Is Earth Actually Flat?

Is Earth Actually Flat?

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here.
In 2003, researchers did the measurements and found that Kansas is in fact literally
flatter than a pancake. Of course, the Earth is not flat, the Earth
is round. Otherwise travellers would be falling off
the edge all the time. Right? Wrong. If the Earth was not a ball shaped, but was
instead a flat disk, like this plate, well with the weight, density and thickness, living
in the middle could feel pretty normal. But as you move toward the edge, gravity on a disk Earth would slightly skew, pushing at a greater and greater angle back toward the centre. My friend Nick from ‘yeti dynamics’ put together
this great simulation. The person and buildings obviously aren’t
to scale but check out how such increasingly diagonal gravity would work.
Although this is a flat disk, it would feel to a runner headed toward the edge, like they were fighting to climb up a steeper and steeper hill. The building foundations behind the runner reflect how you would have to build structures, closer and closer to the edge, so that people living in them always felt like down was at
right angles to the floor – the way we feel it on our big, round Earth.
As you approach the edge, things would get scary. Remember, this is a flat Earth, but it would feel like a sheer drop off. What’s really cool is that contrary to the “don’t fall off the edge” fear, on a flat
world because of gravity, the scary risk would actually be falling away from the edge and
rolling all the way back to the centre. Once you stepped over the edge, instead of
falling off into space, you’d be able to relax. It would be a nice level place. This model, of course, neglects the fact that such a planet shape would be impossible. Anything as massive as the Earth, shaped like a flat disc, would, under its own gravity,
naturally collapse back into a ball. This is why in outer space everything more
than few hundred miles in diameter is round. Or so we’ve been told.
What if gravity isn’t real? What if the Earth is, in fact, flat and science
has been wrong all along? It’s a misconception that Christopher Columbus
discovered that the Earth is round. Virtually every scholar and major religion
in the West accepted Earth’s rotundity, since at least the time of the Ancient Greeks, who,
for instance, had noticed that boats disappear bottom first when sailing away.
And, as you walk north and south, stars pop in and out of the view. The misconception that only a few hundred years ago lots and lots of people believed
the Earth was flat likely began in the modern era, as a sort of insult.
Well, your people recently thought the Earth was flat, so why should we believe you now?
The smear was repeated and published so often it became accepted as historical fact.
“Flat-Earther” became synonymous with “Anti-science”. It might seem flat over short distances, but
over longer ones, well the Earth is pretty darn curvy. The Verrazano–Narrows Bridge, connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn, had to be designed
with Earth’s roundness in mind. Its 2 towers, separated by 1300 metres, and
perfectly vertical, are nonetheless 41 milimetres further apart at the top than at the bottom because of Earth’s curvature. In the 3rd century BC, Eratosthenes measured
the differences between shadows cast by poles in Syene and Alexandria to calculate, more
than 2000 years before rockets and space travel, the circumference of the entire globular Earth,
with, for the time, impressive accuracy. Word got around that the Earth was a round
shape after that. But in 1906, Wilbur Glenn Voliva became head
of a slightly bizarre religious sect that pretty much ran the city of Zion, Illinois. Voliva believed that the Earth was actually flat and he enforced flat Earth’s teachings
in schools in Zion. He also enforced that belief on really anyone
who entered the city. Voliva believed not only that the Earth was
flat, but that the sun was only few thousand miles away from Earth.
Not 93 million. He also believed that the sun was only 32
miles across, not 860 000. He sounds crazy, or does he?
You see, the same phenomenon Eratosthenes measured could be explained by a flat Earth,
if the sun were only few thousand miles away and 32 miles across – the math would work
out the same. Today, with the power of the Internet, modern
