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bounine I’m gonna have to start this
whole thing over but welcome if you’re just joining us welcome and let us know
where you’re watching from I cannot believe yeah I should have checked that
sorry guys my microphone was not on but don’t worry guys we’re gonna go through
the whole thing again because apparently I mean I’m a
moron so sorry about that guys so anyways so we are going to talk about a
few sewing related stories that I found kind of in the news but yes when I do
this again I’m gonna have to take that whole part out so that’s gonna be a lot
of fun okay so um I found a few really kind of neat stories that I wanted to
share with you guys okay so the first one there’s this guy in the Atlanta area
where I used to live and he is he’s in prison and he’s started like a clothing
line from prison and he has an Instagram account where he’s been sharing his
creations so I thought that was kind of interesting so let’s take a look at this
story so this is inmate starts clothing line from jail using dental floss and a
paper clip to sew so this guy’s name is Rashod Stanley otherwise known as 2500
Schad I’m not I guess that’s like his nickname and and by the way there is a
difference between jail and prison so I feel like this headlines a little
misleading this guy was convicted of a robber is some sort of robbery I believe
so jail is where you go if you’re arrested in your awaiting trial or if
you’re you know if you know if you just got like some minor offense that that
will not you know that you’re not being held in prison is where you go after
you’re convicted so this is a little bit there’s a little bit of misinformation
but the story is good so this guy I guess he had owned a clothing line in
the neighborhood of Atlanta called Bankhead which I’m familiar with and he
has been using random materials from the jail
from the prison in repurposing them like prison uniforms gym mats that sort of
thing he has an Instagram he’s 25 and he went viral after a video clip surfaced
of him modeling clothing from his line called the trenches so he’s got yeah I
mean this is kind of cool stuff I applaud him for
creativity and for doing something with his time behind bars – you know maybe
this will help when we get when he gets out start his own business or find
meaningful work I think this is cool again I don’t know this guy personally
but I think this is kind of a neat thing I’m not really sure about the legality
of him having like internet access a cell phone in an Instagram account but
that’s not for me to decide I’m just sharing this with you you could think
you know you could make up your own mind about this guy but I do think it’s kind
of neat that he is a guy sewing he’s younger and he’s clearly really into
fashion so here he does have a GoFundMe page to try to help him I guess maintain
the expenses of his online store so but I mean here some of the stuff he made
and he literally he does not have a sewing machine he’s literally using
dental floss and a paperclip that’s very MacGyver in my opinion I think that’s
kind of a neat thing so yeah that’s what this guy does and yeah I don’t know also
there’s a I keep seeing this really like bizarre creepy sherman bear commercial
by the way I think this commercial I think this whole series of commercials
with the Bears is seriously weird I don’t know if it’s just me but I find I
every time I see this commercial with the family bears I’m just kind of
creeped out and it keeps bombarding me everywhere so let’s take a look at his
uh I want to show you his Instagram account all right well I kind of
transition out here so he is uh he also has he has his cash happening I’m not
really sure I’m not really up on some of this young person stuff but he he’s been
posting on Instagram he has fifty four thousand followers and this is some of
his stuff he’s clearly been liking all of the the media coverage of him this is
some of his stuff I again I don’t I’m not really sure how he’s doing all this
I don’t know if he has help managing this account I mean I don’t know do they
have internet in prisons now I’m not really sure maybe some of them do or how
he’s able to have an Instagram account and I would just want to know who
taking all these pictures and videos I have a lot of questions from a new
standpoint but I think what he’s doing is kind of cool so and as you saw this
week I had an interview with the Craig Conover from southern charm on the
channel and I just think it’s cool whenever you see a guy or a young person
I think this is very helpful for the future
Wow all right he’s kind of jacked apparently he’s working out a lot mo
money so I don’t know what do you guys think do you think this is cool I mean I
would love to see I I do feel like being taught a trade or being taught a skill
