100 thoughts on “International Ice Cream Taste Test

  1. Can Link hire an international food expert for future taste testing? The expert would just be another "old friend" of links lol

  2. Wait… how come on the last round, Link was winning, but Rhett went first, but every other round was the winner going first?

  3. Thanks for the "brilliant country"! 🙂

    You even featured Spaghettieis in an earlier episode resp. mentioned it was from Germany. 😉

  4. In that trackie top Link reminded me in a small way of a neopolitan ice cream. Not sure if that's what he was going for…

  5. We were colonized for 300+ years by the Spaniards, so some of our words/food are still Spanish. All the love from Philippines!

  6. I'm going to eat it like Justin Bieber, which was actually Yes Theory posing as Bieber to see if they could make a viral video.

  7. Finland is actually a little to the right of the country you're highlighting which is Sweden. Don't go too far to the right or the Winter War will happen again

    And by the way the Philippines has some Spanish words but it's their on language and it's called Tagalog.

  9. Surprised to see aqutaq (the ice cream from alaska) there's definitely better versions of it, salmon berry is pretty darn good

  10. they put finland on sweden, the country is sweden but on the map it says finland, finland is the country right of sweden..

  11. I honestly thought Rhett would get the Germany one because he mentioned how Germany had that type of ice cream before in a previous GMM episode

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