Inktober 2019 – Design and priorities [Legendas em PT/BR]

Inktober 2019 – Design and priorities [Legendas em PT/BR]

Yeah, I’m late.
I’m late on the challenge. It’s the fifth day, and I actually did only three
drawings. I thought I could do it, because well. I have some years in drawing, like,
I’ve been drawing hard since: I don’t know? And thinking about the challenge
like this I think like: well, I can tackle it. I just have to do what I do every day.
But the thing is: the biggest problem that I’m having is like: I don’t have my
priorities straight and I think that drawing and creating artwork it’s
something that you really have to be cautiously conscious about it.
Because the thing that took the most time out of my drawing process is
whenever I was about to start and whenever I was about to have an idea, I
got my priorities all mixed up and I couldn’t actually focus. Of course, I
finished three drawings, is the fifth day and it’s not lack of trying,
but actually the right focus and the right energy towards this challenge. I’ve
really tried, I’ve drawn for intense hours this week and even though I
couldn’t reach the amount of drawings that I wanted at first. So, to this
day on, I’m trying to approach these drawings in a different manner. And that’s what I
want to figure out this next week or for the next drawing. So, yeah. We’re here at
Haru Matsuri Curitiba at park Barigui, it’s a Japanese event here that celebrate
the coming of the Japanese to Brazil and it’s being really nice it’s really warm
in here some people said that Japan is warm, also. So it feels very Japanese. So
let’s take a walk. Okay, I fried my head a little bit at the
start of the challenge, of course. I didn’t gave up, that’s not the point. But
things don’t always go as planned and that doesn’t necessarily have to be bad.
As I explained before it’s not the lack of trying.
If I count up at the third day I had done, man, 20 ink drawings that weren’t
recorded. That should be enough to partially finish the challenge, but what
I wanted to present or what I felt it resonated well with the material that we
are publishing here I simply wasn’t able to acquire at that moment. That counts up as a future note to myself, that I can only fight the way I train. And that
might be the reason why I am in and out-of-touch of many things that I do. This episode’s going to be a little
different. For the first time you’ll see an artwork being made digitally and that
will affect the next inktober drawings that I’ll do. I’ve decided that in order to finish this challenge, I want to create a one-shot gag comic that got
a little bit of a kinky feeling to it. I’m not sure how many drawings that will
take but I’m excited to see how that’s gonna turn out. I feel like I’ve always
avoid compromising to create something based it on a single concept piece that
I’ve made, and that sounds like a nice way to improve and both finish the task.
For the character at first, I’m always thinking about his story and something
that I want to tell even though that can be something there is not so clear in
your head, or so well defined. Of course, you need a place to start.
You cannot start from nothing you, can you should have something at your at
your head and you can sprout the next ideas out of it. So for this character I
had in my mind the key word: “courage”. With that courage this character will make
bad decisions, so, Of course you will be able to read the
comic afterwards, but there is something bad that will happen from eating a
certain kind of fruit because the character is kind of dumb and too brave. He’ll suffer the consequences. So, for every line or for every big decision
that I do I try to make that a little bit character based. And afterwards
everything together will make that feeling appear somehow. Of course, you can come and go with your decisions if you feel like it, you can change base ideas.
But, after a while working on the same concept the decisions gets clearer and
clearer, The main technique that I’m using here
I’m going in and out of lines and big strokes, big ink strokes, so in that
way I can go in and out of the borders and the silhouette of this character. So
I’m trying to figure out the whole proportion thing, how the the big parts
of this character body will communicate with each other
and that’s the main thing that I try to acquire at first. Of course later on I
will start applying some new details and that’s not a fix-it rule. Whenever I give
a student a tip about creating characters or doing anything, it’s not like you
have to to look at that like you are (…) in a facility, in an industry operating a huge machine. It’s not like you cannot leave that task.
If you take a look, at many times I will unfocus of the big picture and focus on
a small picture, like the face or the hands, and that’s just something that you
can do. Of course, you have the big troubles to fix. and the big troubles to… I say troubles because every design aspect, you can look at it as a
problem, that you solve, or a question that you answer. Not in a negative way,
but just in a way that you can approach this act properly. But where I was? I
just forgot. But you can go in and out the big and the small picture without