is is great for people especially when you’re someone who’s gonna have a
criminal record coming out it might be kind of hard to get a job so I mean I
think any advantage that you can get is is cool so I mean there’s a lot lot
going on with this guy I do wish him well and I do hope that he is able to
turn his life around it does sound like he’s kind of on a better better life
path now but I do wish him the best and yeah I you know I don’t know what do you
guys think so but yeah it’s kind of a cool story and I I just thought I don’t
know how I would so with dental floss and a paper clip that is that that is
like next that’s next-level dedication to me okay so yeah and I feel bad I’m so
sorry I cannot believe I did not check my microphone audio huh oh oh so and yes
he does let’s take a look at his website cuz the website is kind of yeah I guess
he has someone doing this for him I’m gonna assume although his clothing line
on the website doesn’t it doesn’t really look like the stuff he’s putting on an
Instagram like he’s got like some like some t-shirts and stuff let’s see if
this ever this ever loads all right come on guys all right so he has like his
logo so right now it’s like logo stuff so I mean but I again I wish him well
oh he’s got some accessories now let’s check these out okay he’s got a duffel
bag and a back without my internet I don’t know what’s going on here it is
not loading up very well maybe someday we’ll be able to see this it does say
it’s based in Douglasville and that’s actually really close to where I used to
live I used to live in in like the next town over basically I used
to live in a little town called Mapleton wow these are sold out I mean I’m glad
he’s getting business again I don’t know how the logistics are working out if
he’s like getting help man I’m assuming managing all this all right are these
photos gonna load I don’t know maybe not who knows okay so anyways let’s yeah I
guess I guess we’re not really gonna see the backpacks and stuff but I don’t know
I I wish this guy well I hope I really do hope this is kind of maybe like a
turning point for him or he can he can get his life together when he gets out
so he can he can have like a productive and hopeful and bright future I I wish
that for all young people so here’s another story about a young person
sowing that I was really excited about so it’s prom season apparently not that
I know much about that because I have not been in high school for like 20
years but this 14 year old girl named Courtney
Lewis I believe she lives in the Hinton DC area and she made her sister’s prom
dress from scratch I also know she’s got that singer heavy-duty machine that
people I’m so curious about that machine to I’ve seen so many good reviews on it
and I’m kind of dying to try it out because it does look kind of interesting
if you have this machine if you have one of the singer heavy duties what do you
think of it because I’m just curious this is a huge sidebar so this girl she
goes to she’s she’s studying technical design and production at the Duke
Ellington School of Arts in DC it sounds super fancy by the way and she wanted to
try designing a one-of-a-kind gown for her older sister’s prom which is very
trusting on the older sisters part because having your family won’t be like
yeah I’m gonna make you a dress I mean it could could have turned out kind of
it could have turned out a lot different than than it did but I mean this is
gorgeous I don’t know she’s a better seamstress
than I am I think I think this is kind of cool and she was helped up by a
family friend who sews so Courtney awesome job and I really wish I really
can’t wait to see I don’t know if this girl’s in the Instagram account but I’m
very I would love to see more of her work and more of her
stuff she’s making I think this is amazing I only wish I could make a dress
like that I certainly cannot I’m still working on like basic stuff with
governments but I just think this is neat okay and her sister is going is
getting her okay so she’s going to become a vet no vet hey we can always
use more nuts right that is really neat so okay is a dress okay so apparently
the mom is sharing the daughter stuff on Instagram so let’s take a look at this
oh my gosh how how cool is this alright so this is her mother
oh they are so darling I love her fashion sense look at how she loves
yellow how bold okay I just love her fashion style I I kind of I really dig
this so Courtney also does Courtney have an Instagram cuz I want to wait yes she
does have an Instagram so guys follow Courtney and I am corked me
olan I re I’m gonna start following her right now my IG represents the beauty my
family has always seen in me how cool this is such a beautiful dress guys ah
