Inktoberfest : 31 DAYS – 31 INKS with The Hedgehog Hollow craft blog

Inktoberfest : 31 DAYS – 31 INKS with The Hedgehog Hollow craft blog

hi everyone welcome it’s a hedgehog
hollow I’m super super excited because today is the first of October which
means it’s the first day of inktober fest now last year was our
first ever in TOA fest and it was a huge success now if you were not here for
inktober fest last year let me tell you what is all about because we are gonna
have so much fun every single day we create a tag with a different tip a
different technique a different type of ink and I show you a different way to
use it so it might be an ink you’re familiar with but we’re going to use it
in a different way in my bin ink you have never used before and we are going
to try something different every single day so at the end of the month you’ll
have a tag book full of tips and tricks of ideas then you can refer back to APN
and again now in the description below I will be a blog post which will tell you
all about in tober fests and different ways that you can participate we also
have giveaways every single day they might be on Facebook they might be on
Instagram they might be on the blog do you want to make sure you are following
us everywhere so you can follow us at the Hedgehog home you can sign up for a
newsletter and you can sign up for the blog via email you could also go over to
a slash of the Hedgehog holo and like and follow the page you
can go over to Instagram at the Hedgehog holo or Instagram comm slash the
Hedgehog holo and you can’t follow us there too and be sure to also of course
hit that subscribe button here and ring the bell for notifications of those
daily tutorials plus they’ll be blog links will be doing giveaways on the
blog and lots of the companies also have coupon codes for you I have a few
regular features throughout Oktoberfest so every Wednesday will be tonic inks
every Friday will be our teaser inks and every Saturday will be raging sand in
between we have some of your favorite companies we have Katherine Pula we have
ink on three we have and try to think of some of the other fun people we have
we’ve got crafters companion coming we have all sorts of fun fun
companies coming on board they’re gonna be sharing some of their
new products some of the older products I’ve got lots and lots of ideas for
years so be sure to check back every single day for savings tips tricks ideas
all sorts of things coming your way I’m also on the 12th and 13th I’m gonna be
at Ranger HQ and so you can join me from there as well as as part of inktober
fest I’m there to do an alcohol ink cause and we’ll be doing lies and
Instagram stories and Facebook stories I’m all sorts of really really cool
things and today I’m also have a second video for you because it’s Justine
Hovey’s 50 cars 450k Hut and I’ll be actually be using the nouveau clear mop
pad in as a way to stretch your stencil so will not be using it in the
conventional way that you might be used to with stamps and doing heat embossing
I am heat embossing but I’m using my stencils in a way so that you can
stretch those out so you can check out that video it’s not tagged it is
actually a card because it’s a 50 card top and but our first official inktober
first tag will start tomorrow and we will be starting all of those giveaways
as well so I can’t wait for you to join me and we’ve got world card-making Day
coming up this weekend we’ve got welcome making day videos
going live over at scrapbook calm they’ve got a whole week of sales going
on to celebrate so so many things going on so stay tuned right here for all the
fun with inktober fest all the sales all those freebies all the really fun things
going on I will see you everyday don’t forget to join the hedgehog Hollow
community for even more savings birthday cards all those cards they make
here we send out to our members and you can join us for behind-the-scenes extra
content all of those fun things so hit that join button as well give us a
thumbs up and I’ll see you tomorrow to make our first tag I’m excited I hope
you are too I’ll see you soon bye

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  1. I didn't know you existed last year and am so glad to be here! Love these ideas and am looking forward to this — I have way too many inks!

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