Instruction  on use of our Extra Long Cotton Buds

Instruction on use of our Extra Long Cotton Buds

Welcome to First Aid for Feet instructional video on long cotton wool buds. We supplied them in packs of 25 or 100 and they can be used to dry between the toes or to apply any medicament to specific areas in hard-to-reach places. Use them once and then dispose of them. So if we open them out take one out and it’s a wooden bud so it’s environmentally friendly and with the cotton wool on the end and it’s great because of how long it is so you can use it to just dry between the toes for instance nicely just pushing it in between the toes just to get them thoroughly dry after bathing or showering or if you need to apply anything to an area. Maybe a cream your just struggling to reach you can put some on the cotton bud and apply it using that.

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