did she make this too she is so cute so darling
oh well Courtney I wish you all the best and I will definitely be following you
on Instagram it looks like her accounts kind of new but I’m I’m just an odd some
of these young people just really blow me away with how talented creative and
just ambitious they are so I think that’s amazing
anyways yeah and okay so the third story and I cannot believe I have to do this
all over again so yeah this makes me really hopeful for
the future that you see all these young people really going for it I feel like
there’s a difference between my generation in their general
like my generation was told like go to college and get a good job this
generation coming up is being told to go bigger a home and I think that’s I think
that’s a good thing for young people to be to do to be ambitious and to really
follow they’re not not that following your dreams is always like working out
well but you’re I don’t know I just feel like the generation coming up is just a
lot more entrepreneurial sztyc than my generation which i think is a good thing
you have to learn to make money outside of like a nine-to-five like my
generations like the cubicle generation I think that generation ahead of me is
like that as well but I think it I think we need to teach young people to think
outside the box to not always play by the rules to take risks and to really
kind of do the Yolo thing you only live once so what are you gonna do okay so
this third story is actually about an older gentleman and I thought this was
interesting I’m not sure how you guys will feel about this guy so he takes old
sewing machines and he turns them into tractors like vintage sewing machines
and then he I’m not I guess you could say like why are you taking apart a
perfectly good sewing machine but I mean we don’t know these could be sewing
machines that are not able to be fixed I don’t know how he’s picking these
machines out but he and his wife go do flea markets and then they get these
sewing machines and they turn them into these really cute looking I think it is
a really good way I mean if you can’t use it as a sewing machine or maybe it’s
like it’s totally beyond repair I think we repurposing into something cool is
kind of neat he doesn’t use a pattern he has a very I guess great knowledge of
tractors which is something I currently do not have I just love this line that
this guy his name is Harvey he says the Internet is amazing you can google
anything he says he pulled his phone out of his pocket and I think that’s great
to see older generations that realize how wonderful
technology has and how much you have access to right now you can learn how to
do anything you want on a phone which is incredible because 10 20 years ago
nobody would have nobody really would have thought that so I don’t know if
he’s does he sell these not really shit I’m
assuming he probably does sell these or give them as gifts
his granddaughter also made one I just thought that was really cool so I just
wanted to share that but if you if there’s a sewing story you see in the
news let me know because maybe we’ll feature it on a live show but I’m very
excited so yeah so this week we put out an interview a Skype interview i Skyped
I cannot believe this happened with Craig Conover from southern charm so if
you have not watched it yet we had a great conversation all about sewing and
his his life journey he was a really I gotta say like I think the way they
portray him on the show is a little bit unfair I don’t think they really
understand this guy is actually a really deep individual I was kind of surprised
not that I was like expecting him to be you know you know I don’t know whatever
but I was just his he was extremely humble I thought it was really
interesting that this guy took a you know found like a small youtuber me and
and chose to and chose to like try to work with me I thought that was pretty
cool but I just thought that was we had a great conversation I think he’s a
super nice guy and I was so excited to get this opportunity so Craig again
thank you and in an update so Craig had sent a care like a sewing down south
swag box to me I did not receive it I think there may have been some male
issues I’m not sure what carrier they used but if I do get it I am hoping to
to show you guys what they what they sent I thought that was really cool and
and I thought I think Craig is just a really really neat individual and I was
I feel very lucky to get the opportunity to talk to the see next season of
southern charm is coming out on May 15th so about about what like less than 10
days away so check out the show if you have cable and definitely check out his
website sewing down south and his Instagram I think he’s been posting a
lot of sewing stuff and it’s been really cool too she just it was very it was
