Improving My Office & New Print Designs | Studio Vlog

Improving My Office & New Print Designs | Studio Vlog

hello team good morning and welcome to
another weekly vlog so today I am off to Ikea with my mom we’re gonna get a set
of drawers for my office I’ll show you when we first bought the desk we knew at
some point I was going to buy some drawers because this system here is not
working every time I need something out that bottom box I have to take
everything off it’s just a bit of a faff and my office is increasingly getting
messy we’re gonna go to Ikea now probably gonna end up buying something
else that we don’t need but that’s what IKEA is all about isn’t it so yeah it’s
a nice sunny day I’ve got a nice summery outfit on I bought some white trainer
things from asos but their new look trainers and they’ve got like scalloped
edges down the side I’ll link them down below if they’re still in stock but
these were on sale so I’m not sure if they will be and then just primark trousers and top but this week is all about organizing I want to sort out my
life I want to reorganize my office yet again
and I want to reorganize my wardrobe and everything in my bedroom because I’ve
just got so much stuff it’s that time again where I need to sort out so yeah
the first step for that is going to get the drawers I don’t know how I managed
by I forgot to mention that I well we have come into the mothership
are you excited mum? we planned today around primark so these trousers
perfect on me yeah no no no like tit trousers I am highly offended that these
are only in the kids department six to twelve months look mums just fell in love with a
little backpack look at that it’s a little kids backpack
they’re so cute why are these better than the adult backpacks please we’re
now in Ikea another one of my fav shops I know exactly what I want from here and I
could have gone directly to that section but instead I’m walking around the show
home I absolutely love it I just love like it a lot I’m enjoying this bedding I
really like the design of this me and mom we’re testing out the office chairs
because wasn’t something I was thinking about until we got here but my office
chair is actually split in a few areas and these are lovely 60 quid what a
bargain office chairs are so expensive mom’s trying to convince me otherwise
forgetting this my office just testing them all which one did you like? that grey one I want one with arms because I want arms you’re not the person who sits in it for 12 hours a day
she’s fully arguing I just nearly had a paddy in the middle of Ikea I
did we went all the way down to the to the shelf and aisle things where the
brown alex drawers were because the ticket for the white one wasn’t there
they weren’t there and then I wanted to cry I have planned my entire week around sorting
my office out my life out but we found them on the end of an aisle panic over I
literally it was about to cry I was like what i stormed over to the stock checking machine thing found them all is good and I’ve also found that office
chair I am buying all right we’re back from Ikea the boxes are there I ended up
getting the chair and the drawers it came to like 120 pounds altogether which
I thought was really good because some office chairs are like 150 pounds just
for the chair so getting both I am very happy about this chair here that I have
has been like passed down to me like we can’t really remember where it came from
but it’s been to uni and back and I also used it downstairs when I used to be a
photographer so yeah it’s losing its like cushiony-ness and I just wanted to get a nice one that I didn’t
have to put a throw on the back something that kind of fits in and
something that’s a lot comfier because I spend hours at my desk so I thought
the investment was worth it so we’re gonna build the drawers first yeah we’ll
do the drawers as you can see I have two of the Alex nine drawers so I am quite
experienced with building at least kind of drawers I hate it it’s like a
love/hate thing because I do love doing flat pack furniture but when I had to
build 18 drawers in the same day that was very annoying and I just was done
with it so and hopefully because this one’s only got five I think it won’t be
so painful hello my love’s so I thought I would
show you the current progress with my office
I am in a mountain of stuff I I love and hate organizing but I’m in that stage
where I absolutely hate it because I’m just finding more stuff and I can’t
commit to where I’m gonna put it so I just end up leaving out and then going
onto something else and it’s a vicious circle but we’ve made progress I thought
I’d show you the update so obviously yesterday you saw that I built the
drawers I’ve also built the chair it is so comfortable and it looks really
really battery died nice and simple and but yeah my office currently does
not look like that so this is the drawers and the desk kind of put
together because my desk is higher up I can’t use the drawers as a leg and it’s
higher up because there is a radiator under there and it just fits in between
the radiator and the windowsill so I’ve always had my desk higher which I prefer
I don’t know why I just prefer having higher desks which means obviously is a
