Iron Man ARC REACTOR – STUNNING Hand Craft DIY Using the most Basic materials

Iron Man ARC REACTOR – STUNNING Hand Craft DIY Using the most Basic materials

Let’s build one. Project: Iron man Arc Reactor Brains techknowlogy Subscribe and click the bell button

100 thoughts on “Iron Man ARC REACTOR – STUNNING Hand Craft DIY Using the most Basic materials

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  2. I know some people were asking for supplies list, so I attempted and did the best I could. If you have something to add or correct me, feel free to comment below 🙂

    Copper wire
    Solder wire (although I’m sure regular wire will work (like the copper wire)
    Some pliers or wire cutter
    Large glue stick (and small bowl + Hairdryer for roundness)
    Popsicle sticks (the ones I have are smaller than that so I got some that are a little bigger)
    A pen or pencil
    A ruler
    A box cutter or some kind of knife
    DVD Case
    X-ACTO knife
    A small Dremel
    A sander or sandpaper
    Some cardboard or cereal box for the black outer shell
    Some glue (probably multiuser flue or Pva)
    LED light (looks like a headlamp) (I would just get a cheap remote control one of you don’t like messing with the wires)
    Black Spray paint
    What looks like twine (use that glue and a toothpick)
    A saw for the pop sickle sticks?
    An LED strip for the outer glue stick ring
    Zip ties (black)
    A drill if you use the headlamp as an LED
    A small strainer to cut
    A perfume bottle neck to hold the light pieces to black shell
    A lighter for that solder wire (this is optional for extra detail)
    A metallic strip (probably optional as well)

    These next ones are for the headlamp if you went with that option

    Extra wires
    Small metal prongs
    Small black circular plate for prongs (couldn’t figure out what that is)
    Toothpaste container lid
    Some hot glue and a hot glue stick

    Side note: if you plan on making this wearable, I don’t recommend making the black shell on the back as it would make the reactor bulge out of your chest. Instead, leave that part out and just use small pick LED lights I mentioned earlier. You can find some pretty cheap on Amazon. 😀

  3. I think i saw it be as useful as a lightbulb
    It looks cool and lights up
    But if it doesn’t power anything
    Not selling it

  4. How did you get the solder to stick to the wire? I've tried steel wire and aluminum wire but the solder always falls off. Do I need a certain kind of solder? Thanks

  5. Hey I’m a huge iron man fan and I’ve always wanted like a good high quality arc reactor for my collection and I wanted to know if I could buy this one off of your hands

  6. Hello aap video ke starting me glass use karte ho arc reactor ka diagram dekhne ke liye uska name kya ha Bata do plzzz bro

  7. The video would have been totally awesome if the builder would have explained everything instead of just showing the audience how while playing the annoying music. Still, nice build.

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