very cool to talk to him and I he was a super nice guy and I
could not believe that he took the time out of his day he spent like an hour
chatting with me to talk to someone he didn’t know and and again I’m not like
I’m not like huge on the internet so I thought that was really quite nice of
him and I was I was just really blown away by how how cool he was so okay so I
want to share some of the stuff so this week I I just I actually just spent a
shooting a video just now which is kind of a fun one I’ve been working on last
week I told you guys that I had gotten some this embroidery software from Nancy
Nancy’s notions to make a free stain and lace butterflies and I have been making
some lace butterflies let me grab those okay
and I am super excited so I’ve I’ve been trying to make these and I’m gonna do a
video about the butterflies and just kind of what I encountered and and I’m
gonna be blinging stuff out with the butterflies but I am very excited I
thought the I think this is like the coolest thing ever and I’ve been trying
I’ve been practicing with metallic thread so I think I’m gonna do a video
about working with metallic thread because I definitely ran into some some
I still ran into some issues I did do the stitching speed very slow and I use
the metallic needles there’s still some things that that I think I wish I would
have known but it worked out okay so I might do a video if you guys are
interested on just how to work with metallic thread in your embroidery
machine because it is it is pretty tricky another thing I got in the mail
this week which was cool is all right alright so maxi from Maxie makes has
sent the latest in her subscription box and this month’s box is making a
drunkards it’s like a drunkards path templates it comes with some really cool
acrylic templates and you bet you make a wheel so you’re making like a whole
circle of them which I thought was kind of neat
she always has accompanying videos I would definitely recommend the
subscription box if you if you are looking for one it comes with some art
gallery fabrics and let me show you the templates I just thought this was a
really neat looking project and I’m curious to try it out and it came with
these templates it also came with a I forgot what it was called it was like a
like a like a stitch – it was like some sort of tool that helps you you know
poke out holes and stuff like that so it comes to these drunkards path templates
which was fun to me and she always includes tea and she has a video lesson
so I’ve linked I’ve linked to Maxie’s website below if you are interested I am
an affiliate so if you do make a purchase that does help out this channel
a little bit so I did want to let you know but I wanted to share what uh what
she sent this week I thought that was really cool I’ve also been practicing my
brush lettering I don’t know if it’s it’s going okay so far so I got
apparently I’m Michael’s craft store VIP now so I guess every quarter they
send to certain people like a gift card they can use so they sent one to me and
I hadn’t been doing Michaels in like forever
so I went to Michaels and I got some by the way Michaels was having this little
saying like spring black a spring Black Friday sale and I’ve been hat I’d have
my eye on these two bow brush pens for like a while on
Amazon and they were buy one get one free at Michael’s so I picked up the
pastel version and then this like galaxy palette I thought these were kind of fun
jewel tone colors and I’ve been trying to practice my my brush lettering it’s
not going super well but I I mean you could only get better with practice
right side I tried some of them out I’ve also been using some really so when I
practice I’ve been using this like really nice premium HP LaserJet like
paper or something that was recommended and then I found a free template online
that does a doctor at powder grid pattern so that I can have some
guidelines to when I’m practicing and then they they had all kinds of sale
stuff I got like a bobbin case at Michaels and then I got these which were
coming me we’re having a clearance sale and iron-on transfers so I got some
really cute iron-on transfers that I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with
yet but I thought they were pretty pretty up my alley and then this is
iron-on fabric so you can like cut it out and then you couldn’t like basically
applique two different surfaces but I thought this looked kind of kind of cool
as well and this is glitter so I thought that was I don’t know I just thought it
was interesting and I’m always up for trying new types of craft supplies I’m
yeah I know I know last week I was like yeah I’m not gonna horde but I I am
planning to do a giveaway in the near future so probably in the next couple