bit of a gap up there which I’m gonna attempt to not fill with clutter but I’m
sure you’ll see it filled of clutter soon so currently I only have two
drawers full top drawer has well not full the top drawer has this little
organizer thing in that I got the other day from Primark it was five pounds
which I thought was so good this is my favorite pen it’s from Disneyland Paris
although Primark are doing a copy of this I saw it the other day and then the
other drawers haven’t got anything in apart from this one because I knew that
I needed a drawer for this stuff so everything slides as I shove it in but
under there is a full is it called a ream of paper like printer paper because
I’m using my printer more often but I don’t need it that often it needs to be
like at the front and then I have a box of random stuff so I’ve got memory
sticks on lanyards I’ve got loads of these plug things for USBs i’ve got
random wires and I’ve also clipped the wires together with Bulldog clips
top tip if your wires are going crazy do this I have like multiple wires on
Bulldog clips and then down here I’ve got my really old hard drive and my
newer one and then this is just a disk drive thing because obviously I have a
mac and they don’t have them and then I’m not really sure what to do with
these drawers I’ve taken a bunch of stuff out of this wardrobe so this is
like mine and my mom’s overflow wardrobe it currently has like my mom’s winter
stuff and then a couple of my jackets and like my longer dresses that don’t
fit in my normal wardrobe but really it’s just storage at the minute and
there is a bunch of Disney videos and books and stuff I’ve got my old DSLR
camera well my only DSLR camera and then a bunch of books and stuff I just I need
to sort that out but today is not the day for that and a huge box of tights yeah
so I’ve got my printer here I don’t know weather to leave it here on the box because
the box has just got sweets in it it’s like my little snack box but eventually
I do want to move my printer into my wardrobe like in the bottom of the
Wardrobe because it’s wireless so my plan is to set up the wireless option
and then just plug it in when I need it because I don’t use it that often like I
said this is the current state of my desk I have this book because I’m going
to Amsterdam and I borrowed this from Becca to learn a little bit more because
I did learn about Anne Frank in school but I honestly can’t remember much about
it I’ve cleared this out so it looks a lot neater I’m not sure what to keep in
there originally I was going to get rid of it but I like how it looks
sweets no these are the Bulldog clips that I was using and then I’ve got my
new label printer which I don’t really know where to put it I don’t over to
keep it here it gets very dusty very quickly that’s annoying but for now it’s
staying there because I don’t know oh this is a stack of birthday present
things so this is for my pal Lucy then this my grandma I’m going to put a photo
of me and grandma in there this for my grandma which I thought was so cute I
got all these from Amazon by the way I will leave links in the description it’s
basically a little journal thing and it has little prompts at the top so
tell me about the time and place you were born how did it feel when you were
told you were grandparent tell me what my mom and dad were like when they were
younger at loads of different prompts and then over time my grandma can fill
this out and it’s kind of like a backwards present to me because I
thought I would be cute and then in here is a certain fabulous Hannah’s present
but I don’t want to open it because I’m not sure when I’m uploading this vlog
and then currently I just have bits on my floor I have stuff and this is not
majorly messy but for me it drives me insane
and then I’m slowly working my way through all these drawers and the
majority of the drawers are sorted because I did sort them out recently but
there were a few that didn’t have the organizers in so I’ve repurposed my
glossy box box it’s been faded in the Sun which
makes me sad and I’ve put like my various makeup in here I now only have
like three makeup drawers maybe yeah like makeup and skincare so that’s that
just got a bit to go I hate having stuff out like this it drives me insane
ooh and also look at how cute this is my boyfriend got me this a little like a
spontaneous gift it’s drawn by a girl called Laurel she’s my boyfriend’s old
school friend and I’ve met her she’s lovely she does little art works in that
style like she has a really distinct style and I absolutely love it so when I
saw it I instantly knew it was hers and I’ll leave her Instagram in the
description it’s currently not really got home I want to rejig my shelf so
I can find it a proper home oh my god my phone’s going mad but yeah that’s I
don’t know whether to carry on or not my back’s hurting from doing all this sorting
out my hair I currently look a little bit like Hagrid because I’d washed
my hair a couple of hours ago and it’s just drying hello
it is now Thursday and as you can see I am still organizing my office I am 95%
done I just want to sort out the drawers up here like the top of them but for