day flat Earthers have picked up where Voliva left off. They have quite good explanations for any evidence you throw at them that the Earth is round. Circumnavigation is really just a flat circle path. The round shadow Earth casts on the Moon during
a lunar eclipse could also be made by a flat disc.
Time zones are caused by spotlight sun, and remember how gravity would be totally different
on a disc-shaped planet? Well, they argue that gravity, as we know
it, simply doesn’t exist. The flat disc of Earth is merely accelerating
up at 9.8 metres per second. As for all of the photos and video evidence
we now have that the Earth is round, thanks to space exploration, well all of that material
is completely fabricated. A hoax, perpetrated by Big Globe.
Space agencies, airlines, globe manufacturers. They are reaping the rewards of our ignorant
belief that the Earth is actually round. They know, of course, that it’s flat.
And they’re hiding that truth from us. Is it merely a coincidence that the logo used
by the Flat Earth Society is a projection of Earth, centred on the North Pole, and also
happens to be the projection used by the United Nations? Are these people for real? Probably not most of them.
But this is the crocks of Poe’s Law. An adage that states that at their extremes,
parody of extremism and sincere extremism are difficult to distinguish. Although clever, flat Earth theories are predominantly ad hoc explanations – excuses made up on the
spot that only address one issue and don’t fit all the evidence. Science, of course, rejects a theory if a better one fits more of our observations,
but why the egoistical obsession with OUR observations? A cosmic ray particle could use the very same scientific method we use and conclude that
the Earth was, in fact, flat. You see, at speeds near the speeds of light,
time slows down and lengths contract. One way we know this is that unstable muons,
created in the upper atmosphere by the collision of cosmic rays with the atmosphere, should
mostly decay before reaching Earth’s surface. But yet, we detect a lot of them down here,
because they’re crazy fast speed literally means that, from our perspective, their physics
runs according to a slower clock; and to them, the distance they have to cover to the surface
during their short lives is, from their perspective, much much shorter than it appears to us.
If you’re a cosmic ray proton travelling at 99.9999999999991% the speed of light, Earth
would appear to be only 17 metres thick in the direction you travel. So Earth is flat to them, but round to us. It is ball shaped to some observers and flat to others. There doesn’t appear to be a single most correct-est,
in all circumstances, answer. Susan Haack compares knowledge to a crossword puzzle. New answers interweave with old ones, they
all reinforce one another. The clues are the questions we ask, and the
way the answers fall into a predetermined grid, well, that’s our confidence that we’re
on the right track. But that doesn’t mean one day there will be
a finished puzzle – a complete answer. Recall The New York Times famous 1996 crossword
puzzle that came out the day before the US election between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.
The clue for 39 across was pretty crazy. You seemed to need to be able to tell the
future to answer it correctly. It simply said, “Lead story in tomorrow’s newspaper (blank) elected”. Well that blank could be Clinton or Bob Dole
and who’s to say which one until tomorrow? There’s no way to know.
But, as it turned out, the answer was Clinton, or Bob Dole.
No matter which you wrote in, all the other clues fit.
For instance, a “black Halloween animal” could either be a cat or a bat. Our knowledge about the outside world might be the same. A puzzle with no answer key, just the reassurance that the answers we think we know fit together,
so they’re probably correct. Though there’s always the possibility that
the answer to one clue, or all of them, will fundamentally not have a single definite satisfying answer. The puzzle may be playable forever. I like what Richard Feynman says about this. “Some people say ‘How can you live without
knowing?’ I do not know what they mean. I always live without knowing – that is easy.
How you get to know is what I want to know.” You know? And as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. why would any flat earthers believe in gravity? they could have an up and down and no edges with the south pole being an ice wall holding the water in.