forgetting that you have something to do or other things to solve on the picture, right? I’m not a master of creating characters, but
Stephen Silver is a great inspiration to me.
He created the characters from Danny Phantom and he talks about remembering people or remembering faces of people that you know, or get inspired by
real people and whenever you’re creating a character you have the many reasons
that you were doing that, and the many aspects of the briefing that you have to
base on. And at many times you can look at your memory or you can look around
you with people that you know, and try to find on that real person the
characteristics that you want to bring to your character. Like every character
that I draw I try to remember people that I know. not every character, but I
love remembering that and looking for ways to approach in that sense with my
characters because it creates a, how can I say? A weird feeling of realism
that only human memory might be able to acquire and if you don’t decide to do
that, of course in a way you WILL do that, but if you do it consciously you can
actually use that as an useful tool and reliable to create compelling
characters. One thing that you might agree with me: if you take a look at the
designs and the things out there, the artworks out there and concept works
out there, I feel that they lack some kind of facial expression and that’s I
think that I didn’t gave so much attention for many
years, like, if you open ArtStation for example, you will find just a few
examples of artwork that the characters have a open mouth and a ambiguous feeling being expressed it in the characters faces. Normally they look like dolls or angry creatures or angry males and that’s not bad for itself, it’s just that,
for my artwork I want to find ways to express more emotion. And if you’ll take
a look at the time lapse, I take a lot of time trying to figure out the mouth
design, because I wanted her to express some kind of hunger or “willing to
eat something” and that kind of open mouth is not just a open mouth, it’s
something, it’s a feeling that it was a little bit hard to acquire, but I I love
how it turned out and I’m glad that I went that way. There is these dudes
that I loved looking at,this dude called Akihiko Yoshida, Akiko Yoshida, I love his work and I was super inspired by him while I was
doing this piece and if you take a look at it, he actually have some kind of
color quality to his darkest colors sorry I don’t know if that makes sense
but I feel like his darks, his most dark colors, they have a saturation to it. And
I wanted to bring that to this design if you take a look at the the darkest
things the darkest ink strokes that I passed on, you can take a look and feel
that they have this reddish color to it. Man, I feel like like I’m butchering the
English language, but I hope that makes sense. One way that I look at it,
it sounds weird, but whenever I’m working with ink on paper I have this moment
that I call black art because I’m using black ink and I have to do art with
black, because black it’s not a a color so common in nature in a way that it
doesn’t make part of everyday objects in a literal way, like things are not pitch
black, but whenever you use like these nanking ink, that is super black.
And you don’t have options, so manga artists and comic book artists they use
that black ink and create some kind of art with it sometimes they represent
shadows with it sometimes they represent materials or different shapes and it’s
kind of different dimension because that’s not a, how can I say? That doesn’t
necessarily represent a physical aspect in a literal manner because that’s
probably not the case so you have to try to invoke, if you want to in my case I
want to, right? I want to try to evoke natural feelings to it but I create a
analogy to nature using the color black. That can be in ways of texture,
shadow, or base color of things, so whenever you see a manga or a comic in
black and white you see that probably there are three different tones and
those three different tones they made all kinds of crazy shapes, and that’s one
one thing that I really want to use. For these character colors one thing
that I want to make sure is that the values, the brightness of each color
that compose a character creates a good rhythm, I want to make sure that looks
good in black and white but for the colors I wanted to orchestrate many
different Reds. So this character as my cultural background made me feel it was
the right decision I wanted to use red to represent a tone of courage for this
character so it’s everything it’s kind of based on red, orange, yellow. Again, 4 p.m. Pedro should be awake by now. He should be drawing. He should be finishing inktober. Pedro,
wake up, Pedro. Hey, it’s nice to see you! Make sure to LIKE, subscribe ,leave a comment down below. Bye bye!

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  1. Inspiration, that's what you made me feel when I watched for the first time one of your videos.
    Congratulations! You're trying, and… Consequently you're DOING.
    Keep doing, Pedro.

  2. inktober upload in November

    911: hello, what is the emergency?
    Me: I think I found that psychopath you were looking for.

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