100 thoughts on “Impulse – Ep 7 “He Said, She Said”

  1. Mfaking laggi script… Nonsense over droping story lines… Its like a serial drama of a town …. Noob play … Forcing myself to stay with the episods .. No were to the trailer …. Noobies wasted time

  2. as a 28 year old dude. I love the fact its dealing with trauma. But the side stories about jenna, Townes girlfriend, Henry's ex-boyfriend. Just do not interest me. if i wanted that i would put on a soap opera.

    The show was at its best when it dealt with trauma with a sci-fi twist.

  3. remember when this show had teleportation? pepperidge farm remembers

    i was gonna add seizures but there was one

  4. Superficial and predictable teen drama, where Henry is generating uncomfort, death and pain no matter who and still constantly demanding attention and understanding. 1 more episode and if goes this way, bye Impulse.

  5. Вранье на вранье…бедная девочка. Вместо того что бы искать помощи у родных, пытается развязать клубок событий и завязывает его ещё туже 🤕

  6. Mentira tras mentira….pobre chiquilla. El lugar de pedir ayuda a los familiares, en intento de hacer bien las cosas lo complica aún más.

  7. Очень хорошая идея заложена в фильме. Никогда нельзя насиловать . Кто то может это пережить более или менее спокойно,а кто то и с ума сходит. Но если уж произошло, надо забыть как можно быстрее,самому легче станет, а если накручивать то проблема будет возрастать.

  8. Henry is annoying. Constantly calling out for attention with the strong attitude, then breaking down so everyone else can assist her needs.
    Henry: He hurt me, mom.
    Super annoying.

  9. it is good to build the characters, but we're here for the teleportation. You shoud've at least have worked on the other jumper guy for awhile.

  10. iba más o menos aceptable la serie pero esta cada vez guateando más hasta convertirse en una porquería de seria más que produce eeuu, basura para mentes adolescentes llenas de sexo, drogas y alcohol. peste de pestes es la sociedad actual en especial sus putos jóvenes, cachondos y cachondas que solo piensan en pasarlo bien a costa de lo que sea.

  11. I wonder if more happened between Henry and Clay in the car then what we saw. I mean if he actually did rape her, because her being this traumatized from just being groped seems a bit out of proportion

  12. I know Henry and her mom are not close and don't get along but I don't see why Henry didn't just tell her about the teleportation (and being assaulted) when it happened. It's such a huge thing to keep hidden especially from your own parent. She told Jenna about it even though they hated each other and barely knew each other. She trusted Towns even though they barely knew each other. They just needed the drama of it being a secret.
    I commented this before finishing the episode and this whole episode just proves what I said. Henry's mom never would've invited them if she knew.

  13. Clay should not have forced
    To have sex, Because of which it all happened. It was all done to Henry because all was rubbish. . …..

  14. Does a cop woman, Anna, alone policeman in the city? Looks like she is teleporter, whatever happens – she is already there

  15. 78% of homosexuals have been touched or influenced to the same sex by a older person at a young age… the most influential age of a persons life is between the ages of 5 and 15…. you lean habits that take you into your adult life…. the born with it is so fabricated it isn't funny anymore…. Jesus can save and will forgive us for any sin… and when the holy Ghost inters us… we change our ways completely..

  16. Last 2 episodes were pretty much repetition and boring. This one is almost painful to get through. What happened to the action?

  17. I dont understand why clay didn't jump when she had a panic attack during the last scene. Because so far it has always happened. But im guessing maybe because she's already at home?

  18. Was that a stupid ending of episode or what?
    The script for for the character Henry is tri-polar.
    Why would you not tell your mom you have powers.
    Why would you invite this guy's to your house for dinner, and then cry to your mother that he hurt you. Why would you come to someone's house confront them about what they did, tell them you hurt them when they have no idea what you've done it and expect them not to tell anyone else what you said about your powers.

  19. How is she gonna try and basically snitch on Bill but she the one who lied and told him the kid did it so its basically her fault the kid died in the first place.

  20. "I had sex last night. With Zach. It was my first time."
    "Do you wanna talk about it?"

    Girl, she IS TALKING about it already!!

  21. Can the crew just give us a sci fi thriller? why everybody has to make a stupid political statement?! in this case, it is the MeToo sh*t. Henry seduced Lucas, okay? If anything happened to her, it is her fault in the first place. She started it and how you expect an active teen to stop in the middle of it?!

  22. "He forced himself" yeah sure with pot in your blood you know exactly thats up around you. When did this show become a drama….

  23. I really like the show but can't get past that they be cooking in the kitchen with no lights on. Why is it so dark in every room. Even the police station looks like they don't have electricity. Smh

  24. The one who causes everything and destroys lives around her is the one who works with police and looks the most innocent.
    Is it weird or is it me?

  25. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a cop to step into somebody’s house especially if the owner of the house didn’t give them permission. What that female cop did was wrong.. Stepping into Clay’s house with no permission🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Idk,I’m just saying

  26. Don`t build so much, ….GOT 10 years of building the show ended they still build the story….where is the teleportation ?

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