everything else I think I’m done I’ve got a pile of stuff down here which is
like birthday presents and stuff that I can’t really put away because they need
to be given out so I’m gonna leave them there for now but I’m well happy with
the progress I’ve made it took a lot a lot longer than I hoped but yeah I feel
much better now it’s pretty much done this morning I actually went to the
doctors and I got my implant taken out that’s if you didn’t see last week’s vlog
I’m basically I’m having it taken out because it’s been messing up my periods
this one had always been fine I’ve had had this one for two years two and a
half years and for like a year and a half it was absolutely fine I had
regular periods all fine and dandy in the last six months I have been getting
periods every two weeks which is obviously not ideal it’s just really
frustrating because I could be out and I’ll start my period and I won’t be
prepared so I went to the doctors and the conclusion was I don’t think that
implant is working for you let’s change it so I’ve had it taken out and in a
couple of weeks I am getting the Mirena coil fitted it made me laugh earlier
someone on instagram messaged me like why have you got it taken out are you
trying for a baby no baby is the last thing I need in my life right now or
want don’t want a child anytime soon one of me is just fine thank you
I am happy looking after myself and that is all for on the agenda now I am
gonna look at your guys answers to my little market research I did on
Instagram if you don’t follow me on Instagram make sure you do because you
will be able to influence my design work my products anything I create whether it
be a video or a product or a tutorial I always ask on Instagram so I’m gonna go through the results for that kind of tally it all
down and see what the overall opinion is on like what size print to make what
prints like colors and prices all that kind of stuff I asked a bunch of
questions like that many hours have passed and I am gonna show you my office
I’ve been start working in here all day and I’ve been enjoying it but I am done
it is 7 p.m. I’ve been working in here since 9:00
a.m. how long is that to long so I’ve pulled the blind down so you can see my
shelves I’ve rearranged a little bit so I’ve just moved a couple of prints from
on there to here this is my print I actually made it for charity last year
it’s one of my favorite Disney quotes it’s obviously have courage and be kind
it’s from Cinderella I love it a lot contrast this one little Disney park a
empty terrarium of a fake plan my little Minnie Mouse ornament photo clip thing
from Disneyland Paris and this was a present from my friend Lene
she lives in Norway she went to uni in Lincoln we’re like best pals and she
told me she’d bring me back the ugliest
like souvenir she could find and this was it so I keep that in there or on
there and and then down here is the print that my boyfriend got made for me
a little letter a typical IKEA plants these I was going
to eat earlier and I haven’t a little postcard from Paperchase
print from desenio– and then this is from homesence I think or tkmaxx
my boyfriend got me it and down here is the desk
obviously I cleaned it earlier you saw let’s just hide the sweets under there
and pretend they weren’t ever here I’ve moved my label printer to this side
because the plugs are down the back there so it makes more sense and I’ve
got the same drawers I cleared this out so it looks a lot neater I’ve unplugged
my microphone and I’ve just put the wire in here because it made sense it
literally needs to get plugged into my laptop every like once a week
if that so it doesn’t need to be out and then I’ve got this which
is my little weekly planner I’ve been doing some research and stuff for my
prints so that’s why that’s got loads of tallies on it and underneath is my notes
and this is actually like merchandise I guess I made these myself designed them
and they are up for sale on my website so I will leave the link to my website
in the description it’s always there and there’s a handful of these left on there
so if you want to go and grab them you can also get them in a bundle and in the
bundle you also get a free little be fearless pen because that is another one
of my fave fave little sentiments and then obviously the drawers so on top of
the drawers currently I have that book from Becca I’ve got my iPad at the back
and it’s currently charging I’ve managed to stick a power socket thing on the
back with command strips so I’ve got all my things plugged in and then it’s
stuck to the back of the drawers so I could push the drawers further back
and then in the drawers nothing much has changed in this one I don’t think this
one has anything oh yeah it does notebooks literally there’s barely
anything in here this one’s empty yeah I wonder how long it’ll take for
them to get full not long and then this is my GoPro my other g7x I’m filming on
a g7 X right now but this one is about to break so I have another one ready and
waiting and I do actually find it very useful to have two sometimes so I’m glad
I bought this one early and then at the back I’ve got my like clicky mount thing
and a bunch of wires charging wires little rubber case my GoPro and at the
