Inferno Dragon (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Inferno Dragon (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys, and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create the… The Inferno Dragon. The Inferno Dragon from Clash Royale! Before I talk about the creation of the Inferno Dragon yeah, I hope this was pronounced the right way I want to welcome all new subscribers. This channel our Clay channel has grown very fast in the last month. Over 50,000 new subscribers, and I’m really happy about that. I think it is because we were mentioned by Supercell in the game itself and now I want to encourage the new subscribers, the older ones know that of course, I really want to encourage you to tell me what I should create next. I think with the poll we found a great way where you can vote for all your ideas. Unfortunately, I’m not able to answer all the comments, but I’m reading them so you’ll find all your ideas in the poll. You can also reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. I think it’s a good way to get in touch with if you have any questions. Ok enough of that pretalk. We will jump in and create Inferno Dragon! And I think the head looks difficult, but it’s pretty easy to create. Just start with green clay. And I decided to make the mouth wide open so that he could spit a lot higher. These will be the teeth. Unfortunately and this is a question to Supercell the teeth are not white. Why did you decide to give him grey teeth? I mean is he that bad at mouth hygienic? Tooth-brushing? Maybe he doesn’t even have a toothbrush, a toothbrush which is fire resistant. Okay, we are mixing just some black and green and this will be for the inner part of the nose holes. If it’s called nose holes? (nostrils) Just putting it inside with my pointing tool, which is my favourite making tool basically. And now we will just mix a little bit of yellow and white. And I’m not mixing it very strong so it lets you still see some kind of a pattern. And this will be the red outline at the eyes and maybe just a few words about pictures as a reference material for this creation. It was very difficult to find a great picture of the Inferno Dragon to create this sculpture from. I ended up using some screenshots from the game well I don’t have Inferno Dragon so I used just some screenshots I found on the web. And then I used some pictures I found of the dragon and well I did just some custom work on that. Yeah, I just created the iris. It’s a great mixture of yellow red and black and it gives that interesting look and makes this figure quite alive. Okay now… You don’t want to see that. Just kidding. There was no dragon harmed during the making of this tutorial. But you have to cut open the head for attaching the helmet. and I was mixing white, silver and black to get this nice colour metal, this metal look. We will use for the helmet, for the knight helmet. Using my scalpel for the detail work on the helmet, and this is pretty tough, well for me. It was pretty tough and you have to cut these four windows into the metal. But I think it worked OK. There is a detail, a line right in the middle just cutting to have sharp edges. Ok, now the lower part of the helmet. I think this is the easy part of the helmet and while creating let’s have a poll and I was asked many times to create more arenas. And I think you liked the tutorial of the training camp a lot. Actually this is my first video to get over 1 million views this is amazing. Thank you for helping me to reach this goal but back to the poll you wanted me to create more arenas, so the most recommended and most asked arenas are it’s the Pekkas playhouse or is it called P.e.k.k.a.s playhouse? It is the Builder’s workshop. It’s the frozen peak and it’s also the legendary arena. So, please vote for any of these arenas which you want to see in one of my next tutorials. Back to our creation Now we will finish the body the main body of the dragon. So this is for the arms and they are just green I know that there’s some color gradient going to blue for the fingers And I did that technique on the wings you will see that in a minute but for the hands I decided to just go green because it’s more easy to create. The arms are very short and thick. Yeah, I think it’s all I can say about these arms Just attaching them to the body and we will also work on the legs as well. The feet look very weird, but it’s not me. It’s the model of the inferno Dragon. They really looked weird just like some thick foot. There are these tiny fins on the back blue ones well of course you can also go with red the enemy version of the Inferno Dragon just have to replace all I’m doing with blue with red. This is the barrel which is the jet pack of the dragon. And the barrel is made out of three different kinds of brown to get this wooden effect of this wooden barrel. I think its filled up with Kerosene Half of the barrel is finished. We can work on some metal details for this jetpack. This is the metal clay I mixed before. And now we can attach it to the barrel. Now we are assembling all the pieces. These will be the wings and this is an easy way how to create a color gradient from green to blue. Just cutting the shape of the wings. I think this is easy. Don’t go too thin with the wings otherwise they are bending and maybe breaking easily. Just getting some details to the wings. And we are attaching them to the body. Right now I’m in Arena. I think it’s Arena six I’ll have a quick look. Yeah, it’s arena five I was downgraded after I lost many games well I had been touring a six now I’m an arena five again It’s pretty difficult but… Maybe you can give me some tips on strategic… strategic work with the cards. We will create the stand. You can also just go with the inferno dragon as it is right now, or you can also create this stand with me. if you want to make the dragon flying or at least just look like as if he is flying or she or it. Okay, I think now we are ready to go into the oven. Freshly baked dragon wings! Yeah, the clay’s hard right now Now we can work on all the flames and all of the further details. We need just some acrylic colour for that. I’m painting the wire and just a bit of yellow as well. White and yellow so you have this tiny colour gradient. And for the stand as well. This will be the part where the engine the barrel fire comes out. And just some green. I also wanted to give this metal, this helmet a dirty look So this is just the mixture of black and white and well for this… Feral where all the fire comes out even more black and of course our beloved transparent polish for the eyes for the mouth and also all the metal be sure that the colour has dried. And it gives that shiny look. Now the wool. The wool effect. We’re adding just some white wool as a base layer and we will… Yeah, just roll it in your hands. Just adding some yellow wool as well and as a last part we will add just some red wool to it. And I just really really like how this looks like if you are using wool. And now we will use the superglue and just glue it into the mouth of the dragon. What about the rocket propulsion? So we will create that. And just also white wool and yellow looks like that And I decided to bring up the green color a bit more just gluing the figure to the stand and that’s it! Something really amazing happened! We were mentioned in the mobile game itself. Our channel. When you click on the news royale section just scroll down and here we go the Giant Polymer Clay. Clay Training Camp I’m so proud that we made it into the game. I hope that you will go on keep on creating as well. I just love creating these figures and I want to thank you for all the support for your likes for your comments. It means so much to me. Thank you Thanks for watching and hope to see you next time. Bye! Now I also want to have Inferno Dragon in the game.

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  3. good vid but… Inferno Dragon doesn't breath fire, it shoots fiery lasers from it's head. The Baby Dragon breathes fire.

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