weeks I will be announcing what it is basically a lot of the stuff I take in
I’m gonna try to push out to to someone out there so that they can also enjoy it
and and so that I have less stuff in the house alright what else do we got here but yeah so in this thread so this was
sent by Nancy’s notions and it’s this like really pretty it’s kind of like
opalescent glitter thread this is really difficult to work with it’s really
gorgeous but this is the one and it wasn’t even the regular metallic thread
that I had issues with it was it was this one it’s very pretty but you really
have to do a lot of things to work with it so I don’t know so this is gonna be
featured I’ve been kind of shooting a few videos simultaneously and I’m very
excited because today I’m wearing my team tormund shirt that I made last week
right before Game of Thrones right so let me show it to you and I also did a
video about making this shirt because I don’t know if you guys watched Game of
Thrones last weekend but it was if you saw it last week it was it was pretty
insane I was very I was very excited about that episode I’m curious to see
how they’re gonna wrap everything up because they only have three episodes
left even though they’re super long but if anyone out there is watching Game of
Thrones let me know what did you think of last week’s episode also a lot of
people were complaining that the episode was like really dark and I thought it
was okay I was watching it on a computer screen I didn’t think it was terrible
and I understood like it was a night battle so they had to I mean it was dark
out so there’s that I don’t know oh you guys did you like that episode did you
not like it and what would you like to see happen
moving forward on Game of Thrones clearly I am hashtag team tormund all
the way I’m hoping he is in more episodes moving forward because he’s
hands-down my favorite character I think he’s really funny he has the best lines
and I’m just really excited to see what what he is is doing okay so let’s let’s
read some comments okay alright yes and I when when you do see this I will be
editing out the first probably 10 minutes of this shows since it had no
audio so that was a lot of fun um all right so we got sewing so
aka Savior William from Atlanta hello hello Cuthbertson from Saint Vincent and
the Grenadines cool sakuya luigi is watching made by marcia mom sodium is
here river city creative Julia Monroe Myka nourish and Linda hello Linda
so everybody watching thank you very much and let’s take a look at so I
checked the sign hashtag Sun report squat hashtag there was one new photo
there so I will kind of bring that up so this is by um sewing report viewer terry
o weaken she made a rainy d sewing project this is m 7503 great job Terry
and I love the quilt that’s in the back that’s so pretty and I love the color of
the dress I don’t know I don’t really know what and I’m not really sure
obviously it’s a dress pattern but uh I think it looks really cool and you did
an awesome job especially with the finishes it looks very it looks very
neat and professional so that is Terry’s post and if you would like to be
featured on a future show make sure to use hashtag sewing or port squad and you
may be featured as I go through posts on this hashtag every week on the sewing
report so yeah I don’t know it’s been kind of it’s been quite a week did a lot
of editing uh yeah I don’t know what else have I have enough to be I shot a
really fun video today since I have my makeup and hair kind of done I wanted to
try to get as much as possible out of it um but yeah or is anyone out there
watching Game of Thrones what do you think and and also let me know to what
okay so and also someone commented that they have that singer heavy-duty sewing
machine ok so let’s read where is that one comment I could have sworn someone said they had
it so anyways if you do oh yeah so made by Marcia has the singer heavy duty and
loves it I’m kind of curious to review it just to see what it’s like not that I
need another sewing machine and something a lot of the videos that
people like on this channel are about the sewing machines but I only have so
many so that’s the problem and I don’t want to keep buying some machine after
sewing machine when I don’t really need it but I am super curious in particular
about that that one model so I’m I don’t know so we won’t have to see but uh yeah
let’s let’s keep chatting but uh yeah are you have you guys been to Michael’s
craft store lately and also I’ve noticed on Michaels that they’ve started I’ll
show you this they’ve started selling fabric but it’s online only because
Michaels the stores don’t sell fabric but I think it’s kind of interesting
that they’re starting to sell it online okay so let me bring this up okay and
