly and adorably well I will demonstrate at the end of this video all right little buddies get in there next we have a bunch of little rainbow sprinkle type decorations and my guess is that they would fit inside the little labyrinth toy I think I’m not quite sure how to make this yet but I’ll figure it out by the end of this video I really love the rainbow colors so far this box seems to be more focused on decoration as opposed to creation but we do get two silicon molds I’m only showing you grains what we get for the regular box I’m only going to show the premium items at the end of showing you after all these things well I cannot talk today English please talkie-talkie please but I’m trying to say is that so far I’ve only been showing you what’s in the regular box so we get a lot of resin to be able to make quite a few of these little molds and decorate them in many ways and of course if you have previous boxes you’re getting a lot more resin to be able to play with your other pieces but again it’s very heavy focused on decorations so far so I really do love these just because I find smaller findings a little harder to get but they’re very specific on what you use them on and then we have some translucent Tia pearly at type beats and the closest thing I could find of this was the bubble was the bubble tea ones at 384 and they do call them bubble tea pearl jelly inclusions so I guess if you’re making miniature cups of bubble tea type drinks this would be something that you would include it again very specific kind of use for this one next we have stainless steel ball bearings I’m not quite sure what these are for but my guess is that they’re supposed to fit inside of these molds again I have no idea how to use these molds so I still have to figure it out but if I can guess anything is that it should fit in here I can’t seem to find it on their website so I’m going to award it the price of a dollar 50 a pack of Mermaid type sequins is what they’re called I think that’s because they are more iridescent rather than mermaid shapes because if I’m not mistaken I saw the Canadian flag so we have things like the maple leaf and then random tiny shapes again something like this is more specific to a shaker type charm now I messed up my place and then also in the regular box we get glow-in-the-dark rhinestones let’s see how well they glow in the dark I did put them under a UV light kind of to get that Sun absorbing cuz Canada we are the land of snow and drifty shades of grey and so as you can see you can also see the light of my camera reflecting but it is very faint it does glow very little but it is there if we look at the previous box that I reviewed which brings this box to a total of 53 dollars and 63 cents Canadian this blow up box comes to a total of 72 dollars and 28 cents Canadian which is 54 dollars and 43 cents u.s. or 42 pounds and eight pennies or Pence’s I don’t I don’t know what you UK grains use but I hope to go there one day what do you what is your penny cult what is your your loose change let me know in the comment section below so are you getting the value of the 35 dollars that you would have paid for the box yes is it twice the value yeah is it twice the items let’s check if we look again at the previous box we had nine items included in the dragon kit in this one we have 18 items but if you look collectively at these items it looks like again most of them are decoration or extra resin that you can use so you have things that are long-term usage as of those two short-term projects so you have to weigh in and see which you prefer and now for the premium items the first thing that catches my attention is the crystal LED UV resin we get in both yellow and red and this is also supposed to work not just with lights so for those of you who don’t know when it comes to resin you can put it on your windowsill that has enough sunlight and it’ll harden but if you’re like me and you’re Canadian wait here you need one of these then it makes it hard figure the resin and these specific tubes are not available on their site but for 10 grams it’s about five dollars and sixteen cents each times two and then Amy get we get a d20 mold and this one on their site is about $13 and 77 cents so already the difference that you’ve paid for the premium box has paid itself at six dollars fifty we get crushed seashell type glitter I really like the chunky type look and especially in the dice mold it’ll be even better with the premium items now the box’s value ends up becoming one hundred and two dollars and eighty two cents seventy seven forty one in US dollars or fifty nine eighty five British pounds so for those of you who paid $49 us for the box you’re getting more than what you paid for including shipping including exclusive items including getting it first but but but but but but let us make a couple of those projects in a very quickie mood I mean mode so the first project I want to do is the d20 and because I’m a huge fan of contrasting colors I’m going to go ahead and use purple and yellow for the purple I’m using the UV resin that they gave us with the pigment purple because I like texture I decided to put a little bit of that crushed seashell glitter in the middle and then I’m just going to squeeze the crystal LED UV resin that comes in that little to [Music] now for the moment of truth we will probably get a little bit of spillage but that’s okay because you can use your cutter to remove it but what is not okay is apparently I didn’t work quickly enough so the glitter are kind of fell to the bottom will that make you more favorable for a 20 so you can see right away the embed of the one and let’s polish how tough will it be [Music] one eternity later help me get it’s like my thumb’s are so much in pain right now it’s almost like an animal birthing