Incredible underwater art exhibition 90m under the sea

Diving more than 90 feet below the Atlantic
ocean you’ll find your not so average art gallery This underwater exhibition has been set up
in the world’s second largest artificial reef off the Florida coast. Divers installed a dozen 3-foot by 4.5-foot
photo illustrations on the deck of the sunken ship General. Hoyt S. Vandenberg. Resting at Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary,
about 7 miles south of of Key West. The once transport ship is now temporary home
to the artwork of Austrian art photographer Andreas Franke. Each piece is covered in Plexiglas, mounted
in stainless steel frames and sealed with silicone to prevent
the paintings from becoming waterlogged. Marine life will settle on the paintings during
the 4 months they’ll be underwater giving the their final touch by inspiration, the sea itself.

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