yeah I had not been to I went to the Michaels near me and I I thought it was
cool I thought they had a lot of neat stuff love stuff it and and they’ve
really expanded in the paper products area too alright so where is the fabric
shop okay here we go so okay free shipping when you spend
twenty nine dollars or more uncut to order fabric that’s not not bad we will
beep right we’ll beat Price Guarantee will beat it by ten percent you can shop
by color and they they’ve gone on a pretty do it all so here’s that singer
heavy do I keep seeing that machine everywhere now let’s take a look at some
of the stuff they I don’t know I didn’t I thought this was kind of new alright
the prices seem pretty in line dollar fifty-nine for tool poplin five dollars
a yard I think the free shipping with twenty
nine dollars that’s pretty good let’s see so and here’s another thought
I had to so I was kind of perusing fabrics on various websites and I would
will say this I wish you could sort the fabric by machine washable or dryclean
only that is a filter I would love to see
these fabric stores have because that’s something that matters to me if you can
machine if you can wash it or not I don’t tend to buy a lot of a pair of
fabric that is dryclean only I don’t really want that in my life it
doesn’t really fit my lifestyle and I would really prefer fabrics that you can
stick in the washing machine and in clean that way I don’t really want a lot
of dryclean only fabric so I do think that is a say filter I would love to see
happening is that something you would use coz I I know I’m kind of lazy like
that I just like stuff that I can stick in the washing machine all right there
quilting cotton 5:29 I don’t know about the quality of this stuff I mean it
looks this looks but okay they have Riley break Blake so they have some
brands that I’m aware of so it’s not just like random no-name
stuff see what happens when you click on the quilting cotton marry 44 inches I
mean I guess it’s kind of just like fabric produced for Michael’s I suppose
it’s kind of interesting though so yeah so Michaels apparently sells fabric now
which I did not did not know but I think it’s kind of interesting have you
checked out the fabric for Michaels and also which out of the big-box stores
like Hobby Lobby Joanne’s and Michaels which one do you like the best I don’t
really have a favorite I don’t go to these stores a ton but I don’t know I
mean I I like all of them for different reasons but here’s another beef I have
they’re always having these like every store has that like 40% off regular
price item coupon they’re always having 50% off sales I kind of wish they would
just lower the prices and not have so many of these like I feel like this
sale frenzy is a little odd to control and I would rather they just lower the
prices across the board then do this whole you know like like Hobby Lobby Oh
every ad they have advertises thirty percent off furniture every single week
if it’s always thirty percent off it’s not actually that’s not actually a sale
that’s just the regular price at that point and that kind of drives me crazy
so I don’t know so the other thing that I’m kind of interested in is I have a
really old Cricut expression and I’m kind of curious about this new Cricut
maker I don’t think I’m gonna buy it at this point I might see like if it’s on a
crazy Black Friday sale that might be something I would do but I’m I feel like
the Cricut maker is is intriguing to be again I I bought a Cricut expression
like eight years ago oh wait this is still on sale but I
think this looks kind of neat and it can do a lot of stuff and they’ve got the
new online interface but so I’m kind of curious about the Cricut maker I don’t
know I don’t feel like I need it like I don’t do a ton of paper crafts and
that’s definitely one of the reasons why I’ve not bought one but I was looking at
it at Michaels and it was yeah I don’t know it was kind of neat looking maybe I
would find more reasons to use it I don’t know it does look like you can do
a lot more with it and you can cut fabric with it now I which is which is
neat I don’t know I don’t know if you have a Cricut make if you have a Cricut
in general what do you use it for do you use it as much as you thought you would
and do you like do you feel like it’s worth the money I don’t know like I I
think this looks awesome I just don’t know if I would get the use out of it
though that would inge entice me to spend three hundred and sixty bucks you
know I don’t know I don’t know but if you use yours a lot let me know or maybe
there’s a use for it that you that you have that you you know you bought it and
then you’re like wow I use this all the time you know I don’t really know if I
would use this all the time so that’s why I you know have a bought one