something you just don’t have the thumbs like this there we go oh that is pretty so what’s this here’s our d20 let me print the crevices and so now the question is will this dice have a preference for a specific number since all the glitter fell to the bottom let’s find out and this is 5 16 18 1 it seems to have no preference so we didn’t create a cheap dice maybe we should next I wanted to show you how the polymer clay embeds look in a UV resin piece they are absolutely adorable so I’m going to make a piece with glitter and different kinds of layers if you want more tutorials on how to create your own little charms when it comes to resin charms I’ll leave a link for that old-school nerdy crafter video in description box below I’ll be honest with you grains I never really tried this technique with UV resin but I figured hey there’s a first time for everything and what do we get does it work is it cute that is adorable so you can see the different layers that we have for this piece first we have those little clay thingies then we have the stickers and the gems and that’s absolutely adorable you could put a keychain thing and just dangle it from your bag how cute would that be last but not least I definitely want to try that maze because it amazes me I’m sorry forgive me now we’re going to have to choose between the castle and the heart let me know in the comment section below which one would you have done first to test it out and apparently all you have to do is fill the side that actually has the bigger crevice so kind of like the back or the back so because I like to speed things up I’m going to go ahead and take UV resin again however it is suggested that you use epoxy resin because epoxy resin is technically cheaper so you can make way bigger projects but you’re salty grain here has only so many hours in a day and again I didn’t want it to just be one color so I went ahead and did two colors that’s just how I roll [Music] and this is why my little grains you don’t want to use UV resin for bigger projects there’s way too much shrinkage so it makes it kind of unpredictable is this going to fail probably is it my own fault most likely I have no one else to blame but myself alright time to unmold it and hopefully it’s a fully cured but I guess we’ll see ooh that is pretty let’s remove the background it is really pretty but as you can see it is slightly warped and again that is because of the UV resin my fault I said yes so it means that these ball bearings should be the right size for this here I thought it would be the small one but I was wrong those of you who want to say I know I claim responsibility why you gonna do like that alright so here is here’s our little ball bearing let’s try to get it to here and in that one ah yes alright let’s try to get it up here No there you go of course this is really cute you could try to put some more obstacles that is entirely up to you was I say now the question is am i a fan of this box for someone who is extremely hyper giga my gigantic busy I appreciate their boxes that come with themes that you can already put together so things that have extra bits and pieces that I could use eventually is not usually something that I would use but remember this is only a one time a year box so you’re getting things to be able to use for the whole year I know that many of you prefer things that you can use long term as opposed to a project that starts and finishes within the box but I’m a little different Green it’s all a matter of what you like but as I say for every subscription box don’t subscribe to a subscription box unless you’ve read the reviews unless you check their Instagram unless you check their website and items on the website are things that you are genuinely interested in then you can definitely give it a try but always make sure to check the engagement on the Instagram and Twitter pages because if there’s no engagement it means bad news luckily on Sophie and Toffees Instagram and their Facebook and their Twitter they have very positive engagement that’s why I love this company because they really do make it their business to make sure that their customers are happy so what are my final thoughts on this year’s blow-up box I find that the materials that were given in there are materials that are going to be long used English the materials in there for this year’s of blow up box are long term projects I can see me still using these glitters in a couple of years because I don’t use glitter that much but when I do I do it right and these color pigments go a long way we get two different kinds of resin resin the last blow-up box that I did had way more smaller type projects for me I like smaller type projects but is this blow-up box a good deal yeah part of me is bias because I really do enjoy resin crafting so of course this kind of box is for me but remember do your research the life of a youtuber Parrot is not all glamour and fun though people think they know me and yet [Music] [Music] my name is angel this week’s shout outs go to CS studios kendall case sonic hug alexis Kyle Ella lol walrus hold room 19 gamer painter and boo boo 11 remember if you want to shout on my videos don’t forget to hashtag notification squad in the comment section below within the first 5 hours of a videos release or hashtag nerdy crafts on Instagram Twitter or Facebook anytime with any of your creations if you want to watch the previous blowout box which is a pretty old video make sure you check up here and if you want to watch a video YouTube thinks is just right for you check it out down here and don’t forget to share that movie trailer I’m counting on your grains this means so much to me why am i pointing at you until then I will see you grains in the next video

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