bottom which I showed you earlier is just the wires my hard drives and print
paper so that is my lovely new desk oh this lamp is from HomeSense I got it
ages ago and these headphones are also from HomeSense but they’re Ted Baker
um this is still working progress I flipped that the wrong way around for
how I designed it but I do think I want it that way around so at some point I’m
going to redo all of this as you can see some of the photos are coming off now so
I’m going to redo that and kind of read check this space I have my little Lego
Mickey my boyfriend bought me like little Lego Mickey and Minnie’s my
flamingo this is from sunny Life Australia my little llama from Primark
and then this DIY copper noticeboard and then just the usual I guess these
drawers you’ve seen before this side is stationary and art stuff this side is
makeup and stuff there’s loads in there then we have the bed and this pulls out
into a double bed and I have been assured it is super comfortable from
Ikea as is everything in this room underneath all the bedding is from Urban
Outfitters years ago I’ll try and link something similar in the description and
most of the cushions are all from Ikea as well but the drawers are where I keep
my stock for my shop I guess but at the minute I don’t have a shop that’s what
I’m working on so in here I have a letter guide so this helped me work out
how much the post office post office is going to charge me labels I’ve got brown
paper a whole stack of hardback a4 letters letters envelopes and then this
is all you can get free sample paper and stuff from various print places so
different companies send out a kind of selection of what they do so you can
literally feel their paper and prints and stuff before you commit to ordering
things from them personal favorite is this one which is why it’s on the top
and then obviously just tape and then this draw this has got the very little
stock that I have left in it so as you can see there’s not much in here this
used to be really really full and overflowing once upon a time but
obviously it’s all sold I have some really old merch in here so I’ve got
these postcards which I think are still up for sale on my website they come in
a set of three so it comes with this one this one and this one so that like cute
little work as a trio but also work separately and they were like one of the
they were actually the first merch range I did I think I did that like two years
ago and then I have a bunch of envelope small envelopes long envelopes
my old Alice’s army badges who remembers these I still have loads of these if you
want me to bring them to summer in the city I will they do have the wrong
YouTube URL on it now but I mean you can barely read that anyway so if you would
like one and if you’d like me to carry them around with me again I used to
always have them in my handbag and then I have this is all I have left of the
planners so I have one two three four five and then under there is a spare one
from my old range and then by the looks of it I’ve got one notebook left I
really hope I saved a spare one for myself because I love this notebook then
my old merch again two books from my old merch and then in here are the bundle
packages so when I was stood at my desk earlier I mentioned that you can get
this this and a pen these are all them packed up so this is how many I have
left I don’t have many and they go down quite fast so if you’re wanting one let
me know and I will send those out ASAP over the next few weeks I will be adding
prints to this drawer I will be adding more packaging I ordered a bunch of
different packaging things today I actually found that you can get
biodegradable plastic bags like do you know like when you get a print and it’s
in a sleeve it’s like in this plastic film I wanted to make sure that you
could recycle that I’ve ordered some of those I’ve ordered the prints themselves
so I’ve got 50 prints coming they’re all the same print because I needed to
test run them at what 50 was the lowest that the company I went with could do so
that’s for straight in book hopefully they’re right if not I’ve just left
myself with 50 prints that I cannot sell which is not ideal but we will figure it
out and they are a hundred percent recycled and recyclable so I guess if I
do end up not using them I can recycle them I know I’ve got my little label
printer I’m just very excited and I’m very glad that I managed to get my
office so I had before I kind of set up shop again so yeah let me know if you’re
excited for my shop let me know what you’d like to see on there like
initially I’m just going to do prints because financially that’s all I can
kind of fund at a minute but maybe as it gets going
and as things kind of progressed if it all works out I could add more things
I’m drawing up some quote prints currently so for the end of this video
if you let me know your favorite quote in the comments down below I might just
end up making a print version of that quote because I am looking for all the
inspiration at the minute thanks for watching sorry for being such a rambling
mess this week I’ve just got a lot of things on and I’m very excited to share
it with you all

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