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  1. Is there still any plans to bring this to consoles? Wreckfest was talking about doing that with their game, and they took forever to do it, but they still best out these devs…


  2. The single player was interesting but it's easy to see how it can be too much. Long time mod player, backer of the failed original kickstarter, was an easy choice to pick up Sandstorm. Rough times but it's been a blast, and I love the modding and player friendly mentality of NWI. Thanks for the awesome doc Escapist.

  3. I originally bought the game in hopes for a single player campaign. Still love the multiplayer but would be great to see a campaign one day

  4. I feel the single player would be very important for this game. We also need progression— something to take with us between matches.

  5. Thanks for tuning into our Insurgency documentary series everyone. We hope you enjoyed it! We're out in Vancouver this week filming our next documentary as I type this! Check the community tab later today for the announcement of what our next project is about.

    – Nick Calandra
    Editor in Chief

  6. Thanks for releasing Insurgency: Sandstorm in 2018!
    We're playing it for days and months!
    Keep working, Focus Home Interactive and New World Interactive!

  7. Last night I was holding (I believe) D on precinct security checkpoint – killed 8 bad guys in one staircase and I stood and stared at the PILE of bodies just tumbling slowly down the steps – that's something that sandstorm low key does really well (ragdolls)

  8. You can be proud of you and your team, your minds, your targets with your Baby insurgency hold it and make it good, i love your game. Its still in my minds for ever. Thx for the funny time with it.

  9. 39:12 Looks like one of the developers are a Kingdom Hearts fan.

    I really do hope that they do go back to the story. I was genuinely interested in the premise and where they could have taken it; an anti-war/anti power fantasy narrative sort of like some of the older Call of Duty campaigns but more grounded and nuanced.

  10. "We were starting to run out of money."

    Yeah that's obvious when almost a year after release there's still THIS many bugs. Should've stayed in Early Access.

  11. The future is super exciting for New World, with Sandstorm becoming such a success, a dedicated and motivated team with their perfect skills, they have capabilities to make it all better. Though i’m hoping Exiles would make a return, maybe as a free DLC for Sandstorm or just a stand alone game!

    Thank you Escapists for this amazing documentary, and thank you New World and the supporting companies for making Insurgency possible!

  12. I actually really like Sandstorm though im not sble to play it cause my laptop isnt strong enough but when i get better hardware im definitely getting it

  13. LOVE SANDSTORM!!! my most played game on steam til this day lol. Been playing since early access never had the frames drop under 130fps so I dont get why everyone was saying it ran like crap when my experience was damn near perfect 100%. Keep it up NWI P.S. release EXILES as sandstorm DLC!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZ lol

  14. Sandstorm has good press and good opinions. I think, ignorant as I am, it's good time to finish off Day of Infamy. And after that get back to the Sandstorm.

  15. The game is about kurds this is why no one wanted to play as a female fighter + Add original kurds army badges like YPG – YPJ – Peshmerga

  16. I'm happy that's gaming industry have still decent people, and not following loot boxes trends… Thanks p.s. sound in the game is amazing

  17. I will buy this game if and when they add a campaign. I can't be bothered to try a game if the devs can't be bothered to add a campaign.

  18. Great little documentary. Insurgency is an excellent game that I hope continues to be popular. Cool to see what a small, passionate team was able to create!

  19. I've been a fan since the last Insurgency. This is my most played game this year. The sound and shooting mechanics feel spot on. I would say that it sounds better than battlefield.

  20. I remember back in 2018 I had to make a choice between insurgency sandstorm and world war 3, in the end I decided to pick this up. Thank you devs for bringing me such an amazing game:))

  21. I play this game every day, even played during the beta (it was rough) and I can say that y’all are doing a excellent job in patching up the game. From last year October to this upcoming October is a night a day difference. This is coming from someone who has 700hrs + in sandstorm and played since beta. Keep it up! Only thing I can say is sandstorm needs more maps to keep the game alive.

  22. have they said anything about performance optimizations? is this the best the game will ever run? i've heard it's not too good

  23. All they had to do was clone Insurgency in UE4 so it looked better but they even failed at that. Daily peaks around 2000 worldwide is a failure. Some days more people are playing the previous game.

  24. NWI should add Kurdish voices to security forces! Especially the women, they're supposed to be kurdish not arabic.

    Love the game btw I have more than 500 hours in, keep up the good work!

  25. This series has been fantastic, guys, truly professional quality. I probably wouldn't have watched if it hadn't been about Insurgency and NWI, but if this is the standard of the stuff you're going to be putting out, I'll definitely be looking forward to more, regardless of who it's about.

    P.S. Special shout-out for the music and the opening credits, they're really well done.

  26. This was just awesome to watch. I've been playing the Series from the very first Beta of the Mod on but I didn't really have an Idea about what went on behind it all. Nobody I know remembers the Original Mod these days but I have so many great Memories of it. It just had such a special dynamic to it, especially in Push. The movement, how you progressed throughout the map, how every action felt like it had weight, meaning and consequences behind it. I hope that some day they will remake a bunch of the original maps for Sandstorm but I doubt it. I spent so many hours of my life on Almaden, Ramadi and Baghdad.

  27. They talk about how hard they tried to make sandstorm like the original yet they feel nothing alike. All the things they mentioned are nothing like they were in the original insurgency.

  28. This is an amazing game! but the bullet system is a bit unpredictable. Many times, i've fired my gun at someone and it was like shooting blanks. The bullets would pass through people and not kill them. Pls fix. Other than that, an excellent game! 😀

  29. Me and 13 other guyz from my platoon were the victims of a near ambush in Afghanistan, the PKM fire of this game sends chills down my spine the concussion as your characters vision precieves from the Appachee's auto cannon in danger close is all to real. To be able to relive that feeling and sound of rounds cracking by your ear is horrifyingly therapeutic.

  30. In a world filled with bullcrap battle royale and arcade cock of doody, comes insurgency. Definitely a fresh air, I just hope they further optimize it further for PC.

  31. This is the great story of the great people. Thanks for all of you r work, autor of a video, game devs.. you are ROCK !
    Really appreciate you and your awesome work !

  32. a sad sad sad failure. it fully released but essentially it was just a masked early access game. i dont care what card you have, this game runs like trash

  33. Some of the assets from the Nicaragua project look really nice, you should import them to sandstorm at some point, also mods when

  34. I'm glad NWI tends to be ambitious with their projects. It really keeps their games fresh and ahead of much of the competition. Even if they don't succeed in meeting all of their internal goals, they supersede external expectations in most areas as a result and really seem to learn from their mistakes. Their transparency with their community is commendable and their games are noteworthy entries in an ever-growing and over-crowded catalog of AAA games of often questionable quality and marketing tactics.

    I wish NWI all the best! They are world class developers, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs. And kudos to Escapist for helping to shed some light on this studio. They deserve the exposure.

  35. Have they fixed the horrible performance across the board and bugs and crashes??? If not who cares about new content fix the game. Look at the steam reviews it runs like shit.

  36. I hope NWI support this for years to come, such a fantastic game, yes it has a few issues, optimization and maps need more variety, but reading their latest post it seems they understand this and I’m extremely excited for the future of the game, it has the potential to be something even greater.

  37. plz promote the amazing community DOI maps like Carentan and Causeway!
    i will not rest until i see a server running PVP community maps!

  38. Because of this Documentary, it made me want to buy Insurgency Sandstorm soon. They earned my respect and I want to support them by playing the game. Soon… 🙂

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