  2. That part about the particle is along the line of something I've considered a lot over the years… that the universe only appears to us a certain way due to the limitations of our size and eyes.

    For example, it's been shown that gravity can bend light, so in the massive scale of the cosmos, and considering the gravitational forces between us, the observer and galaxies millions of light years away, how can we trust what we can see?

    Considering our eyes can only see a small segment of the overall spectrum, it would seem that we are somewhat "blind to the big picture" if you'll pardon the pun…

    Makes my head hurt sometimes!

  3. So the North Pole is defrosted almost but Antarctica is frozen solid still. Meaning the southern ice holds in the flat waters

  4. Also if earth is round like a ball then how the hell does the sun rise n set at the poles if it follows the equator

  5. Someone needs to tell this man and everyone else that uses gravity to solve problems. Tell them there is no such thing as gravity only some made-up bullshit that is unproven. Gravity is a theory has not been proven and can not ever be proven. Really spinning things does just the opposite of what they are saying. Why is everyone so damn stupid when it comes to this shit.

  6. The earth is round by its mass but the earth is actually flat by gravity because gravity pulls towards its middle on all sides

  7. wait… if earth is a disk, what if we are just god's dinner? I mean, the trees are brocolli and the meat is human

  8. So what happens when a Flat-Earther gets proven wrong, and the person who proved them wrong has every evidence needed to change one’s mind

  9. « It’s difficult to argument against an intelligent person , but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to argument against an idiot »…

  10. The earth is oval, and also, what the fuck is on the other side ?

    How can we fly ?

    We will actually be brutally crushed while jumping cuz the earf muc at nein metur p3r sek

    An als0 flat earf3r r hist0ri t3acher l wh0 sn11f3d 2 muCh cRak

    aN *!&&(♤◇~¿•{◇■♡♡^@*,@[email protected]*×"×£=,/♡》•■•¿~■~[•《○■}●¡□□♡°¿□°♡•□~}`♤<`92♤£×/@€@€/@:)&×♡•■•{¡●■☆{¡□2}~¿°>◇°》○♤¤•♤`¡bruh♡•■♡~♡~■♡♤&♤&■&<°♡°●~♡♤}•□¡□*+_♡□&/!*×;÷^#,/@

  11. What a nonsense video. This video is claiming that the Flat Earth model would be a disk in space, like all stupid anti flat earth videos. The FE model is not a disk in space, space is not involved. Space only exists in the heliocentric model which only baffoons and cultists belive. Gravity is just a non-provable theory to explain how people can walk upside down on a spinning ball without falling off, because if they didn't make that up no one would believe it at all. Feel free to get angry and respond to me, I will gladly debunk any globetard or physicist who wants to debate me 🙂

  12. 7:20 "Unstable Muons"………I'm 55 yrs old, and I've taken every science class known to man. This is the *FIRST* I've ever heard of a "muon"…….Is science in the business of making shit up now? Sounds like it to me. If you don't like FE, just say so, but don't make shit up. And speaking of science, there are plenty of scientists that know we are on a Flat Earth, one of which is Auguste Piccard. Of course this person would NEVER tell you any of this, because the globe version brings in money.

  13. Explain this with your b.s physics and mathmatical garble that's the problem with these Globalists sooo far from reality their own brain cells will ignore what their eyeballs are showing them 🤣 to infinity and beyond 🤣

  14. No, the origin of the myth about Columbus discovering that the Earth isn't flat is Washington Irving's "A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus".

  15. Earth is flat This is the only reality that NASA hid from the world and deceived millions of people about the Earth because this fact hides many of the facts that prove the surface of the Earth, for example, the existence of a second Earth and many continents behind the South Pole and also the movement of the sun and the moon and their rotation around the Earth, in addition To the truth of the sky and that there is no space but a thick layer above which there are water and many hidden facts, you can search dear and then those facts are proven in the Koran Take it as a reference and then compare it with modern science and logical analyzes and phenomena that occur in astronomy you will find more compatible T logical and find NASA made deliberate wrong calculations to mislead minds


  17. Please don't jump scare me like that! Flerfers don't believe in gravity… And they value beliefs more than facts, so you can't have a rational argument with them…

  18. What I don’t understand with the flat earth so why is there night and day and in the Arctic why for 6 mouths it’s dark and in summer 6 mouths of light

  19. They say gravity is fake. Things fall due to electromagnetism. They don’t give any math, they don’t give an equation, they don’t give an experiment like the cavendish.

    Then they say things fall due to relative density, then they can’t explain why everything falls at ~9.81m/ss. Then don’t tell us why things fall down and not left of right if density is the only determiner.

    Then they say the earth is flying up and accelerating at 9.8m/ss but then they can’t explain why acceleration due to gravity is smaller the higher you go.

    They then say space exploration is all fake, then they buy a telescope and say the reason why other planets look globular is because the government is putting fish eye lenses in everything to make things appear curved.

    They then say that Antarctica is hiding something they won't show us because it is heavily militarized. They say no vehicle has the range to get from one side of Antarctica to the edge, and that vehicle would freeze or be captured long before they reach the edge, then they say no to any other ways to get to the edge.

    Then they say that underwater ocean cables carry data from Chicago to Houston.

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