Is 5-Minute Crafts the WORST channel on YouTube?

Is 5-Minute Crafts the WORST channel on YouTube?

Some of these hacks are getting kind of
dangerous! Like if kids try that it’s not gonna be good ☠️
Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and since I did a video exposing
some of So Yummy’s fake recipes people have been inundating me with comments and
sending me clips from other channels saying you should review this channel
and check this one out and I am worried this ughh this stuff! Some of this stuff is
outright dangerous it’s not just fake and bad it’s dangerous for people’s
health! I think we might have found a channel that’s even worse than so yummy so
I thought we’d look at some of these clips together that you’ve asked me to
check out. So check out this one we’re gonna open up tab number one … this is how
to use a toast as always clips today are gonna be 5-Minute Crafts or 5-minute crafts teens … she burned her fingers 🤕 I don’t know about you but if I
put toast in the toaster and it’s that high above the toaster … when I put it
down and then it jumps up toasted it isn’t suddenly much smaller so that you
can’t get it out but sometimes you have smaller bread or those little muffins
and they are quite low and in that case we use this little nifty thing on the
side of the toaster that makes it come high. now tell me is this just Australian
toasters are these the only ones in the world that do this or am I missing something here. Some of these hacks are just ridiculous. What?!?!
What was the purpose of that it doesn’t even say …. nothing happens! How is that a hack??
Is it how to get a day off school with burns to your gums and glue stuck to
your teeth. Some of these hacks are getting kind of dangerous like if kids try that
it’s not going to be good! Five-minute crafts Teens … here we go pour
vodka … I thought this was for teens 🍺 pipe a heart. What was the vodka for? You can
pipe a chocolate heart that looks much nicer just using baking paper. Just pipe
it onto baking paper and here’s a little tip for those of you watching at home
and playing along if you just pipe down a bit from the heart and give it like a
stem then when you push it down into the frosting you can still see the whole
heart just the stem bit goes in there. I’m again just a bit confused as to what
the purpose of the vodka was particularly on five minute craft TEENS! These next
ones I believe are all about keeping food fresh for longer… it’s a good thing
yeah that’s off! Okay get some new milk good idea add salt for retaining
freshness … right 🧐 okay get a bunch of bananas … and wrap plastic wrap around the top and it makes it fresher for longer. Makes the bananas not go off. Good to know. strawberries dip them in vinegar mix
with water and they won’t go moldy. I’m gonna have to test all three of these,
now these are going to take some time I’m gonna have to leave them to sit and
see what happens. So let’s start with the milk two bottles milk same use-by date
on both of them I want them to be identical this is an experiment after
all. Add some salt into one of them like the other one as is.
One week later both milks are perfectly fine except for the one with salt tastes
a little bit salty – as you would imagine. I’m going to leave them for another few
weeks or another few days and we’ll check on them at the end of the video
now bananas we are looking for one exact bunch, I’m gonna split that bunch in
two so that we know they’re all from the same bunch they’re all the exact
same ripeness then I’m going to wrap the plastic around the top just like it said
and put them in this little crate so that I don’t have to touch them or
handle them at all and we’re going to look at those in a week. One week later
and they both look like they are starting to ripen at about the exact
same time there doesn’t seem any noticeable difference to me … the wrapped
one looks exactly the same as the non wrapped one. I’ll update you on the banana
and milk at the very end because we’ve gotta wait another week to do that. now
for our strawberries, I’m gonna get the one punnet so I know that there were all picked around the same time and split it into two separate punnets both with
an equal number of large and small strawberries in it and then one of them
we’re gonna leave just as it is and the other one I’m gonna dunk it in a mixture
of water and vinegar and then just put them both in the fridge and leave them for
a week and see what happens. ⏰ It’s been a week and the ones that were dipped in vinegar are starting to look a little bit moldy I can see some mold
starting to grow there. The ones that were not dipped in vinegar are actually
looking okay … a way to make them go moldy faster and taste of vinegar! Not ideal. Now
we’re just miss-educating children and teens … what is this generation gonna grow
up thinking they’ve got all of this crazy wrong information in their head!
