Ink Master: Grudge Match Trailer

Ink Master: Grudge Match Trailer

We have seen the nation’s
top tattooers battle for the title of Ink Master, but the best artists
hold the worst grudges. Hold on, Grandpa. Show me a little respect, bro. Introducing an all-new Ink series with three returning
masters stepping up to judge. We’re here to end this. The biggest feuds in Ink Master history
with new grudges every week. You ready to do this? Are you? If you want to rewrite
the story, now’s the time. You guys got some beef. We’ll be looking at this tattoo
with a fine-tooth comb. It’s a great drawing,
but not for this challenge. I don’t have many good notes
on this tattoo. I hate this thing. Who will settle the score? Whoever wins this grudge
match ends it all. This is a hell of a battle. You came to play. I came to win. I’m up for a challenge, baby. You’re either stupid,
or your balls finally dropped. He’s coming in swinging. I just have to beat your ass. If that’s how you want
to come at it. Let’s tattoo. Ink Master Grudge
Match premieres October 1st at 10:00
on the new Paramount Network.

100 thoughts on “Ink Master: Grudge Match Trailer

  1. The winners of every grudge match episode will participate in the next season of ink master. Well that's what I think.

  2. pure drama, but at least this time they dont try to hide it and just made that a clear thing, and im okay with that.
    also ryan gets to judge yayyy

  3. This is diff than the sexes challenge. Why do ppl get there head face tatted you look stupid, you look stupid, you look stupid. I'm okay with beck and below.

  4. We don't get Ink Master on British TV anymore, unless Paramount which is aired on Freeview decide to show it. Iwon't be holding my breath though.

  5. I just want to know how this seasons format is going to go. So the grudges compete against each other then….

  6. I'm not even bi or gay but I totally have a girl crush on Ryan Ashley she's so masculine and feminine at the same time 😆

  7. Yessssss Please Bring More Ryan Ashley Shes So Good At Tattoos And Coaching. Also Good Looking Please Bring More Videos With Her Shes Gorgeous.❤ Also Your Guys Videos Are Sick.

  8. Getting sick and tired of this “coach” format. If you’re a good tattoo artist you don’t need guidance by another artist.

  9. I'll be honest, I would prefer if Tattoo Nightmares came back. This series looks cool and all, but I miss Tattoo Nightmares. What even happened to Ink Redemption? Also, I wish Paramount Network ran on mini marathon of the most recent episodes in the lead up to the new episode. Spike was really good about that kind of thing. They could at least show last week's episode at nine, and then the new episode at ten. Just trying to get some more ink content in my life.

  10. Best face off :
    Nicky Simpson vs Boneface
    Jessie Smith vs Sebastian Murphy
    Kyle Dumbar vs Chris Nuñez
    Matti vs Sausage
    Everywone vs St Marq and Joshua Hibbard
    Angel Bauta vs Emily
    Mystical Mike vs Ali
    Edit : And Cleen Rock one vs Christian

  11. Pfff oh wow a grudge match? I was so excited for new fucking judges and what does ink master do best ? Make it a fucking Telenovela… Bring in new artists to compete. I hate the fact that you guys are trying to make a story and not have a competition.

  12. I know Cleen beat Christian, but can we really call him an Ink Master? I have problems with it for the same reason I don't like DJ calling himself a double master. Beating one or two other people is just not the same as winning the whole thing.

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