I don’t know maybe I’m weird but I know a lot of people love and have a cricket
or US the other one is that silhouette cameo but that’s the thing like I don’t
know if I really don’t know if I need one of those so who knows but yeah I’m
gonna I’m gonna be watching Game of Thrones tonight we’re gonna gear up
we’re gonna think somebody knocked on the door a few minutes ago but clearly I
cannot I cannot get up and get it now so yeah I don’t know so all right let’s see
some comments okay Linda hello Emma’s free yes yes I know
Emma’s from McCall’s I just didn’t know what particular like I wasn’t familiar
with that particular pattern I’m assuming it’s a dress I I do kind of
like to see the pattern envelopes just see what what they’re make looks like
and yes hello Snoopy all right Laurie I agree all fabrics
should be shown sold how to wash try yes that is a filter I think they should add
is the is machine washable or not because that definitely makes a
difference for me as far as whether I’m gonna buy it or not
and if the fabric doesn’t say whether it’s machine washable or not then I feel
like I feel like I don’t have enough information as a consumer to buy it or
not so I don’t know okay so Linda said I heard they bought the fabric from
Hancock’s when they went that is interesting
yeah that’s I could see that happening because Hancock’s did have a ton of
fabric so Julia I rarely buy fabric online just stuff I can’t find anywhere
else I’ve gotten good quality for a couple places I don’t think I’d buy
fabrics from Michaels I probably wouldn’t buy quilting fabric from
Michaels I guess it would depend on what I was buying yeah I buy a lot of stuff
online but they’re brands that I’m already familiar with the fabric like I
buy a lot of I loved cotton and steel I like Andover fabrics
I like Art Gallery fabrics you know I like what other makes I do like Riley
Blake and Michael Miller so those are all brands where I know the quality and
I already know the hand of the fabric and I’m willing to kind of take a chance
on online fabric if the price is right like I bought a lot of fabric from – in
fabrics Club and I haven’t really been too disappointed in that and I was
actually surprised by fabric wholesale direct
I thought the quality for that fabric was better than I expected and I think
the prices are really really great all right I Julia I’ve considered watching
Game of Thrones but my grown kids told me I shouldn’t because it would make me
so mad all right Julia I don’t know what kind of shows you like Game of Thrones
can be a little bit definitely more of an adult audience for sure and there’s
some storylines on the on there that are a little a little eyebrow raising I will
say that I’m not gonna say that here because I don’t want YouTube to think
that those are in this live stream but yeah there’s there’s some storylines in
Game of Thrones that are a little weird and you’re gonna be like yeah I don’t
know so all right Maggie I’ve had a Cricut
explore air for a couple of years and definitely do not use it as much as I
expected to maybe once a month I might use the maker more but not willing to
make the investment that’s exactly how I feel like my Cricut expression does the
same thing it cuts fabric like I don’t know what like I don’t know what I would
use it for maxi’s here hello Maxie okay so Maxie is
a Cricut maker she says I make a lot of vinyl things and I cut leather with it I
think that’s great like if you have a use for it and I think that’s you know
yeah I just don’t know and I see a lot of these projects on the Cricut website
and staff where like they make all of this cool looking stuff I’m just not
sure if I would make all of that stuff so I don’t know if I would I don’t know
if I would buy or not I don’t know all right
um all what is the most interesting piece you’ve embroidered uh you know I
have to say so far I think it’s these butterflies these are definitely the the
most different thing that I made and I think these are I don’t know I was
really I was just very excited to to do these now these things do take a while
like each one took over an hour to make and and you you do kind of have to watch
the machine the whole time but I thought that free Stan I think
these look awesome and I cannot wait to do stuff with the butterflies I’ve got
some projects that I’m working on with these in mind but I think you can
embellish a lot of stuff with the or flies when shouldn’t you make them so
that is pretty much what the most interesting thing I think I’ve
embroidered I’ve done shirts I’ve done hats and the embroidery machine actually
is something that I’ve used more than I thought I would but I’ve owned a Cricut
expression for like nine years and I’ve maybe used it like I would say maybe 10
to 20 times in the whole nine years I’ve made it I don’t do a lot of vinyl stuff