Let’s have a look at this one so we’ve got cream, sugar, activated charcoal! Hold
it hold it hold it activated charcoal is what you give people if they’ve
swallowed poisons or they’ve had a drug overdose💀 the reason you give it to
them is it absorbs the poison so it stops it being absorbed in to your
bloodstream. I remember one time that we were at the hospital and the guy in the
cubicle next to us had been given activated charcoal for that reason and
he vomited and it was just like squid ink all over the floor this black puddle
of vomit it was disgusting but anyway that’s one of the side effects of having
activated charcoal as it can make you feel nauseated and it can make you vomit
but … let’s put it in a recipe I mean if someone’s on medication and it absorbs
their medication so they can’t absorb it into their bloodstream … no harm in that, surely! not dangerous 😝 So then what they’re doing is adding dry
ice and then letting it sit and serving it up … do you really need me to test this
one it’s gonna be gross? Oh well let’s make it anyway.
Mine is pale grey, theirs is black but if we look back theirs went from pale grey
to black so I assume they added a lot of black food coloring between that frame
and that one so let’s add some black food coloring into mine. Now I’ll crush
up some dry ice in a food processor can add some powdered dry ice in and mix
that in and let it bubble. Now I’ve let mine sit and it’s not getting any firmer
it is still just soft so I’m gonna have to add more dry ice and mix that in. That
looks more like it … now I just have to put it in a cone and
get Dave to try it 😇 he’s not on any medication so it should be okay. Ugh what is what is it? Activated charcoal
ice cream🍦 It’s gritty it’s like it tastes weird. Blearghhh. And the final step in this recipe
that they forgot to tell you was to tip it down the sink. Okay the next one you
pour a glass of bleach and add strawberries and then you wait … what is
this⁉️ This is not just this is not hacks to make things look weird … this is “Crazy
Cool Food Hacks You Can Actually Make At Home” … that’s the
title of the video! So if some kids actually make this at home and eat these white
strawberries that’s gonna poison them☠︎ If you want white strawberries they’re a
separate breed of strawberries …you get a plant that will give you white
strawberries instead of red strawberries a completely different type of
strawberry you don’t put them in BLEACH! Anyway let’s put them in Bleach
cos we’re testing out these recipes to see what happens when we do. Okay these
are going in the bleach bowl and 15 minutes later they are not white they’re
tan because it’s taking a good couple of hours to get enough of the red off the
strawberry so that they actually look white. Now I assume that you have to wash
these in water … even after washing them they still feel slimy. Yuck! If I cut it
in half that might be the best way to show you
what I’m feeling. Look at that the bleach has soaked in that far into the
strawberry and it’s slimy and disgusting and if you ate that you would get a good
amount of bleach into your stomach and you’d been needing to call the poisons
information or eat some of that activated charcoal ice cream maybe
that’s why they’re in the one video 😂 If you do see a video like this that you
think is dangerous for kids to actually make it home then just click on the
dot-dot-dot under the video and hit report and then you can just follow the
steps through there and say why you’re reporting it. Now YouTube reviews all of
those reports so if they think no this is perfectly safe for kids to eat
strawberries that have been soaked in Bleach for an hour then they can let
that through but if not then they can check it and actually say no this video
it’s not safe. Just leaving a comment under the video that’s not helpful … if
anything leaving a comment under their video tells the algorithm this is a
great video I’ll show it to more people. We’ve moved on from just recipes
that are fakes and plain don’t work to things that are poisonous and dangerous!
Let’s hope the next one is not so bad okay we’ve got Coke we’re adding milk
and now we’ve got transparent soda. surely nobody sits down thinking this is
a good idea I mean who goes and buys coke and adds milk (apart from me
obviously) who goes and buys coke and adds milk to it so that then it can
swirl around and leave you with transparent coke that looks more like
tadpole water scooped from a puddle on the side of the road and then pours it into
a glass and makes their poor husband drink it without telling them what it is?
What is it? Orangey fizzy something. Would you drink
it is it nice? If I was really thirsty.
Do you want to know what it is? Yeah. Coke with milk in it. Oh I don’t like that idea
at all! it’s like curdled milk … but I
poured off the curdles so you’ve got what’s left. I don’t want it! I guess
that’s just more money down the sink more ingredients what a waste.
next one I’m not even commenting I’m not trying that. Why why is the question and
“views” is the answer! You can send me links to recipes or hacks that you want
me to test out for you… just email them to the email that is in the description
below the video. Thank you to all my patreons who sponsor this channel. If
you would like to be a patreon and support the channel you can head over to and go and support me there and get the rewards that are
there as well. I really appreciate my patrons. Here’s some other of my videos to
watch, if you haven’t seen the So Yummy one watch that there and if you want some actual recipes that actually work watch some of these other links make it
a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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