In Japan, Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail

In Japan, Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail

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100 thoughts on “In Japan, Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail

  1. Dudes gona get a land when he finds out there is only 1 living God and one way back to him..
    Through the precious blood of his only begotten son Jesus Christ.

  2. 榫卯结构是中国古人的智慧,不是什么日本的哦,要搞清楚,是中国传到日本去的🇨🇳

  3. Japan is better than any other country, they arent trashy and will always come up with something original and inovative

  4. Ive been working as a carpenter here in Japan for 10years but these guys have completely different level of carpentry skill and I really look up to them.
    They do their apprenticeship for 20 years minimum then they start being acknowledged as a temple carpenter and that’s when they start getting average wage in the society.
    They work for passion, not money.
    That’s why I have massive respect to these guys!

  5. This is one of the reasons why Japan is one of the most developed countries all over the world. They love their history and culture so much

  6. The method of build wood building without any nail is normal in old malay civilzation. Check out their old wood building.

  7. Right near the beginning when he put the 2 pieces together & there was a perfect join my eyes filled with tears: this is SO skilled & beautiful. Later he said that (thank you for english subtitles!) buildings are made to be easily disassembled because they knew they'd need repairs in the future = what a great lesson, products used to be like that (could fix everything yourself or knew someone who could) but now they're all so complex and it's (this is so wrong!) often cheaper to replace than mend. The tears remained for this whole film, it made me very emotional (skill & pride in amazing work but also humble), thank you for making it & putting it up here.

  8. Would be too expensive in the states, unless clients value & willing to pay more. Most GCs would hate it. However with everything going prefab, it might work in the near future

  9. No hate but I was just wondering how many trees are being cut to meet their demands😶. Anyways skills = 💯💯

  10. The same energy they put in making cars, for example Toyota. Japanese people figured life out long long time ago. They built things to last a lifetime

  11. now i really want an anime about carpentry where the main protagonist is an enthusiast shounen obsessed with carpentry and goes on to compete with other carpenters in an epic anime style carpenters battle xD

  12. The beauty and Ingenuity it’s just mine blown simply amazing work I’m not gonna throw my mind and wraparound how they actually put these all together

  13. Yea the Amish have been building like that for centuries and even today there building's are stronger than building's built with steel nails and screws

  14. Japanese people have a history of honing in on their craft and sticking with it tell the end. Its admirable. It doesnt matter if your a fucking RC race car driver… if your good at it your respected, that's Japan.

  15. Their robot replacements are going to be amazing. I'm half joking but it's sad that the Japanese aren't having children and they don't accept foreigners to increase their population and to help pass on their traditions

  16. Here in the states those japanese american carpenters in the 50s and 60s were incredible. Everyone tried to learn from them and they were real Particular in who they taught. Tremendous talent.

  17. Wooow most of houses in america will be destroyed in 40-50 years but in japan they will be destroyed 150-200 years

  18. In America items and structures break down like nothing.

    Meanwhile in Japan you've got buildings that have lasted for thousands of years. Even the two atomic bombs that were dropped didn't destroy them 😅

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