and and my thought too is that if I want like a certain thing like I got these
iron-on transfers like I could just buy something you know I could buy something
like this and not have to like work it up on a Cricut if you’re only doing it
every once in a while sort of like how I say about the embroidery software if
you’re not having to make custom designs all the time with the few times you do
need it I’m willing to pay someone else to do it rather than have me you know
pay $1,000 for software I mean the Cricut maker it’s not cheap it’s 350 to
400 dollars depending on if you get a sale you know I don’t know I just don’t
know I’m curious about it I just don’t think I would if there was a really good
sale like if it was 200 bucks I would probably do it but not for anything over
300 at this point because I don’t use I just don’t use it that often
I don’t know so who knows okay so River City creative there was a
Hancock’s of Paducah online that sells that sells fabric yeah and there’s all
well I don’t know is that the same hand Cox as the Hancock Fabrics cuz I always
wondered if that was the same I don’t I don’t know if it’s affiliated with the
original yeah that does not look like so there was another company you just
called Hancock Fabrics but I this does not this doesn’t really look like it’s
associated with the original company their logo looks totally different but
they do have this same general name I don’t know there’s also a furniture
store here that I kind of giggle every time I pass is called Badcock furniture
I just think the name is just yeah I don’t know it just sounds my mind maybe
in the gutter but that name just is kind but I feel like it’s not the best name
for a furniture store I don’t know so Harry Terry says I’ve used the scan
and cut maybe a dozen times but my husband uses it a couple of times a
month so what does he use it for Terry my husband has used the Cricut as well
he he’s done some vinyl stuff he did some glass etching so he’s used it a few
times the only thing though is that yeah so then we have the old Cricut and you
have to do it with the cartridges which I don’t even know if I don’t think
they’re still probably Mickey I don’t even think they’re really making them
much anymore because they have the online store you know USB stuff now so
they don’t really need that but you know I don’t know I I have a lot of old
cartridges I’ve got the old Cricut and I just don’t pull it out very much I don’t
know and like the vinyl like the stuff that you can do with vinyl unlike fabric
I just use my embroidery machine too so like if I want lettering on it I don’t
need to do the vinyl thing I can use the embroidery machine I can put names and
monograms on it and I kind of like the embroidered monograms in my opinion a
little bit better than like the vinyl stuff I don’t know I think it looks I I
don’t know I like sewing more than paper crafts I do a little bit of paper
crafting but not much I mean if I had like yeah I don’t know I don’t know what
would spur me on to make a lot more cards or anything like that but anyways
Maxie I’m glad you are here with us thank you for joining us I did show
people what you put in the this last box which was very cool and I’m excited to
try the drunkards path wheel so I think that become any okay so Terry says
making stencils for sandblasting nice nice anyways guys I’m probably gonna
sign off soon and try to make some dinner watch some Game of Thrones and do
some editing but let me know in the comments you know what kind of stuff
you’d like to talk about next week and if you see any sewing stories and news
that you want me to chat about definitely let me
no in the Commons leave a link or something like that or let me know and
Instagram and we can we can definitely talk about whatever you guys want but
I’m excited we’ve got we’ve got a four or five we’ve got three more episodes of
Game of Thrones left tonight’s counting and I’m just I’m really
excited slash sat it’s very bittersweet that the show is ending but we will see
what happens and I will see you guys again next week for the SONA part also
when this goes up on the replay I’m yes hopefully I will be able to chop out the
first ten minutes when there was no audio so that is yeah always a good time
anyways it’s been fun and use the hashtag Instagram so hashtag so near
port squad and hopefully in the next couple weeks I can get this giveaway
plan together and figure this all up and I apologize I’m losing my voice a little
bit which is probably not great so I’m gonna sign off and make something to eat
but you guys have a great week and a happy Sunday night to everybody this has
been a lot it’s been a lot of fun and I will see you guys next week all right
bye guys

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